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  1. debshomespun

    Concierge - Diamond Lounge Differences

    Excuse me, I meant Diamond lounge.
  2. debshomespun

    Concierge - Diamond Lounge Differences

    They offer the same perks, but while on Anthem (8/23/18), we went to the Diamond + lounge the first few nights, then we switched, and went to the Concierge lounge the next few nights. The snacks were better in the Concierge lounge. We went to Diamond + lounge a couple nights first, then went up to the Concierge lounge, and the snacks were different. Not sure if this would be of any significance to you. The drink menu is the same in both lounges, as Bob mentioned above.
  3. When we were on Anthem 8/23/18 sailing, there were many times while at sea, and while in port, the North Star was available. After the first couple days, there is plenty of openings to go. Not sure on the Ifly. We had reservations for both, and went on the North Star an extra time. Our first time was while at sea, and the 2nd time was while at port in Portland. Was a better view while in port.
  4. Definitely worth the trip, IMO. We spent 6 weeks last year in Asia. We flew to Singapore, and were fortunate to stay with friends. We did a land trip to Phuket for 4 nights. Then a 4 night cruise on RC to Malaysia, with stops in Penang and Langkawi. Next was a 14 night cruise on Millennium with 2 stops in Vietnam, Hong Kong, Manila, Boracay, and Kota Kinabalu. We then did a land trip to Bangkok for 3 nights. We were supposed to go to Bali for a long weekend, but the Volcano was not co operating, so we could not go. We spent this time in Singapore. We ended up with 13 nights total in Singapore, and had a wonderful time. We enjoyed the whole experience. Combining both land and cruise will give you a great way to see many places at one time.
  5. debshomespun

    Fiji and surrounds

    Lots of information here: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=2267888 Hope this helps you out. We are also on the Explorer February 15 sailing. Have you joined the roll call here: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=2509405
  6. We will be in Tauranga in February/2019, from Celebrity Solstice and would like to tour the Kiwifruit Country in Paengaroa. They have a kiwi shaped cart to show people around. Does anyone know if there is a tour that goes there, or can we hire someone at the port to take us there? This will be our second time to NZ on the North Island, and we have already done most of the other tours (Hobbiton, Rotorua tours-we spent 6 days post cruise in this area). Would there be a better option for a visit to a kiwi fruit farm close to Tauranga?
  7. Sent from my XT1565 using Forums mobile app
  8. We are currently on Anthem. The elevators are very busy. The casino is not smoke free, so depending on what fellow guests are there smoking if the smell bad or not. The Esplanade through the middle of the ship is fairly crowded most if the time. If you have My Time Dining, try to go eat before 6:30. After that time, there are longer times to wait. There are 3 main shows you should make a reservation for. They would be available in your cruise planner about 3 months before your sailing. Sent from my XT1565 using Forums mobile app
  9. debshomespun

    Is this possible with Southwest ?

    You can not use travel funds to pay for early bird check in. I wish we could, along with many others!
  10. debshomespun

    BOGO Dining for 2

    What about Wonderland? Can we use the D+ bogo free on either night 1 or 2? Thanks Sent from my XT1565 using Forums mobile app
  11. debshomespun

    Blue mountains

    We went to the Blue Mountains 3 years ago on our own taking the train. It was very easy to do, follow the instructions from the above poster. Once we got off the train we boarded the bus to take us around. We hiked down almost to the bottom and we brought the train back up. It was well worth the day and we had a wonderful time. I would suggest to definitely spend a day in the Blue Mountains. Beautiful scenery. Sent from my XT1565 using Forums mobile app
  12. On Anthem, Does RC allow you to use the Diamond Plus coupon for one get one free dining at Wonderland? TIA Sent from my XT1565 using Forums mobile app
  13. Great Videos. Question: While in Lifou, New Caledonia, you did the Melanesian experience tour, was that through the ship, or on your own? We will be visiting here from RC Explorer in Feb/2019, and I've been searching for a tour, not through the cruise line. Thank you again!
  14. debshomespun

    Allure passenger killed on zip line tour

    Minimum weight is usually 80 lbs. I would think she probably weighed that much, maybe not much more though. We have zip lined 4 times, once in US, 1 X Puerto Vallarta, 1X Jamaica, & 1 X Dominica. Each time, only 1 person hooked ATA time on zip. After person #1 would leave, next 1 would get hooked, but operator would stand and hold you until they got tbe, "OK" all was clear. My estimation is it was the Operators fault. Especially after reading (as long as this is true), the operators were not using 2 way radios to communicate. So how were they communicating? Obviously not too well. RIP to the husband and a speedy recovery to the wife. How sad and tragic. Hopefully RC will discontinue using this zip line tour operator. Sent from my XT1565 using Forums mobile app
  15. I would stay with the angled larger balcony on the hump. We love them. But, only you can decide which would be best for YOU. Best of luck and enjoy your cruise. Sent from my XT1565 using Forums mobile app