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  1. Thanks for the suggestion. Yes, having 12 hours in port is wonderful to have, would gladly take q few hours less to have more time in St maarten (have 6 hours, actually less by the time get off the ship)
  2. Thanks I'll be fine on a beach mat. When I get the ferry ticket, is it for a specific time? Would like to buy roundup ticket but won't know what time I'll want head back. Weather could be a factor.
  3. Thank you both for all your help. Definitely prefer restrooms over porta potties
  4. Thanks for clarifying! Is exact change required?
  5. Thanks! So the taxi from Red hook ferry is $10 and 20 minute ride to Sapphire? Thought it was closer.
  6. Thanks! I visited Meagans beach when I was in St Thomas about 7 years ago. It was nice but for whatever reason wasn't crazy about it. I'll be docked at Havensight. Sapphire looks like a good option and not far from the ferry. Any idea how much a taxi would cost from the ferry in St Thomas to Sapphire beach?
  7. Thanks again for all your help! Don't know if I'll stay that long but will make the most of my visit.
  8. You sold me on going! Hopefully it won't rain that day and there will be a seat on the ferry for me..How long is the taxi ride to the ferry?
  9. Thanks! Do you recommend trying to go 1st thing in the morning? Is the ferry ride smooth?
  10. Thinking about going to Trunk bay during my stop in St. Thomas (will be in port 7am to 7pm). Trunk Bay looks beautiful, trying to justify the cost to essentially go to a beach. Enjoy beaches in general but only for a few hours at most. Is it worth it? Are taxis waiting at trunk bay to go back to ferry dock?
  11. Didn't realize he did an episode there. I don't have/never used Netflix. Hopefully I can find it elsewhere. Thanks! Sent from my SM-G930T using Forums mobile app
  12. We'll be staying 1 day/night post cruise this November. Hoping to do some sightseeing and if possible take a scenic boat tour. Can anyone recommend a company that offers boat tours (looking for a tour from 1 to 3 hours). Thanks Sent from my SM-G930T using Forums mobile app
  13. Did you end up with the date and time you selected for Sonor? Since I won't knoshows dinning time until embarkation day, make it tough to choose which time and don't want to miss the regular evening show. Sent from my SM-G930T using Forums mobile app
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