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  1. I have seen people turned away from the Helipad for wearing the "wrong" footwear. Zitsky the helipad you are supposed to wear closed toe footwear - preempting your question🙂
  2. We did a transatlantic on Independence of the Seas in 2012 at dinner a person walked into the dining room wearing a baseball cap and "wife beater " vest (that is what my Georgia friend called it). I vowed never to sail on a Royal ship again if that was how the dress code was going! We now usually sail in a suite sometimes Aqua and not yet seen "Short shorts and rubber flip flops" at dinner. When sailing MSC YC a man was stopped at the entrance to the restaurant by the Maitre de and it was suggested he may want to go and change his soccer t shirt for proper attire on a formal night. He didn't argue his family were seated and he went and changed into a short sleeve shirt.
  3. Guest services as soon as they boarded --they asked at check in at the port and were told to ask on board
  4. I have posted this previously --Friends in a Celebrity suite bid on Move Up for a Royal or Penthouse, more than the minimum bid it was refused. On boarding the ship they got the upgrade for $275 less than they bid for the Royal suite
  5. We have B2B next year in RS and we have saved £1400 on just one cruise 👍
  6. We now have 20% discount in UK valid for bookings until Nov 1st
  7. This isn’t Oceania it’s Celebrity, it’s how they do things!!!
  8. We were on Silhouette early September just as it was announced the Transatlantic was cancelled, she is sailing over empty just the crew of about 500 we were told.
  9. I believe we had a Captains Club 10% discount offer in August. Agree with other posters different rules in the UK such as refunding deposits available in USA and Australia. Probably a good option for you to get family in these countries to book for you if you want discount and flexibility, otherwise you have to stick with it like the rest of us.
  10. Surprised the items were taken from the suitcase, this is why we keep ours locked. We were called to the naughty room on Infinity years ago as my nail scissors showed on the scan !!
  11. Just seen this, our experience was about 5/6 years ago we drove from Adelaide to Sydney Our trip was a visit to Margaret River area from Perth before a cruise from Fremantle to Sydney over the top and then we flew Sydney to Adelaide had 5 days touring the wine regions. We then drove back to Sydney visiting wine regions and calling for an overnight in Canberra before returning to Sydney. We did this with 2 friends from Sydney and it was a memorable trip drinking some wonderful wines and some fabulous restaurants.
  12. Last week on Silhouette we were talking to someone not wearing a mask- he had to provide a letter from his doctor and when he boarded had to go to the Medical centre to discuss/ be examined by ship medical team. Like many others I still wear a mask for shopping at home.
  13. There were 3 RS available when we bid and 2 available when we boarded- we enjoyed the cruise but still don't understand the Move Up process
  14. We had a B2B on Equinox for November, booked before CWC so we cancelled last month. I don’t really want to go to USA with Covid uncertainty so it was the easy option.
  15. We made a bid to go from CS to RS on Silhouette (the bid was over the minimum) and not accepted. Onboard we spoke with the Suite Concierge and were able to upgrade for £200 less than our bid --tell me that's not crazy.
  16. Not for us in UK unless you use an American agent.
  17. Friends just bid under Move up to go from a CS to RS , the bid was above the minimum but not successful. They have since found out that the sailing today still has 3 RS vacant. To them it doesn’t make sense, maybe they will be Bingo prizes😂😂
  18. It was posted a few days ago I remember the OP and Penguins discussing Always Included
  19. I cannot remember getting them in the post and our first cruise with Celebrity was Mercury Panama in 2000, it's possibly because early on we booked with agents and they sent their own tags!! Yes we use the Amazon tags.
  20. Notified in June Reflection cruise 28th Sept 2021 was cancelled by Celebrity still waiting for FCC!!
  21. Sorry Jackie but sometimes when using/ giving directions I will point left and say right, maybe because I am left handed. At my zumba classes a new routine I need to stand behind the leader to get tricky left/right footwork😂 but now I'm too old to change.
  22. I am exactly the same with Left and Right!!🙈🙈
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