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  1. We are not coffee drinkers and would like to know if the ship has the little individual packets of hot chocolate in the buffet area to make our own? If not, I'll bring my own. A nice cup of hot chocolate after returning from a chilly day out will hit the spot! Thank you for all the great information. We are on the 8/29 sailing. All our tours are independent except we are doing "Paris on our own" with the ship transportation. Never been to France, and will be our anniversary the day we are there. We plan to see the Eiffel tower, to snap a few pictures, have lunch at a local French Cafe, then snap a few shots outside the Louve. (Not enough time to go inside). Any additional ideas for our 4 hours on our own?
  2. Changed our 5/13/20 Equinox 10 day sailing from 2 perks (drink pkg & $300 OBC) refundable, to 1 perk (drink pkg) and saved $900. Already have $200. OBC to use towards gratuities. Much better deal IMHO. Very happy.
  3. Anne Thank you so much. I can plan out our days better now with this information. 😊
  4. Anne, we will be arriving by cruise ship 3/18/20 and leaving the ship. We have planned 4 nights post cruise in Dubai. We have chosen to stay on the Palm at the Jemeirah Zabeel Saray. We got an fantastic rate for this hotel. Do you have any info on this hotel? We know it is the farthest away on the end of the palm. From what I read in the reviews for the hotel, they offer a free shuttle to the Emirates Mall, and thought we could take advantage of this for 1 day. The hotel also offers a free day at the Wadi World water park, with free transportation. Not sure if we will take advantage of this or not. We will be in Abu Dhabi for 1 day on 3/17/20, and thinking we would take a desert safari tour here rather than from Dubai, as others have mentioned, is better from Abu Dhabi, rather than Dubai. The morning we leave the ship, we plan to go to the Jemeirah Zabeel Saray hotel, store our luggage, and rest at the pool for most of the day. On day 2, we 'may' go to the water park, OR take the transportation to the Emirates Mall. We want to stop by the Burj Khalifa and go to the coffee shop at Atmosphere, just a few floors below the viewing deck. Also would love to see the Dubai fountains. Thanks for all your great information.
  5. We did this tour in February of this year. I was not impressed with the tour. we had booked just the train trip, and once on the solstice the short screws in his desk called to see if we wanted to add the jet boat ride at no extra cost. We did and that was the highlight of the trip. The scenery was beautiful but after a period of time it all blend in and looked similar. For the cost, if I had it to do over again I probably would not go. There was beautiful scenery however there was no open car to take pictures. I was expecting there to be an open car and we could get much better pictures but ours were all taken through the windows. On our last visit for years ago, we went to Christchurch and I enjoyed going to Christchurch much better overall than the transalpine train ride. It would be a matter of choice, but that's my opinion after having done both.
  6. We have not cruised on NCL for several years. We would be Platinum in their latitudes for our next cruise, whenever we go. We have come across a great 20 night sailing on the Jade 2/27/20 sailing from Singapore to Dubai. I can't find much info about the Jade. This sailing has a very unique itinerary. There is an overnight in Phuket, along with 2 stops in Malaysia, then sails to Male, Maldives, then over to Victoria, Seychelles, making its way to 2 stops in Oman, then a day in Aubi Dhabi, and finishes in Dubai. We have been to Singapore (spent almost 2 weeks here), Langkawi (1 day from cruise stop) and Phuket (5 day land trip). Definitely on my bucket list are the Maldives and Seychelles. Has anyone been on the Asian cruises either on the Jade or any of the other ships? How was the cruise experience? We have sailed Celebrity & Royal Caribbean in Asia in the past. We know the passenger will be a great mix of cultures and looking forward to this experience. Any thoughts and input would be appreciated. I looked for a roll call, and was only 1 person. TIA.
  7. We are doing a back to back cruise -10 night Celebrity Reflection followed by 5 night Majesty of Seas. Both ships dock at Port Everglades . Reflection (Pier 25 ), Majesty( Pier18 ) Our plan is to depart Reflection as late as they will allow us ( 10 ish ) .... Through Customs/security etc.... Cab to Pier 18..Drop luggage.... Cab to Hilton Marina - Water Taxi ... Return to Majesty around 2 pm for boarding.... Am i missing anything .. does this plan work ? Any tips or suggestions are appreciated ? Thanks in advance! If it were me, I would leave the Reflection earlier, as it will take time to get through customs, then get my luggage to Pier 18. They will take your luggage by 9:00AM if not sooner. Then you can have plenty of time to do the water taxi, in case you have any hiccups. Always better to get to your ship early, rather than run the risk of being late. We have gone from Port Everglades to Miami (Silhouette sailing to Eclipse Sailing, same day) along with several B2B sailings.
  8. We have crossed the Tasman Sea twice, both around the same time, first part of February. In both 2019, and 2015. In 2015, we had 6-10 ft seas and a little on the rough side. This year, we had 3-6 ft seas, and not a bad ride. I always have seasick meds just in case.
  9. If you have internet on the ship, or find WI FI on the island, and you are looking to check in with someone at home, you can use Facebook, Facetime, or Hangouts. Not sure if you are aware of this. We were just in Australia, New Zealand and several South Pacific Islands in February, and we stayed in touch using Facebook. You can make phone calls through all 3 of these apps, as long as the people you want to stay in touch with have them.
  10. You can definitely drop your luggage at the Overseas Passenger Terminal at 8:00AM. We were just there for sail aways on 1/31/19 (Solstice) and 2/15/19 (Explorer). DH walked the large bags down just after 8:00, and porters were there to take them. Very easy to do.
  11. Currently in Sydney and board Solstice tomorrow (Jan 31 sailing). We stopped at the terminal today and asked the Porter's how early we could drop off our bags. They said they start at 8:00 AM.
  12. A crew member from Majesty of the Seas was reported over board just after 2:00 AM this morning off the coast of Florida. Praying he may be found alive. https://www.wdwinfo.com/news-stories/coast-guard-searching-for-royal-caribbean-crew-member-who-went-overboard/
  13. Does anyone know if the balcony divider can be opened on deck 6 for balconies on Solstice that are 2 slant balconies? TIA
  14. I'll be following along with you. We have friends on the Eclipse! Thanks for taking the time to let us sail with you!
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