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  1. Last summer on Vision it was 1 punch for a small, 2 for a medium and 3 for a large.
  2. Last year on our Vision cruise we were 1st off the ship and used RC transfer back to Barcelona airport. We were at the airport at 7.30am for our 10.35am flight.
  3. Corsica is a beautiful port. When we went to Ajaccio there were land trains that took you on a tour along the coast. There were 2 itineraries, we chose the longer one and we were glad we did. Scenery is stunning and well worth the cost
  4. I think you are going to love this cruise! We did 12 nights on Vision on the Venice itinerary last summer and loved it so much we are going again 9 weeks today. Out of the 8 Med cruises we have done this was the best. Vision was the smallest ship we have cruised on but we loved the lack of crowds, queues and less children onboard too.(our days of family holidays are over!). Vision doesn't have the bells and whistles of the big ships but for a port intensive Med cruise it was superb. I'll be reading with interest-have an awesome holiday!
  5. A few years ago I noticed that our Navigator cruise that we had booked through a UK TA had dropped significantly. Balcony cabins were only a few ££ more than what we had paid for an inside. I rang RC and said I might as well cancel and book with P&O!! They said they would see what they could do for me-the next day we had a call from our TA who said that our cabin had been changed from an inside to a balcony with no extra cost. We had booked with another couple and they had also been upgraded! This was around 6 years ago-I think we were lucky and we haven't had anything like this happen since
  6. We've been lucky with Independence cruises twice now-left it late to book, approx. 6 weeks before. Have paid as little as £1099 for a 14 night in August. There looks to be a lot of cabins left-I would think the price will come down, a guarantee cabin is now £1499. I usually check the inventory daily then make my decision based on how many cabins are left. It can be a difficult game knowing when to pounce. One thing I have noticed the last few years is that RC will have a special price on a well known cruise website(where the eskimos live) that is way cheaper than their website price. Worth checking that out!
  7. Last summer in the Med, the roof on Vision in the solarium was often closed-it was unbearable! Everyone was complaining and asking staff to open the roof-apparently it is the decision of the bridge officers when to open/close it
  8. We spent 12 days on Vision last August cruising from Barcelona. It was our 1st small ship experience, and we tried to adjust our expectations accordingly. The cruise was chosen primarily for the itinerary-Venice overnight, Croatia, Montenegro, Rome, Florence, Amalfi Coast, fabulous ports! We loved it so much that we have booked again on the same itinerary for this year too. The ship does have drawbacks but for us we liked the lack of queues and big crowds. The price too was lower including flights than what we would pay from Southampton for an Independence cruise. We also found a great mix of nationalities on board that you don't get with a UK departure. We were so tired from the long days in port that we didn't need the late night entertainment, and we were happy to have our meal, a drink, see a show and sleep like babies soon after!!
  9. I purchased the 10 drink card on Vision on the Aug 6th cruise. It was $85 and there was no 18% gratuity added(no idea why). You could use it to purchase any drink up to $12
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