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  1. So we did not make it on the sailing of the 13th to Kotor. We were given the leaving time of 8:30 from the Harbor Master. I guess there are 5 leaving slots that they rotate the cruise ships thru. It takes 45 minutes for each ship to get out of the port with the pilot boats. And another 45 for the tugs to get back. We were told we we have to go 28 knots to make it to Kotor and the ship is max 24. So once there , there are are 3 tender slots... one is 20 minute ride to shore next out is 30 minutes out and the other is 45 out . The shore is too rough and can scratch the ship to port at Kotor. So if we went we would have gotten off to just have to turn back. They still do the Tech stop to be out of the EU for the taxes for us on board ( so we do not have to pay them the whole cruise) Hope this explains a bit better! They did a great job explaining it to us all!
  2. I sail on the 13th and we were notified that we are Not going to Kotor, leaving Venice at 8:30pm. Our itinerary shows the update. my PCC showed it was for the 13th and 20th sailing .
  3. Does not show any obc. She said it is not to get it, but asked if I knew a name or a reservation number that had it so she could check on it for me.
  4. No , I took air so it is not a choice . And I took the beverage and dining package as my perks. It showed on the right side with the pricing summery where is listed what you picked with the total pricing and deposit .
  5. Mine has both, was just the 20% last month. But as of yesterday was added to have both. My new email PDF does not show OBC. I questioned since I did see it say 50 with the choices , I should have taken a screenshot of it.
  6. If anyone with the 20%off and now added the extra point per night and got the Latitudes 50.00 obc, would not mind letting me know a reservation number I would be grateful. i emailed my PPC to add it to mine for my 2021 Alaska, price stayed the same, just ten more per person for the increased dining plan. But it does not have the obc... I know when I priced it last night it showed and this morning but it doesn’t now when you do it on the site. She asked and they said it is just the extra point. But said she can see if I know of someone else who got it. thank you ! Kerry
  7. Here is what is included... https://www.ncl.com/terms/premium-beverage-package https://www.ncl.com/sites/default/files/premium-beverage-package-2019.pdf
  8. I don’t know for sure, it just seems to be the trend the port master has been doing reading rolls for other weeks . fingers crossed that we do go! Kerry
  9. Was the vat charged on any drinks when you had to leave late the first night? I am thinking my cruise in October might have the same issue. It seems to be every other week the Star has missed Kotor. Kerry
  10. It’s what you make of it! I’ve organized a few and always had great roll calls with Cruise critic and most are on another site chatting as well as we lead up. My latest one past Oct on the Bliss someone created a logo we all bought bags, t shirts etc for it. Someone bought bracelets that glowed with out tag on one it and gave them out. We did a gift exchange, cabin crawl and a big pub crawl. A lot of us still are in contact and hung out through the cruise.
  11. On the Pearl , I just had the Plat minutes, I upgraded to the unlimited and was able to talk to the internet manager. He was able to move my 60 minutes to my husband so he could use his and mine.
  12. Personally I do all room types, I have done Gty Insides to just getaway on a cruise. I have done mini suites and balconies , and also the Haven. It all depends on the cruise, the ports, how many seadays. I have never felt like I was treated less being in an inside as I have being in Mini suites. Or even being in the Haven. Yes it’s great to be able to hang out in the Haven but honestly outside the complex I am the only one who knows I am staying there. There are those who flaunt it but that is a person issue not the room class. Yes it’s nice to get treats to the room etc but it’s not the end of the world if you don’t. It’s what you make of the cruise. And how you treat others you will get back no matter what your room type is.
  13. Burger was great and so was the chicken sandwich. I also really liked the cheesecake. The mozzarella sticks were very good as well.
  14. It was great getting to meet you and Sue at the Cellars Sunday night! Hope our paths will meet again on an actual cruise! Kerry and Chad 😊
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