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  1. bumorgan

    Royal Changed Our Room Number???

    It happened to us on a past cruise. Booked an inside and was bumped up to a balcony because they needed a connecting room. What a great surprise when boarding.
  2. We were also disappointed on the allure last cruise. always enjoyed the windjammer prior.:(
  3. At the age of 60 now I don't remember the gifts I received at Christmas or my birthday growing up. I do remember the trips to Coney Island at the end of each school year, the summer road trips, the Easter egg hunts, and especially the cruises they took me on. I would be so excited when they decided on a cruise and would spend weeks remembering the deck layout and discussing with mom our excitement over the months waiting to board. To this day I have centered my life with my family around weekend adventures and trips for the memories we will have for a lifetime.:)
  4. bumorgan

    Bad Behavior in the Diamond Lounge

    If Diamond + only get 3 drink tickets and he received 4 drinks, I can only assume he was bringing those drinks to other Diamond members especially if he came in for more drinks. Someone also stated the lounge does not have the ability for paying for drinks. Is this correct?
  5. bumorgan

    Long-Time Lurker, First Time Cruiser...

    Thanks for a very informative review!
  6. bumorgan


    I will sail on any line that has the right price point and stops I'm interested in. However I do prefer RCL cruise ships!:)
  7. bumorgan

    How to avoid Room Service Charge

    I agree fully with this train of thought.
  8. Got a porter at Ft. Lauderdale last Sunday coming off the Allure and he was told to get on the regular line as her supervisor was there watching. It seems to be hit or miss frankly.
  9. I agree also. I like trying different ships on any line.
  10. bumorgan

    Unusual Question - iFly - Anthem

    I would HIGHLY suggest she remove it before entering the chamber. If in doubt ask at the counter when you check in.
  11. bumorgan

    NCL P.R. nightmare

    I left NCL after the last set of cutbacks just before my last cruise. It gave me just a bad feeling about their direction looking forward.
  12. bumorgan

    Gratuity Removal Too Easy?

    On prepaid tips can you adjust or remove them while on the ship?
  13. In Nassau last Nov, I didn't have my photo ID to get into the dock area. They asked and I said I forgot it. They directed me to the security building and they checked with the ship. There had to be 20 people there waiting to be checked. It took 2-3 minutes to verify and they allow you through their security gate.:D