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  1. Thanks for all your posts TC. We have three months until our next Crystal cruise and all the pics and menus build our anticipation.
  2. Looking forward to your impressions. We too just enjoy spending time with each other so have always had a table for two or three unless cruising with friends.
  3. Are you cruising with TC as well? It has been an age since we cruised together. We were Crystallized a few years ago and have been sailing them for the last few years.
  4. We are booked on our first Seabourn cruise ...Feb 8 th Seabourn Odyssey. would appreciate a referral coupon. My email is miriamdcunhaatyahoodotca please note that you will need to use @ and . In my address. many thanks!
  5. Thanks for your review and wonderful pics. It took me back to our first trip in 2003 and our awe and joy in being on the PG in FP.
  6. True Ponant is but a lot more expensive.
  7. Sorry that you and Wendy won’t be on the 2021 Reunion. But, enjoy your WC!
  8. I used Tereva Excursions to the Reef Islands. I had arranged an all day ship visit to Rangiroa with PG management. We will also have the full day in Rangiroa on our 2021 Reunion cruise.I hope to visit the Rangiroa blue lagoon and pink sands on that cruise. The usual half day in Rangiroa is great for divers but not for me.
  9. Miss Lily, do you remember the dark days of 2005/2006 when Grand Circle was involved? the food was mediocre there were cutbacks only the staff shone . Ponant needs to remember that the success of the PG are based on two things the beauty of the location and the staff who run it.
  10. Having personally gone through changes from former management of Crystal and Azamara who are now in Ponant some things may look up / or down with PG cruises Food will be Michelin style with plenty of foam and nitro cuisine. Free internet for the whole ship More boutique excursions Unique ports of call Maybe Paul Gauguin Airlines flying business/ first directly to Tahiti Branded Leisure wear with matching crockery Cashmere blankets in all the cabins Dom and Cristal in the Suites Open seating...wait a minute PG has it already A New Cocktail menu A new interactive website that takes two years to interact. New repeater membership program Higher prices Reimagined suites maybe with washers and dryers Maybe a box of Ladurée Macarons in every cabin like they have on Ponant ships Also looking forward to the specialty Laduree Tea Hermes Bath Products O Brave New World
  11. Not concerned about the planned but the unplanned. As we all know any acquisitions end up with fallout. Much as I appreciate your effort to allay our fears only time with tell...
  12. I hope not....are you on this cruise?
  13. I remember weeping buckets in November 2009 when it changed hands from Regent. My only concern here is the PG staff and hope they find a safe haven.
  14. Things always change when a cruise line is sold...for the good or bad. Time will tell.
  15. On our recent serenity cruise in error we were invited to a wine group events and attended the tour of the wine cellar on-board serenity. (We thought our ta May have booked us part of the group since our ta does large bookings). Any way In the bottom cellar, they had wine boxes from wine groups coming back in 6 months. Supposedly when they are in the USA a lot of these groups give them the boxes then for cruises later in the year. The wines were all stored in the big wine and liquor area which was cool but not freezing. The only thing I noticed with group boxes is they labelled the cruise they wanted to serve it and the night and the name of the group. It appeared tight down there but your box would just sit in a corner if they are willing to store it for you.
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