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  1. Thanks. Will check it out.
  2. Please tell me where? We live in Unionville.
  3. We got caught by the volcano in 2010. Was able to get a flight out....but others on our Regent cruise were stuck in a Verona for 10 days. Had to get local doctors to contacts their US doctors to get them prescriptions. Very cumbersome. Now we take complete details of all prescriptions. And at least 15 days extra meds on a two week cruise. Would plan to take substantial extras for the world cruise.
  4. They will store my excess in a locked fridge in the medical center.
  5. Was intending to but just couldn’t remember the email and thanks for the same.
  6. My insulin can be outside for 45 days but the world cruise is a lot longer than that. i store it at 5 degrees in my fridge at home taking a pen out when needed. Some cruise lines store it for you in the medical centre.
  7. Looking at a World Cruise on Crystal. What arrangements does Crystal make for Insulin storage? The fridge in the rooms is not optimum temperature. Thanks, M
  8. We tend to book as soon as itineraries come out. In fact this is likely the first time in years that we haven't booked 2023 and cancelled our already booked 2022 itineraries.
  9. Yes...they are unilaterally amending their contract or refusing to honour their contract. there is also Oceania and Regent who may or may not be solvent
  10. In case you were unaware I mentioned Gucci as the owners of Gucci own Ponant!
  11. I too am in this bucket...would love to sail again on the PG with our beloved crew. But, then wouldn't we be flowing our $ to a company who breaches contracts and writes arrogant emails. How to divorce the two? I seesaw each day....nothing muchvelse to do in quarantine. On another note saw your pic of Maupiti a couple of days ago and we have to make it there sometime. Hope you and your wife are doing well!
  12. We read your posts and were attracted to the PG...13 cruises later we are torn between the goodwill we feel for the wonderful PG folk who like us are victims of circumstance and the desire to get out when the going is good. Since Ponant has revealed itself without it’s designer cloak I am close to joining the band in favour of credit card restitution. If it needs to extricate itself who better to offer as a sacrifice than the new kid with the old ship. And Richard....don’t buy your wife that Gucci purse!
  13. Sorry but PG mostly travels from FP....no US Ports.
  14. David!!! I understand that it is very upsetting for PG staff...an about face from the softer, kinder way of doing business.
  15. True and just so happy we all traveled so much all these years.
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