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  1. Thank you for taking us around the world with you. It was a pleasure to meet you on the July 28th cruise. You were missed on the August 11th voyage. Looking forward to our next voyage together. Bill & Arlene
  2. Dear Bob, It has been so hard to find the words to say how happy I am about what happened to you. This has truly been a real life Fairy Tale, with you as the hero in this story. In the years I have known you, with your amazing depth of knowledge, especially in the cruise industry, it is so perfect that you found love at sea. Now that the cruise has ended, you will have an enduring thrill of sharing and growing the experience everyday with Betsy. I am certainly looking forward to seeing you both when you return to NYC. I think we will have a little celebrating to do. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness and smoothest sailings, Bill
  3. HELLOOOO!! Bob Just finished reading all the posts since returning from 4 weeks on the Escape. What a trip it has been and three quarters of the trip left to play. I have enjoyed all the pics and stories. What great things Oceania has done for all of you. Can't wait for my 3 weeks on the Insignia in July. How are you doing, feeling good, does it feel like you just left home. What stories we have being on the Noro Cruise Lines Escape. Joe & Mary are doing great. Jim & Barbara, Steve & Mary, Paul, Sharon and of course Tom send their good wishes and we all missed you. We talked about you constantly, Bob's in LA, in Hawaii, etc. I do proudly note we won both Progressives, the second by over 40 points! The trivias were very controversial. But did not surpass my NYC Excursion on Feb 3. Details like these will await your return, we will need a weekend to review our experiences. I will keep up for a couple more days then it will be GEM time until 3-8. Will be home until 4-27 TA. Do you know if Caroline is doing the GEM on 2-25? Bill
  4. Thank you! Check out Arzeena messages about Noro and Joe. I guess starting Jan 11 may not have been a bad idea. Looks like NYC is missing the worse of it. And I will be missing Winter until late February. Have a great trip.
  5. I knew you would like the dining experience. Enjoying the experience. I will not be keeping up as regularly as We are off tomorrow for 4 weeks on the Noro Escape. The horrid Winter storm they were predicted for NYC for tonight into tomorrow looks like rain only.
  6. Thank you for the update. I went to the Supper Club 7 times for complimentary dinner and show between the pay for events like Choir. It was not well publicized and usually about half filled . But each performance was great. Acts included headliners, lounge acts and solo performance from After Midnight/Brat pack casts. It would be disappointing if they did not continue.
  7. Henry Thank you for all your work. I was on the Escape Last month. Agree with everything you have to say. I tried to have lunch in O'Sheans everyday. I will be aboard for the next two cruises. Can you tell me if they have the complimentary dinner shows in the Supper Club? Stay away from that virus and make should it disembarks in NYC on Jan 20.
  8. Bon Voyage all!!! Glad to see you are off. Loved what they did to the staterooms. Here are pics of embarkation from New Jersey. Can you let me know what you had for lunch at the Plaza. Also who is the Cruise Director, ACD and Social host.
  9. I see Armin and RJ in the slot pull photo, tell I said hi. Bill
  10. As a dear friend of Bob B, who almost got me to pull the trigger on this cruise, I wish you all the best, most enjoyable, memorable and safest experience over the next six months. I will be checking in to see the fun. I do have 40 days at sea over the next two months myself and 13 cruises for the year, so I will not be completely envious. I have sailed on the Insignia and loved it. Will be on the Insignia after you return on July 28 for 3 weeks b-2-b as it repos from Miami back to NYC. So very interested in your reports. Bill
  11. I see you were on the Escape on 11-25, so was I. Did you have a great time?
  12. By the fourth of fifth day the activity guys stopped bringing prizes in anticipation of us winning. One teammate wanted 30 for fellow office workers. The rest stopped taking them by the second day and once we had the thirty. We were done collecting coozies. I took 4 home knowing that nieces & nephews were coming over the day I returned. Did you notice NCL stock go up with money they saved on coozies during the cruise?
  13. What a great job of journal writing. I feel like I am back on board. My apologies about trivia as a member of the Sea Rats. We all meet via Cruise Critic and had asked if anyone was interested. The ones who contacted each other meeting at the first game became the Sea Rats team. Hope we can meet on a future cruise and team together.
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