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  1. Totally agree about Graham being the best I've had on any cruise. That being said, we had Michele on our Harmony cruise in November, and he was awesome as well. Very present and conducted most of the activities himself. Funny guy! Graham....still my favorite!
  2. My husband is 2 yrs post sleeve. On our recent b2b, we went to Sams in Ft. Lauderdale and picked up three cases of Premier Protein shakes. He drinks 2-3 of these everyday in his normal life. It worked out well on the cruise. He would start his day with fresh fruit and a shake, and a shake mid-afternoon, and usually fish for dinner. He really enjoyed all the fresh fruit. He can't eat chicken at all as it gets "stuck." He did very well on this cruise and did not gain anything. Good luck, you will do great!
  3. On Harmony in November, and the suite seats are in the balcony, center. We sat there only once as I did not care for the view.
  4. Debarked the Harmony Nov 18th. We met in the Suite Lounge, they put numbers on us, called a group of numbers, put us on a dedicated elevator, stopped all other passengers, and led us out and down to the dedicated customs line. We did luggage valet (awesome experience!!!), so we were out very quickly. Now....the taxi line is another story. They no longer care if you were in a suite! 😞 Back to reality.....
  5. I'm the exact same way, and I asked when I boarded if they could provide a fan. One was in my room before bed that first night. I'm not sure if this is always the case where they are available, but in my case it worked. This was on the Harmony a couple weeks ago.
  6. Got off Harmony on Nov 18th (B2B), and the bed was very hard. For some maybe they aren't, but for us it was causing back pain for my hubby. Anyway, I asked the room attendant if he could put extra layers of padding on the bed, and he quickly informed me that they used to do foam toppers but they don't do that any longer. I agreed and he said he would try to make it softer. He added a couple layers of duvet (possibly), but it really didn't help. He asked us the next day if it helped and we replied not really. Next thing I knew, he put a foam topper on it. It was a very pale green and looked brand new. I didn't question him on it, just gave him an extra tip for going the extra mile for us. I have no idea where it came from. So.....they do have them, and will pull them out as needed I guess. The trip was almost perfect! It was everything we hoped for and more.
  7. Thanks, that helps! We’re in a loft suite, and it’s been a fabulous week. The best part of all is that we’re on for another week, and it’s an 8 day!! 😁😁 Yes Checker is working. We’ve dealt with him mostly. Both such wonderful guys. I have to say, we’ve never felt so pampered! I’m afraid there’s no going back now. 🤣🤣
  8. This is our first time in a suite. Last day and the envelopes were on our bed for the attendants. I am all for tipping extra, but really don’t know how much to give them. They were great! Also we did use the concierges, both of them, a couple times this week. Such nice guys. We’re on the Harmony. What would be a good amount to give to each of them?
  9. I couldn't access mine using Chrome. Tried in Explorer, and it worked.
  10. For breakfast and lunch my husband only drinks protein shakes (Premier Protein). I sent special needs an email, and they approved me to bring three cases onboard. I just wanted to make sure it was alright so they wouldn't get confiscated.
  11. I emailed as suggested, and this is the response. I'm glad I asked! BTW - I never mentioned he needed them for medical reasons. Good day, Thank you for your inquiry. Kindly be advised that we have approved for you to bring onboard protein shakes for medical reasons. Please take this letter with you to the pier on the day of embarkation along with the above referenced liquids. We recommend for you to take this with your carry-on items. Should you need any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. Kind Regards, Sophia Mills - Access Advocate Trade Support & Services | Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. 2901 SW 145th Avenue | Miramar, FL 33027
  12. I'm pretty sure he can go without them now, but it's his way of life and doesn't want to alter it yet. They come room temperature (Premier Protein Shakes), and then he refrigerates. I realize the fridge in the cabin is not really a fridge, but rather a cooler, so he'll have to implement the ice bucket. Kind of a pain, but that's how it is with his eating right now. Thank you for the advice!!
  13. We're going to buy them at Sams in Ft. Lauderdale. It's the already made Premiere Protein shakes. Thanks for the forewarning.
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