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  1. Never bothered me as it’s just a bit of light hearted fun for staff and passengers to thank the hard working staff. As with all things , if you don’t like it , don’t participate .
  2. Crooners and Casino look the same as when I was last on her in 2019 and 2018. Sailing to Aus and in Aus.Not sure why they have named it Crooners gaming as there was never any gambling tables in there. Just the normal tables for drinks or cards. There were doors between the casino and crooners which can be seen on the deck plan , not showing on medallion plan. Majestic is my favourite ship, but the only Royal Class I have been on, so can’t compare to Royal or Regal etc.
  3. My cruise was the start of the repositioning cruise to LA. Sydney to Auckland (4 days ) . It has been cancelled along with the cruise to Fiji which is the one beforehand. The ship will then travel to the UK after the last cruise that finishes March 20th in Oz. At this time it appears she will still be coming here to do our summer season . 🤔
  4. The ship first sailed in Australia in 2018. I was on its first (maybe 2nd ) sailing after it came from Asia, in September 2018. So it was changed for our market then, not 2020, and each year again on its return. The high roller part of the casino was changed to a Crooners type bar area. The karaoke suits were also repurposed. The French restaurant La Mer was a coffee place during the day. I enjoyed La Mer and Harmony very much. I have spent a total of 42 nights on her and she is my favourite Princess ship. Although she is the only Royal class I have been on.
  5. I like the Majestic , in the minority here I feel. So I’m looking forward to her returning and also the Royal. While I love doing laps of the Promenade I don’t miss that as much as I thought I would.
  6. I like the Majestic and I like a Window suite , so looking forward to both those ships.
  7. Exactly! I had booked it as a solo but my 22 yr old daughter joined me when she found out she could get a free trip . But she gets too sea sick and won’t sail with me again ( she did one other 10 day trip a few years later and vowed “ never again “ )
  8. My longest was the first one I ever booked. 52 nights on the Dawn Princess Sydney to London , half world in 2011. Got me hooked ! Since then anything from 2 to 23 nights ......
  9. It’s been like that for a few years for us Aussies. The earlier date is when you lose your FCD if you cancel. I always have that date in my spreadsheet , along with the final payment date.
  10. Just like to add that border closures while effective last year are a real pain for those of us who live in the Vic/NSW “border bubble “. Same as other border areas QLD/NSW etc I imagine where your normal day to day activities now involve a border check numerous times a day. oh well .....
  11. I started sailing on Princess and since then have sailed on 4 of the P&O ships between Princess cruises. I am a fan of The Pantry , I like the Mexican the best. Probably because I travel solo I find ease of seating alone (at the benches) and quick service a plus. Of course sometimes the food could be hotter but that happens on all ships and in all dining areas on occasion.
  12. I’ve only been on Sun, Sea, Dawn, Golden, Diamond, Ruby and Majestic for Princess and Majestic is my favourite of those. Though would happily sail on any of them again , all have good and not as good points. But who knows when we will get the pleasure of getting onboard any of them again 😒
  13. Yes they are. All balconies on the sides of the Sea and Sun are covered, minis and regular balconies. They were cut out of the hull. Google the image of The Sea to see 😄
  14. I’m from Australia but have used my MasterCard and Visa card instead of an Opal card for both trains and ferries.
  15. Ate at Crown Grill last night. It was the best, 3 had seafood and one had steak. Have also eaten at Le Mer which is always lovely. Buffet and main dining also very good .
  16. Quick view from my Lido balcony this morning , thought I posted it 20 mins ago but couldn’t see it 🙃 IMG_3223.MOV
  17. It doesn't show up with all the other OBC, its just before that under Special Services when you print out or view the Travel Summary. Maybe it depends on the Captain's Circle Host for the ship ? Maybe I've just been lucky seeing all mine there since I started to receive it. I am in Australia, don't know if that makes a difference.
  18. It will show up in your travel summary about 6 days before your cruise. That’s the only place I’ve seen it in the personaliser.
  19. Just found my account from last cruise and it was $72.95 for the $50 credit level. I’m sure most people know this but the number of cruise credits you have shows on your cruise card in the bottom right hand corner under your folio number. eg - 31A Also for solo travellers , cruises on P&O only accrue 1 cruise credit not 2 (or 3 for a suite ) like on Princess.
  20. It’s definitely converted from $US as my last cruise a few weeks ago was cruise credit 35 and I got around $76. Not sure if it is 31st or 32nd. As number 31 was on P&O , 32 was Princess. I assumed it was 32 from reading things but will be happy if it’s 41 for my next level 😀
  21. I have only done 2 cruises on her and neither was around Japan. But I really liked the Japanese Baths in preference to the Thermal Suite . That’s if you like those sort of areas. You may not find the dining as bad as stated so enjoy the ship with an open mind.
  22. Just to add to the phone numbers. I also have the general 1300 362 695. And also this one 02 83264521
  23. I also had trouble with Princess. I posted mine in and after 10 days of nothing showing for 2 cruises I faxed the details in. OBC showed up for both cruises the next day, unfortunately I don’t know which method worked. 🤔 I have also tried to have OBC applied to cruises more than 3 months ahead but to no avail, with a few emails back and forth. I did mention that folks in the US were getting it applied to cruises over 12 months away , but I just got the stock standard reply. Never had a problem with P&O , I like that we can still use email. (Was so much easier when Princess did )
  24. I’m from Aus and only at the $25 level and since getting there it’s always been around $32 that I have gotten as OBC. That is for sailings from Aus so the ship is in Aussie currency. I’m always happy with that !
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