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  1. I voted Yes. After waiting so long to cruise, I don't want my cruise impacted by non-vaccinated people getting sick with Covid and then what? Will the cruise be shortened, will everyone be quarantined?
  2. I keep getting emails from one of the large travel agencies that I use. The other one, nothing. I probably should check to see if they're still OK. I have to admit it's crossed my mind as to whether to book with a travel agency or directly with the cruise line if the cruise in question is in 2022. I know if you pay by credit card you can just contact the cruise line if the agency goes out of business, but it does seem like it might be troublesome.☹️
  3. We've gotten a few really good last-minute (45-60 days) cruises on X right around Easter. Even Easter week itself. Air fare is high around that time, but since we live in Florida we take advantage of the price drops for Caribbean cruises without having to worry about transportation. And while other lines are loaded with kids since it's a holiday and spring break cruise, Celebrity is delightfully not over-run by children. One Easter week cruise had less than 30 kids.
  4. We stopped sailing Princess because we just did not like the way they handled their Anytime Dining. We always ask for a Table for Two. On Princess every single cruise we were on, after we said "table for two" they would say "don't you want to share." A couple of times they brought us to a large table anyway. This happened every cruise, every meal. It got really annoying after awhile. Then they allowed their Traditional Dining people to switch back and forth between Traditional and Anytime. By the end of the cruise the Traditional Dining room was empty and Anytime had lon
  5. How much did he win? Although I'm a Giant's fan, as a Floridian I'm glad Tom won. (Plus we did beat him twice in the SB😃)
  6. We had one of those once. Years ago. Unfortunately, I got sick on that cruise, not Noro, but I felt like crap for a day or so and really missed going out on the balcony for some fresh air.
  7. If CK was removed as a suite perk I would not book I'd go with Celebrity for their suite restaurant (Luminae). or MSC for their Yacht Club. Removal would be a deal breaker for me.
  8. We had to read Don Quixote in Spanish class. In high school.
  9. I've seen other cruise lines that have stops in Key West still showing them also. I thought it was strange too. I'm in the group thinking it's not sailing also....sorry.
  10. I haven't looked recently, but a few weeks ago it was missing. I'm referring to the section where you could enter specific categories and then read reviews of the cabins. For instance, "Cabin AB3207 .... Noisy at night" I asked where that section (which is very helpful when you are narrowing down your particular cabin choice) and I was told they are aware of the problem and are working on it.
  11. I read this in two different places (one from someone who was in a test group) and also from a "expert" on TV.
  12. Hopefully this season is finally over. I just want to thank PelicanBill for his efforts.👍 Even though we weren't cruising, I'm still interested, since we live in Florida. Some days this was the first thread I read! See you next year! ❤️
  13. Royal Caribbean just announced one of their ships is going to Bermuda from Florida. Any chance of Norwegian also doing this?
  14. True. But I'd be super annoyed to get a JS, not pick the one I wanted and pay $340 more per person for it. I haven't don't guarantees for a while but I don't recall there being such a large (to me, anyway) spread in price.
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