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  1. I won’t be on the Shadow. Canceled my Spirit cruise and moved it to Regent Explorer. Still booked on the Dawn/ Moon cruise.
  2. Thanks so much….this is my next step. For now I carry my epipen and other accoutrements. I have several food allergies which I have been handling with avoidance. Occasionally I won’t know about an ingredient and will swell up or break out. You learn to live with it. I have never had a bee sting before and after that noticed even honey would bring on the weals. My husband rushed ashore and came back with plenty of anti histamine goodies, fortunately as a physician he was able to titrate my intake. Thanks for your support. Much appreciated.
  3. BTW, the bee sting…not stitch was near fatal….had a delayed reaction which effected my entire body with hives and swelling and had to be on high dosage steroids for 1 month. Not a very Royal reaction or maybe my blue blood didn’t like being polluted by the bee. The doctor has advised that the next sting could be fatal. So laugh away….maybe after my next sting may you have the last laugh! I had expected more from Silversea clientele….
  4. Me neither….talking about another b2b.
  5. Oh no… we were VIP for both weeks!
  6. We love Crystal. The food, the entertainment, the service, the lectures and the itineraries. Yes the regular cabins are small. The line notes every thing you like…so my cabin is filled with Evian my daughter has a bottle of Jack. A cushion miraculously appears when I am seated at dinner and am offered a lap blanket as I am easily cold….also at dinner. To me who barely eats and seldom drinks this is luxury. I guess for us Regent is next. Seabourn service is very good. First time on Silversea last month and not sure if I like the formal atmosphere and evasive replies by staff. But giving it another try next year. Cancelled our SS Christmas cruise and booked on the Explorer instead. Great to have choices….would rather be on my balcony with the ocean breezes than sitting at home.
  7. It was a strange experience because some things were great and some really bad. Like two ships in one. Maybe by March the crew will jive better together and achieve the rhythm needed to enhance our experience….worth taking the risk . I fully recognize that one experience is not enough to understand the line or write it off. That would be quite immature. I think our meeting was more about our perceptions. The food and bev manager said not a word though his jaw dropped when we spoke about the CDC reprimand. Begonia the Guest Relations manager was her usual charming self…she is a genuine gem of a person. Since you asked I pegged the HD as old school Silversea. He didn’t even know that they didn’t have a cheese menu for example. They had such lovely cheeses, oils and honeys but none were showcased. At Atlantide we asked what cheeses they had and the waiter stuttered and stammered….finally I said we love gorgonzola so just bring us some. It came unadorned no crackers…grapes, dried fruit or truffle honey. We had to ask for crackers. I tell it like it is and how I see it. I am not here to win friends and influence people. If the Silversea crowd doesn’t like me so be it. The best part about cruising and traveling in general is that we all have our own choices to make.
  8. I felt the response was a cop out. I did mention it to Barbara M . I guess I could write to Richard Fain….but won’t. C’est la vie….on to the next experience and next trip.
  9. Thanks Lois we are on the TA on the Moon and will give SS a chance to wow. As you say no cruise is perfect and there are always bumps along the way. Just felt it was closer to the Premium experience than the Luxury it was purported to be. Did we enjoy our trip overall yes….one has to make lemonade if you get lemons. It was great to be away and Greece was lovely as always. Today’s news about Crystal Symphony is very sad and glad our cruise did not meet with an ignominious end. But when asked why I considered some things awful I had to explain my thoughts. Keep well and safe and who knows we may become SS regulars yet with many more cruises and much hoped for travel on our horizon.
  10. The response from the HD was that the crew hadn’t been working and were rusty.
  11. I sailed in August. Sometimes it is a question of expectations. I found SS more in line with premium lines like Azamara and Oceania…I had expected more. I didn’t care for the food in Seabourn’s main dining room but the other restaurants were fine and the line compensated with spectacular service. After sending back the dry and tough lobster at Atlantide twice I didn’t merit an apology from the Maitre. This is where I think the luxury service concept is lacking. Let me give you an example of Regent. When I was given misinformation by room service and queried it at reception I immediately received a written apology from the Hotel manager with a bottle of Veuve. Even the next time I went for lunch to Atlantide and the manager was there he never bothered to come by and apologize. When I had a fall on Crystal I immediately received Flowers and chocolates in my room. No one bothered to inquire about my bee sting which happened on an SS excursion. Let us take the example of the room service menu. We were chagrined to find that the menu on the TV didn't mention anything available for lunch. The menu stated Breakfast and Dinner. Apparently Dinner included lunch but as first timers we were not to know that. After we brought it to their attention it was amended to 24 hour dining. Again you were not allowed to order from Atlantide or the Pizza place for an in room lunch. Any luxury ship we have been on namely the other three luxury lines always allows you to order from the Main Dining Room to your suite for lunch and the meal is served course by course. The 24 hour menu is very limited and there are some days when you just want a relaxing afternoon after a tiring morning. I had been bitten by a bee on the excursion and was waiting ensuite to see how my body reacted. The really sad thing I felt is that it was like being on two ships at the same time. Part of the staff were fabulous and part appeared not to really care. No question that their Covid protocols are stellar. But protocols as you know are only as good as their weakest link. However we had to tell several staff that wearing their masks below their noses was not acceptable. My DD also found that at 6 am many staff were not wearing masks on board. We still had a lovely trip …our fifth to Greece but our first time to the smaller islands. And everything went smoothly. But we are experienced travellers , of an analytical bent with plenty of stays in luxury hotels and visits to starred restaurants around the world to help us see the good and the bad.
  12. I brought most of these items up in a meeting with the Hotel Director , the Food and Beverage manager and the Guest Relations Manager on the Moon and some to Barbara Muckerman. My feeling is that some of the staff are not receiving adequate training, they are steeped in old Silversea attitudes. The number of repeat passengers is high but that will be so on every line as many of us have significant funds tied up on Regent and Crystal. We however brought new money and perspectives drawn by their excellent Covid policy. I understand from Silversea staff that RCCL “ is throwing money at Silversea” . I commented to the Hotel Director that they were on the verge of bankruptcy until RCCL bailed them out and that RCCL didn’t buy them to be in 5 sixth or 7 th place. They were just being given a very long noose. I have a ton of respect for the RCCL product. In their space they do an excellent job. Our first 30 or so cruises were on RCCL when my daughter was little. She learnt from them that the children of today are the cruisers of tomorrow. The last 20 years we have been cruising luxury lines and some premium and an occasional big ship trip on rccl which I greatly enjoyed as well. We never considered Silversea for years….stayed with the Regent, Crystal, Paul Gauguins of this world. One reason we didn’t was because of reports of cut backs in quality and the CDC complaint of meat being stored in crew members cabins during an inspection. But with the RCCL takeover booked not one but three cruises. Now canceled one but staying on the Moon to give it another shot. There are some fabulous staff who will be dragged down by the inconsistency in quality of cooking and service and that is sad. For all this we did have a lovely holiday…Our excursions were nice and my desire to visit the monastery at Patmos was fulfilled. I know it is a first world problem but after being locked inside for 16 months ….our last was Seabourn in Feb 2020….it was wonderful to sit on the balcony and enjoy the sea air.
  13. Well if your home is on the Explorer that would be the case. Crystal has a number of permanent residents…Regent used to in the past.
  14. Likely some very erudite lecturers by day….
  15. SS includes you passport number along with your name on the key card. This is crazy because your identity can be lost if you lose your card ashore. The lobster was hard as a rock the shrimp cocktail was made with size 40 shrimp. There was an inconsistency in service with staff making it up as they went along and when they had no excuse they would blame Corporate. The Hotel Director’s excuse was that the staff was rusty. Staff were poorly trained ..the waitress for example had two fingers in my salad bowl and didn’t know why I dropped the lettuce she touched into her hand. Just since you asked… On the other hand the service in some of the restaurants like the Arts Cafe was wonderful. Also the Salt bar and restaurant. The Salt test kitchen is a lovely concept if the Chef didn’t look so bored and if the ingredients given were what were required. The lamb Kleftiko should have had plenty of rosemary and lemon but one eighth piece of lemon does not a Lamb Kleftiko make. In short they felt we wouldn’t know anything so why bother being authentic. It is really sad because they have quality ingredients and a good hard product but the soft product is severely wanting.
  16. I am definitely not in the owners suite just the F1.
  17. Thanks for the invite let me know so we can go together on the rented Crystal plane.
  18. Suggest you arrange with your limo to take you on a quick tour of Athens en route. The tent was only open at 2 pm. When our return flight was delayed our limo driver did just that took the long way to the airport. I believe that there is an airport hotel that he suggested to us but we just checked in early and sat in the lounge.
  19. Not Crystal, Regent or Seabourn ….one visit usually allowed free. Special wine paired meals are available at extra cost on Crystal but they are not in the Restaurants. Regent used to have some costly but wonderful wine tastings on board their ships. The service at the La Dame was excellent if a little over the top with the now totally out of fashion Un, Deux , trois plate reveal. The wine list was very good. The food was beautifully plated but execution was hit or miss. The plating at the Thomas Keller restaurant on Seabourn is nice but not fabulous but the food is just fabulous. Both plating and food are fabulous at umi uma ( Nobu) and Prego on Crystal. We tend to prefer understated and not fawning service. My last Regent cruise was cancelled but hope to enjoy the explorer at Christmas. Had a very mixed experience on Moon …some things great some things awful. moved to Regent for Christmas but have kept a TA booking on Silversea. Will give them another shot at wowing us.
  20. We were the first five to board at 2.00 snd had lunch by the pool.
  21. We are also booked on this cruise.
  22. The test was done two days before disembarkation.
  23. The doctor came to the terminal on shore and all the Canadian passengers had their PCR test done, results came in that night. We were charged $120USD each for the test.
  24. Silver Note had no charge but required reservations.
  25. We were on Silver moon last month. I know my DH uploaded our proof of vax well in advance. Once we reached the port they sprayed our bags snd sent us to a tent where we were had to fill in health forms and were tested ….antigen. Each morning our temperatures were taken with the information going directly to their computer. Midway through the cruise we were tested using antigen again. There was an optional antigen at the end of the cruise. Being Canadian we required a PCR test which they arranged and charged us for it. We were very pleased with their Covid protocols
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