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  1. Thanks to all for your advice
  2. Thank you so much for your reply. I think I will try it—the worst that can happen, is I turn around and head back to the ship. Happy New Year!
  3. I have learned from searching this forum that there are at least twenty five steps to board. Are they straight steep steps, or are there landings? I have some mobility issues. Haven’t found this information and would appreciate hearing from a cruiser who has taken the Skyride. Thank you!
  4. Thanks again to all for your sensible advice and honesty. Looking forward to March!
  5. Our final payment for March cruise is due soon. Reviews are mixed to say the least, and I’m nervous. Should I be? Thanks!
  6. Thank you! Looking forward to the Breakaway in March.
  7. Is there an area/areas with loungers open to all? We do not need to be near the pool; but would like to relax in the fresh air with a view of the sea. Thanks!
  8. Just curious, if switching, would one get to keep all the perks that went along with the original cabin?
  9. Thank you all for your responses! So valuable. My DH was very disappointed on our recent Harmony cruise, because of the Solarium. All your replies will help me avoid that problem in the future.
  10. Which Royal Carib ships have an enclosed solarium with a pool? (Have not been successful with searches.) Thanks!
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