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  1. So glad you are willing to go again. I am just back from my 4th solo since my husband passed. Each one gets better and better and I am truly enjoying the solo cruise now. Still uncomfortable when I have to dine alone.....and I need to work on that! Hahahaha!! Wonder if that guys family would like to adopt me!!! Debbie
  2. So very sorry for your loss Detroit70. Your post gave me goose bumps as I have a dear friend who lost her husband several years ago on the same Panama Canal cruise in the same manner (no vow renewal however....and she lives in the Michigan as well). As you probably are expecting, the holidays are especially hard to get through. I completely understand your wanting something "kind of the same but different". Decide what feels right for you! Sending {{{HUGS}}}.
  3. Agree!! I have a 4x6 framed photo of my husband that goes with me everywhere I travel.
  4. All I can do is offer you my experience in this matter. First, please accept my condolences on the loss of your wife. My husband passed away July, 2012, and, like you, we traveled and cruised extensively. Come his birthday in September that year, I decided I did not want to sit home and try to be smiley and pretend I was fine around all our grown children. So I told myself I needed to see if I could still travel on my own. In hindsight, what I truly was doing was running away...but that was ok. So I booked an 8-day out of NYC on the Miracle. My thinking was I would try to have a good time, but if I chose to cry and be depressed the whole time, I could do that too. I would never see these people again! All the advice given by Sweet Dutch Girl is spot on. I wound up meeting many wonderful people, many of whom I am still in contact with thanks to FB; and I believe God brought those people into my life at that moment for a reason. Had a fabulous time, altho I experienced some depression after I returned home. I continue to do my Annual Husband's Birthday Cruise, 4th one coming up. This year I'm going to try and decide if I am trying to live in the past or truly honoring our memories in a good way. Recently, Carnival sent me a fabulous offer, and I went ahead and booked a few extra cruises. Next week I leave for my first "no special reason" solo cruise.....just because I feel like I deserve it. I'm hoping for the best and this may be a turning point for me! Here's hoping!! The only thing I could add to Sweet Dutch Girl's advice is to absolutely join the roll call for your cruise here on CC and go to the Meet & Greet. Its very nice to have a least a few friendly faces while onboard. Solo cruising is becoming more and more popular. You will be surprised how many you meet! I wish you a wonderful voyage!
  5. Should be a little red price tag at the top center of the home page that says "Your Cruise Deals". After click on that...PNP would be under the VIFP offers. Not everyone got on.....but I am extremely grateful that I did. Have never received an offer so generous from Carnival. So glad others are taking advantage of this!! Myself....I actually booked 3 cruises. :D Would do a couple more but I have 3 puppies that will be neurotic by Christmas with me being gone so much!! :(
  6. Yes....that's what I assumed since it wouldn't let me book 2. No family trip this time! ;)
  7. WOW!!! Now THAT'S a deal! What port is that out of if you don't mind my asking?? Actually....I tried to book more than one room and it wouldn't let me unless my information was on each room. What is the trick to booking multiple rooms?
  8. Yes...it was under "Special Offers". It even had 4-day LA sailings for $25 pp....CRAZY!!!
  9. Just a heads up to sign into Carnival and check for any Special Offers. I just got a "Pack & Play Exclusive Offer" which gave got me a 5-day out of Jacksonville in Dec for $50 pp...plus up to $100 OBC!! WooHoo!!!!! :D :D :D
  10. My husband passed away in July of 2012. Since then, I have taken a solo cruise for his birthday each year. The first year was only 10 weeks after his death and was probably more of a "running away" from having to be strong for the family....but since then I see it as a way to continue our tradition of doing something wonderful for his birthday. My husband comes with me via his photo on my nightstand in the cabin...and I make sure to drink his favorite cocktail on his birthday :eek:! Yes....it is still difficult at times...especially having to see so many loving couples...but I believe the people I have met on each cruise were sent from above to be in my life for a reason at that time. Take time to grieve...but try to stay open to allowing others into your life....even if its only for a few days! Sending you love and hugs!
  11. JMHO....but the Breeze borders on too big for me..... 3600 pass vs 2900 on the Liberty. That equate to 700 more people trying to get into the same # of shows, elevators, etc. I hear the Breeze is a great ship and I am sure you will have a great time no matter which you choose!
  12. I have to admit....I am extremely glad I did my first solo cruise following my husband's death this past July. Things went extremely well and I met some of the most wonderful people that I am still in contact with. However, my first solo was actually an attempt at "running away"...as I didn't want to deal with my family and friends @ the time of my husband's birthday...and my first without him! As fabulous as the cruise was, it was the "returning home" part that sent me spiraling back into depression. I realized that "running away" didn't solve anything (tho I can't imagine why I thought it would!). And while I found that I DO have the courage to travel alone..... I realized I lost the desire to do so without him! I'm working on this with the help of a therapist...and am confident that I will cruise solo again! Heck...I even bought 2 Future Cruise Certs...so I guess I gotta get over this within the next 2 years! LOL!! I will make sure the next one is for entirely different reasons!!!
  13. Wishing you the best on your first solo cruise!! My husband passed away this past July and I am facing his first birthday without him. Instead of sitting home being "strong" for everyone else..I decided to do as you and am leaving next week. I have contacted Carnival with regard to scattering his ashes...but as of yet...have not decided whether I can do it or not! As the date gets closer...I find myself panicking a bit more each day....but I know this is what he would want (tho I am sure he's furious that I am choosing to do this alone!) Things are still very "raw" for me...but here's hoping that we both will find some peace and regain our love for travel. All the best to you my friend!!!
  14. Carnival did try the "no smoking" ship.....the Paradise. It failed because they could not get enough non-smokers to book.
  15. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. I did go ahead and book an 8-day on Carnival for next month. I bounce back and forth between being excited and terrified....sometime both at the same time. I have already joined my roll call group and seems to be many wonderful people I look forward to meeting. I spent the entire afternoon reading Trainman-2's "Live Review" during his first solo after loosing his wife. If you haven't read this.....grab 2 boxes of Kleenex and take the time! The man is incredible and I am so glad to see that he, too, is still cruising. So it appears there might still be some hope for us lost souls! When my nerves get the best of me....I just come back to CC for cyber-love and encouragement from those who DO understand!! Thank you all again ever so much. I hope to be back the end of September with a "glowing" review! Deb
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