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  1. No, you can't circumnavigate on Deck 5. The Voyager has the best outdoor walking on Deck 5, and that's only about a 75% circumnavigation (you can't access the bow area, although on the deck plan that looks like it might be possible). Next in terms of desirability (to me, at least) are the Mariner and Navigator. The Explorer and Splendor (presumably; haven't sailed on that yet, and won't until next year, although its deck plan is very similar to the Explorer) have the worst. We often walk on Deck 5 on sea days when it's too windy on the top deck.
  2. Just as long as they don't have to call her Bankruptor . . . 😀
  3. I’ve cruised into NYC twice. Both times RSSC used the Manhattan Cruise Terminal on the west side of Manhattan, at about 53rd Street. Although La Guardia is the closest airport in terms of distance, if you’re arriving on a weekday morning, Newark is what I would recommend (and in fact is the airport I used). Traffic can really get tied up going to La Guardia, whereas it’s usually not too bad going to Jersey in the mornings. I’d especially use Newark if you’re connecting through ORD – in the past Newark used to have hourly flights to ORD, so if you do miss a flight it’d be easier to get another (don’t know what the schedules are like now, though). You can usually just get a cab right outside the terminal (that’s what I’ve done). Or call for a Lyft or Uber. Or order a car service. Regent usually offers transfers that you can purchase, but typically those are just a bus. BTW, Regent’s transfers tend to be pricey; if there are two of you, it would probably be cheaper to book a car service.
  4. Bet Regent will provide these for "free." We'll probably find them in our cabins, hanging in the closet right next to our bath robes and slippers.
  5. I think advertising for most of the cruise lines borders on the ridiculous. Regent, not to be outdone – after all, they’re the most inclusive line! – joins in the fun and also touts free water in the cabins: " . . . in your suite, your mini-bar is replenished daily with soft drinks, beer and bottled water — all complimentary." (Source: https://www.rssc.com/experience/all-included# under the "Free Open Bars and Lounges" tab) Yeah yeah yeah, not quite the same deal as with Hurtigruten, but awfully close.
  6. Many of the vaccines being developed have international teams working on them. Including the Oxford effort. In fact, the animal testing for this was done in the US. Alas, with mixed results as detailed in this newspaper article: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/global-health/science-and-disease/doubts-oxford-vaccine-fails-stop-coronavirus-animal-trials/ BTW, there are human trials going on in the US, including this one in Seattle: https://www.nih.gov/news-events/news-releases/nih-clinical-trial-investigational-vaccine-covid-19-begins
  7. Thanks for the link to the interview! Actually, I believed he said they led the industry in ticket yield and onboard revenue yield. In other words, they extract more cash from passengers than other cruise lines. I found it interest that he said NCLH did have cases of Covid-19 onboard some of their ships (very few, but still some). I thought I had read on these boards they didn’t have any, but maybe that was just that Regent didn’t have any.
  8. I'm pretty sure that on nights when they have a deck party that all of the specialty restaurants are closed (La Veranda, too). Compass Rose is open, but they close the other restaurants to allow those servers to help out on the pool deck.
  9. This has been such a fun trip report. Thanks for taking the time. We were actually booked on this cruise, but about two weeks before we were to leave home, Regent got in touch with our travel agent and offered us a really attractive incentive (they substituted a more expensive cruise for the same price, plus offered us some cash) not to take this trip (apparently they were oversold on this cruise). We'll definitely be booking this at a future date — in particular we want to see Luxor and Petra. Loved all the pictures and detail you provided! Felt as if I was there.
  10. Sorry about some of the confusion with my post. To clarify, if your trip does not begin or end in one of the Regent gateway cities, they charge you $124.50 each way ($249 round trip) for Regent air. The rationale is that flights tend to be more complicated/expensive from these cities. St. Louis isn't a Regent gateway city, so in order to access their air program — the "free" air — we have to pay this fee. In addition to that, we were charged the $175 deviation fee (which covered both the outbound and return flights). In addition to that, we were charged $350 each air differential fee on our outbound flight. This is because Regent didn't have contracts with the airline to fly the routes we wanted to fly. We could have avoided this fee if we selected different flights, but we would have had two plane changes, which we didn't want to endure. We did look at booking our own flights, but even with the additional fees, Regent's flight were cheaper. Hope that helps!
  11. This has been a great thread – I’ve learned a lot from reading it. I’d like to provide details of our air deviation on our upcoming Barcelona to Dubai cruise in case the info is helpful to others. We fly out of St. Louis, which means we’re always flying through another city to fly overseas – international flights from St. Louis just don’t exist. And because we’re not a Regent air gateway city, we always pay the $124.50 per person fee to access Regent’s air program (that charge is each way; so a for round trip air the charge is $249). Our criteria in selecting flights is convenience, then comfort. We want to minimize the number of flight legs and plane changes. And we want to minimize the total time the trip takes. In terms of comfort, we’d like to fly first class on the domestic leg of the trip if possible (and at no extra charge). Flying to Barcelona we are flying Delta through Atlanta. There is a $350/person air differential fee in order to select this routing. We submitted other routes through other cities (flying on American), and Regent’s air deviation desk told us the air differential fee would be even more. In order to avoid an air differential fee, we’d have to accept a route with at least two plane changes. We didn’t ask what that route was, but we’re guessing that would have been St. Louis to an east coast city; change planes and fly to London or Frankfurt; change again and fly to Barcelona. But this is a guess – the idea of this was so unappealing we didn’t even ask what the routing would be. Returning from Dubai, we’re flying Air Canada. Air Canada has flights from Dubai to Toronto three times a week. Our ship docks in Dubai on a Friday, and we are scheduled to disembark on Saturday. The Air Canada flight leaves Dubai shortly before midnight on Friday (they don't have a Saturday flight). So we’re going to leave the ship after dinner on Friday to take that flight. This flight is about 14 hours, which is long. But once we land in Toronto, we can catch a nonstop flight to St. Louis. So again, only one change of planes. BTW, because we’re leaving earlier than the official disembarkment time (even if only by a few hours), we’re responsible for arranging our own transportation from the ship to the airport – even though Regent is handling the air for us. Not a big deal as far as we’re concerned, but something to be aware of. Our experience flying with Regent-arranged air is that when we fly on Delta or American, we often are given first class on the domestic portion of flights with international destinations. It’s largely an equipment issue – those two airlines have a lot of planes with first class cabins that fly through St. Louis, whereas some of the other airlines that Regent uses (United, for example) typically use smaller, regional jets. In the case of this trip, we were given first class seat assignments flying to Atlanta; but flying from Toronto to St. Louis on Air Canada we’re flying coach (it’s a smaller plane, and has only coach seats). To sum up, we’re pretty happy with most of our flights and the equipment we’re flying on. And very glad we deviated – we would not have been happy having two plane changes flying to Barcelona, and suspect we’d have had at least two planes changes returning from Dubai had we let Regent select our flights (again, flying to/from our home airport can be a challenge). This is the first time we’ve deviated, and it’s a very easy process. I suspect in the future we’ll always deviate.
  12. We'll be flying through Atlanta in about a month (St. Louis to Barcelona). We are paying the deviation fee to select our flights. In our case we're flying Delta — and we are required to pay a $350/per person air differential fee. When we requested deviation we submitted additional air routing choices through other cities (flying on American), and in those cases the air differential fee would have been quite a bit more. We don't know what airlines and which city we would have flown through if Regent had arranged the flights on their own, but the air deviation people told our travel agent that we would have had to accept at least two plane changes if we wanted to avoid an air differential fee. We're guessing we would have flown from St. Louis to an east coast city; changed planes and flown to London or Frankfurt; and then changed planes again and on to Barcelona. But of course we don't know that. A couple of years ago we took a cruise out of Southampton and did not deviate. Regent selected a Delta flight to Atlanta; then Virgin Atlantic to London Heathrow. BTW, the domestic portion of the flight (Delta) for that trip and our upcoming trip were both booked in first class without an additional charge to us. Hope this info is useful.
  13. No idea what her status is, but the MarineTraffic.com site shows she's in the water at the yard where she's being built: https://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/home/centerx:13.502/centery:43.625/zoom:15 Here's a screenshot:
  14. Here's a link to classes that may be offered: https://www.rssc.com/ships/seven_seas_explorer/culinaryartskitchen I believe classes are only on the Explorer at the moment. Your travel agent should be able to help you book (or just call Regent).
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