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  1. Aren't there more than two decks for YC?
  2. I had the same thing happen to me with Celebrity. I had two accounts, one with my first name and one with half of my first name dropped.
  3. lorenzod, when you get this straightened out, please come back and tell us. I'm sure you're not the first person this has happened to and it might be helpful to find out the best way to get this fixed. Good luck! I'd be annoyed too!
  4. Don't they have casinos, too?
  5. Just bring her card with you also.
  6. Add curling iron to that list. No issues there either.
  7. What I don't get is coming to this forum and reading nothing but complaints about Celebrity.…. you know what they are. Food not as good, cc amenities diminished, specialty restaurants not as good but more expensive, no foot stool on balcony, suites more expensive, etc. etc. However, will you guys even consider another line? And I don't mean MSC I mean any other line? If there were 7 reviews of cruise line XYZ and 6 were good and one said Celebrity is better, most of you would say "see, that's why I won't try another line." Why not try something else? I guess I don't understand such unwavering loyalty. Do you think it's appreciated?
  8. That's not what the title of the thread says.
  9. I'd love to do the Haven. However, when I read posts like the above, I find myself drawn to MSC's Yacht Club. Smaller suites.....less $$$ too!
  10. chezmarylou, I have sailed on Celebrity many times, for many years. I have also recently sailed on MSC, twice. While in the YC we have often left the Yacht Club …. to go to the excellent shows, to go to the casino, to the shops, to get some chocolate. I can't say I noticed any difference in those forays between MSC and Celebrity. The world was not different, not to us, at least. We didn't go to the pools, why would we? When we went to the pool on MSC YC there were only two other people in it. We were in the hot tub for hours (I know, not good for you) and we were the only people in it. Almost forgot, a great Cruise Critic party!👍 Also liked the daily newspaper delivery and having the stocked mini bar which is replenished daily.
  11. One thing I can say is that MSC is trying to do better and improve the experience, especially in the YC. Can you say the same for Celebrity?
  12. I'll be looking forward to your comparison. We were in the YC on Seaside last year and I hope you won't be disappointed in her. We weren't.👍
  13. Please educate me. Doesn't Meraviglia also have more cabins in the Yacht Club? When I last looked at the deck plans, I seem to recall 4 decks of YC suites. Also, is Mera considered a Seaside-class ship? 💗
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