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  1. so glad that she finally got back to you and you got the price drop but yeah, its totally unacceptable that you had to wait so long. Have a great cruise
  2. Robinhill

    Fairbanks help

    When i was there i did the Riverboat discovery tour with lunch afterward. It is an old fashioned type paddlewheel riverboat narrated tour that is 3 hours long. It goes past a dogsledding homestead complete with demonstration, a float plane demonstration and you go to an "authentic" athabascan native village where you disembark and tour to see how they live.It was very good and worthwhile. You can also go to the Museum of the North with has a history of the Alaskan native history, the Pioneer Park if very fun which also highlights Alaska's pat, has some shops and an airplane museum. If you have a car you can travel a short distance to the North Pole which is a constant "Christmas town" and you can have your mail postmarked from the North Pole if you have some little ones that might enjoy a letter from Santa etc.
  3. I did not know there was a Gatsbys on the Grandeur- where is it located?
  4. Can anyone tell me if i book my next cruise while onboard for the $100 deposit pp and OBC if i can then transfer this booking to Club Royale once i am home? Thanks in advance. Robin
  5. It should be titanium- which is no problem. A call to the orthopedist will confirm that. Have fun on your cruise!
  6. Hi- i am hoping someone can help me. Our ship arrives in Vancouver at 7:00 so i am assuming we should be able to disembark at 8:00 or a little after. I am taking the Canada Line over to the airport. The question is can i make a 11:45 flight departure if i get to the airport by 9 or 9:30? Thanks in advance.
  7. not so- i applied my $300 discount to an already booked cruise for February 2020 from a cruise i did the end of March this year. It all depends on who you get on your call- if i get the foreign call center i thank them and hang up and try again until i get the US call center who are much more helpful.
  8. rt1092 can you tell me where you found the refundable deposit? Everytime i pull up a cruise the options are we book the room or you book the room but both are non-refundable.
  9. LOL Yes Virginia- once out of the Chesapeake Bay, you are in the Atlantic Ocean. I cruise out of Baltimore about two times a year and I love it! I live 15 minutes from the port. Have a great time. It is super easy to embark in Baltimore- in line for 10 minutes then you are on the ship. Super organized.
  10. how about booking onboard and then transferring it to Club Royale when you get home- I am a prime member and i get good discounts thru the Club.
  11. I have a question. I am thinking of booking an Alaskan cruise for next summer now and will of course put the $500 down for each of 2 cabins to reserve this. If I rmain Prime all this year until next April- will i be able to use my free cruise on this already booked one? I know the port charges are $200 each so there would still be $50 extra that we would have paid for my cabin. would they allow me to use it on this already booked cruise and how will they refund that extra $50 each per person- would it be OBC- or would we just lose it? Thanks in advance
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