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  1. Just got off the Bliss in NYC on the 16/02. We had color red, which is the last color to be called. It was slated to be called for 09h50, and they called it at 10H05. We sat very comfortably in the Observation Lounge until it was called, then took the elavator down to Deck 7 and sat in the Local until the line thinned out. Ended up being one of the last people off the ship and was in terminal, got luggage and thru customs before 11h00. On of the most pleasant disembarkments that I have experienced.
  2. Just got off a 14 day cruise on the Bliss. We were unable to dock @ Harvest Cay, we had to be tendered. Was told that a ship had had a collision with the pier, and there was damage underwater to the pier making us unable to dock.
  3. I have had usually just used H2O, but on a Southern Caribbean 12 day cruise I purchased Vibe passes and did not regret spending the money. As others have stated it is limited access adult only sundeck. You were always guaranteed a lounge chair with nice thick padded cushion, never had a problem getting an umbrella if needing some shade, exclusive bartender for Vibe so no wait for a drink, in fact our Bartender, Ramos, usually brought me another one even before I ordered on. It usually is a quiet space, on our particular cruise, the group of people would bought the passes seemed to really get along when we met and became a very animated group sitting around the covered bar, or in the hot tubs. It is large enough though that you are able to sit away from that area for true peace and quiet. But what I think Truly made the experience is the personalized service we received from the bar staff. I enjoyed being greeted each morning by name, him know what I drink and knowing to bring me a large glasses of ice water with you adult beverage. We will be sailing in 2 weeks, and it is my understanding that that bartender is onboard, and we are looking forward to seeing him again.
  4. PistolPete13, Will be on the Bliss in 19 days and was wondering if you could find out something for me. Am curious if my favourite bartender is on the Bliss. Had heard rumours that Ramos is on the Bliss n Vibe. If he is in Vibe, it would give me a good reason to fight my way on early to get Vibe passes for my upcoming cruise. Thanks
  5. I am 84 days out for my Feb 2nd cruise on the Bliss out of NYC, and got my upgrade email at noon today.
  6. Thanks for that. NCL said no to a line cutter, but think my son is going to pick up a cheap line cutter, and see if he can't get away with that. Have you managed to get the line cutter onboard with you. He will be diving Roatan, Ocho Rios, Cozumel, Costa Maya. Was not able to find a dive for Belize which he is really disappointed about, he so wanted to dive the Blue Hole. He completed his PADI Rescue Diver just to be sure he had adequate credentials for that dive and now he cant get there, to far from Harvest Cay
  7. Son has booked all his excursions with private dive shops and is more comfortable with his own equipment. Was trying to avoid rental of any equipment. Have made several frustrating calls to Excursion Desk with varied answers ranging from try and see what happens to not allowed to bring ANY scuba equipment including his own reg, dive computer, BCD. That is why I was reaching out to the ship for a definative answer, Thanks for the response. Helps hearing from someone that actually tried bring equipment onboard. I guess the knife will be left at home, don't need any trouble at the Port of Manhattan.
  8. Because it would have to get thru port security, my hope was to get an email from Security Office outlining arrangement to avoid any misunderstandings. The email could also come in handy if we undergo any inspection at the border as we are coming from Montreal and have to cross US/Canada border. Just trying to do this on the up and up.
  9. Good Morning, Would anyone happen to have the contact information for chief sercurity officer on the NCL Bliss. Will be sailing on the Bliss in Feb. 2020 and need to make some arrangements for Scuba equipment, scuba knife, that is on the banned list. Want to surrender equipment to security upon embarkment on ship and make arrange to be able to take possession of it on each island that my son will be diving and re-surrender it to security inbetween. I have made several calls to the NCL call center who were not able to give me any information. Am hoping someone would have this information, or if anyone is sailing on the Bliss in the near future, would be able to get me the information. Thank you in advance for any help
  10. Sailed out of NYC a few years back on Jan 6th on the Breakaway. NYC had just had a big storm closing the highways from Albany into NYC. Was bitterly cold for sailaway and sailing passed the Statue of Liberty and under the bridge, but by lunch the following day was able to sit with just a sweater and play cards in the covered section of the then Uptown Grill. Same thing for the last sea day coming back, was able to sit with just a sweater. We are going to try it again and am booked on the Bliss for Feb. 2nd, 2020. If you have the drink package, bring a thermal cup - Hot Chocolate with Amaretto helps ward off the chills, 😉
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