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  1. I priced a 14 day cruise for January 2020 last night, and the same cruise/cabin today with sip and sail, today’s price is $1000.00 higher!!! Not happy with Princess
  2. We are doing full transit San Francisco to Ft Lauderdale on Coral Princess stopping in Fuerte Amador before going thru Canal. We can’t decide on a tour in Fuerte Amador. We go thru the old locks the day after this stop. One tour goes to new locks and Miraflores Locks. Another tour goes to new locks and former Panama Canal Zone. Or Colonial Panama and Miraflores Locks. I am confused what Miraflores Locks are, is this the old locks we will go thru the next day? Worth seeing from observation deck? Thank you for any info!
  3. Does anyone know which locks the Coral Princess uses in 2019, old or new? Full transit. Thank you!
  4. Sorry, my mistake! I guess I forgot I was reading a post about full suite questions. We usually book mini suites, and I had never heard about free water even in suites. We have booked a full suite this June and look forward to the many extra perks!
  5. My son was on an NCL cruise November 2018, he booked all their tours ahead of cruise with 800#, was not charged for any tours until on ship!
  6. Wow, I’ve cruised with Princess 17 times, and never received free bottled water in cabin! We were always charged for bottles we drank
  7. We have a Princess Alaska cruisetour booked for June 2019, and I wanted to reserve a few tours on land portion early (a few months ago). We have OBC, but I had to give credit card info and pay immediately. I’m not happy about the change either!!
  8. We are going on Spirit cruise Eastern Mediterranean and Greek isles. First time with NCL, if we book tours ahead of time, do we have to pay for them when booking? Do tours sell out often? We chose option of $50 tour credit per port, is money subtracted from tour price if we book early? I read men could wear shorts to main dining room, do many guys do that? We have sailed Princess before, seems like NCL is more casual. How is their internet? Can I get on Facebook while cruising in Europe? Costly? Thank you!
  9. We are cruising around NZ on the Majestic Princess in March 2018. I can’t decide between these two ship tours. Tranz Alpine is 9 hour tour with 6 hours being on motor couches I think. If we picked Taieri, we would probably include Larnach Castle. Has anyone done both lately? Advise please! Thanks
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