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  1. Thanks....I booked through a TA, so I don't think Carnival will deal with me directly, will they?
  2. Thanks! The rate code was PZT "EXCLUSIVE VIFP CLUB MEMBER RATES" and that is the same code I would like to apply to upgrade. The fine print doesn't mention price protection.
  3. The price of our upcoming cruise has dropped by a few hundred dollars, but apparently because of the code we booked with (the VIFP code "PZT") and the fact that it's after final payment date, Carnival won't make a price adjustment. 🤷‍♀️ We are currently in an oceanview but because of the price drop, the balcony is now only about $50 more than what we paid. Is it possible to upgrade and apply the amount we already paid to the higher cabin? I reached out to my TA about it, but wanted to see what the options were in the meantime. Thanks!
  4. If you find them once this cruise gets back, do you mind sharing!? We sail in April and I'd love to see them before we go. Thanks!
  5. I dragged my feet and now the excursion we want to do in Progreso only has one spot left. Has anyone had availability open up before sailing? Or once we board, is there a chance more spots will be available? Thanks!
  6. Is the "official" port parking not covered? How much of a savings in the Fulton garage vs the port lot?
  7. When I did online check in for our April cruise on the Glory, the earliest time available was 12:00-12:30. I know some people were able to get 11:30-12:00, but I guess it filled up. Do times ever open back up? I know it's only 30 min, but I was curious if I should keep checking to see if we can get an earlier time. Thanks!
  8. Has anyone posted about the prices for "pay" activities on the Mariner? Particularly interested in the escape room and laser tag. Thanks!
  9. We have decided to get day passes at Melia in Nassau. Has anyone booked in advance and can recommend a site to do it through? I've read reports of people getting there and being turned away, so I was hoping to have a reservation before we go. But I want to make sure I book through somewhere legit! Thanks!
  10. So it looks like the original cabin we booked was changed from a quad to a double (does that really happen during a refurb??). When I put in 2 people, it shows as available. I'm currently on hold with "resolutions" but she doesn't seem too eager to help.
  11. TA said he had no idea and never received an email. He acted “outraged” about the whole deal and said he let RC know his feelings, but basically all he said was sorry. We are in an aft JS - 4 people. Originally on deck 7 aft (not a GTY) now on deck 6. Not exactly “obstructed”, but I had concerns about the aft view so I specifically chose the higher deck. I’m more annoyed about the fact that my parents are now on another deck. We imagined the kids easily going back and forth between the cabins...now that’s not really an option. No quad JS left and no balconies for my parents. 😡
  12. We sail on the Mariner on July 30. While poking around online working on our check in, I noticed the cabin # was incorrect. I double checked my TA invoice and confirmed that it did have the correct cabin #, then I emailed my TA. It turns out, RC changed our cabin due to “construction and modification” of the cabin we booked. With the recent refurb, I totally get that but 1. This was done weeks ago and they never emailed to let us know and 2. We specifically booked on the same deck and close by to people we are traveling with and now we are on different decks. The new cabin is a “downgrade” too- still a Jr Suite but on a lower deck with an obstructed View. RC did kindly give us a $50 OBC but I’m still not impressed! Is there anything I can do about it now? The sailing looks pretty much booked up. Thanks
  13. I apologize in advance...I did read through quite a few posts but didn't find answers. These are specifically about the REFRESHMENT package: - For the "fresh squeezed juice" with breakfast, is that something you would just order from the waiter? I assume it would usually cost extra, but is it different from "regular" juice? - For the package, I just show my S&S card at the bars (or to waiters) to order and that's it, correct? Other than just ordering one at a time, are there any quantity restrictions? - We will be on the Mariner, so not sure if they will have the Freestyle machines, but if not, will we still get the cup or just get sodas from the bar? - And last question....I see a deluxe+zoom option and a soda+zoom, but do they ever offer refreshment+zoom? Thank you !!!
  14. What is a "must buy" daily price for the Ultimate Package? Right now, it's $50 for our sailing...
  15. Just have a couple of questions about the "Beach Lounger for Two" rental on Cococay.... - Are all of these now located on South Beach? - We have 2 kids, but they have no interest in "lounging"...my teen wants to lay on a towel and my younger one wants to be in the water or in the sand. If I just rent one pair for me and my husband, will the attendants give me a hard time about not renting a chair for everyone? Thanks!!
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