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  1. These are all great suggestions, and I thank you all for your help! I added some before we headed out. We just got off the Triumph, and the rooms have all been redone. We had an interior. The bathroom counter was much larger, with shelves on the sides. Lots of storage there. But the redesign of the closet and desk space left us with no drawers or shelves. There is a (VERY) small fridge where drawers used to be, and only hanging space in the closets. One thing I will add to my list is a door decoration! There were many cute ones, and they helped us find our room! Happy Cruising, all!
  2. Thanks for all the responses. Plenty to think about what to pack...and what NOT to pack! I try to find the balance between traveling light, but having some helpful things. It is interesting to see how we all travel differently...and yet can enjoy all being on the ship together! Happy Sailing... WinterBlue
  3. Great thoughts! I checked the power strip. Magnets and suction cups are a good idea. Bury Me at Sea, this is NOT like any other vacation for me, lol! Normally I would be packing a box of kitchen staples, spices, knives, etc. so I would be prepared to cook at the "vacation house." This time I get to let someone else do the cooking (and cleaning!) We do take a big carry on with swim suits and wine along with the needed documents.
  4. Hello Cruisers! We are setting sail soon, and I would love to hear your advanced packing tips. What do you take from home that makes life on board easier? I have the power strip packed, as well as a water bottle and coffee cup. Looking forward to hearing your suggestions.... Winterblue
  5. Hello Cruisers! We are setting sail soon, and I would love to hear your advanced packing tips. What do you take from home that makes life on board easier? I have the power strip packed, as well as a water bottle and coffee cup. Looking forward to hearing your suggestions.... Winterblue
  6. Thanks everyone! I went to my account and chose a check in time yesterday. Today I signed on and on my "Cruise Details" page it shows the Check in time that I chose. We learned of this change via and email about our booking, and I understand it is only at some of the ports. So maybe if you have not gotten this email, then the process is not in place at your port, so it is not showing up on your preboarding check in. I love coming to this forum for questions and answers! Y'all always answer quickly. And I enjoy seeing the very wide variety of opinions on things ;) ! Winter
  7. Hello All! We are cruising with our adult kids out of Mobile and want to know if we can choose the check in time NOW, but complete the other check in information later. We are still pretty far out from our sail date (January). I think I can get them to drop everything and sign into Carnival just to select the check in time. But it might take a while for them to complete the rest of the personal information. Anyone had any experience with this? Thanks! Winter
  8. Thank you for your suggestions and advice. I think we will rent a car and visit the botanical garden as well as some other East side sights. It is too bad we will be too early for the orchid show. I will remember that when planning future trips to the Caymans! Have a good day, Winterblue
  9. Hello! We are excited to visit a new-to-us port next week. But no one on cruise critic has much to say about the botanical garden. I am intersted in seeing the orchids. Has anyone been there? Is it best to take a taxi or a tour? Should we stick with other east end attractions or try to get to the sting rays as well? Thanks! Happy cruising! Winterblue
  10. Yikes! Note to self: No October cruises! Thanks for all the suggestions. Of course, the big discussion at our house has been "What to wear for dinner!" After giving our opinion and having waaaaay to much "discussion," I just sent the kids a link to the multipage discussion on here about dining room etiquette and said "Even the experts can't agree!" What is the best option for first time snorkelers....some place in Nassau or on Little Stirrup Cay? Ann
  11. Haha! I think it will most definitely be hotter! We are going out of Jacksonville to Nassau, and we usually are doing the Carribean in the winter months. I guess I am also expecting the seas to be a little rougher...?? Ann
  12. We went to an "informatvie talk" on our last cruise that was given by a Carnival crew member. One of the things she said was that on summer cruises the rooms that hold 4 people are more likely to have 4 in them, so the over all number on board is more. That part I am not looking forward to. We have seen the comedians and shows and enjoyed them all. I am hoping the kids will take advantage of them, too. Do the night clubs have live music or DJs? Thanks!
  13. We are cruising next week on the Fascination with our college aged kids. It is their first time to cruise and our first summer cruise. We usually do a cruise in Jan or Feb. My question is what differences will we see? I imagine more kids, more young adults...which will be good.:). We always do "old folk" stuff and don't go into the night clubs. What are some of the things I should tell our kids not to miss? Thanks! Looking forward to our cruise! Winterblue (Ann)
  14. What is the best way to communicate with your spouse/cabin mate and other friends you are cruising with? Are walkie talkies allowed on board? Our cell phones will be turned off to avoid charges. Last cruise was just me and hubby, and we did some waiting on each other and had a couple of regular "spots" we could check to find the other. But this time we will have another couple with us. I don't remember seeing anyone with walkie talkies, so I wondered if they were allowed. We are cruising on Carnival Elation out of Mobile, if that makes a difference. Love this forum and have learned so much good info! Thanks!
  15. We are headed to Cozumel in a few weeks and I am looking for a tour/excursion that might include some local botanical info. Specifically, I would love to see local orchids. Does anyone know of a location on Cozumel that has orchids? Thanks!
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