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  1. I don't think Edge is larger than Eclipse.
  2. Have to let us know how that is. I'm so used to sparkly tops with black slacks that I might be intimidated by Crystal. DH would probably need a new tux. The old one is ….now get this...… too BIG.
  3. You had traditional dining, then? Did you go to the casino? During the days you stayed on board, what did you do? Did you experience the pools, hot tubs? By any chance do you know if Concierge Class gets to have lunch in the (one of the) dining room on embarkation day? Thank you !!
  4. I like Celebrity and can't wait to go on Edge. However, the problem with the bad smell is well documented. There are several threads about it on the Celebrity board. We were on MSC Seaside and when she first came out there were also problems with a bad (think sewer or worse) smell. They were able to fix it. Hope Celebrity can do the same.
  5. Does Crystal still have a "formal" night(s).?
  6. Received one rose a few weeks ago on Reflection.👍
  7. This prompted my very first post on Cruise Critic.! I had been lurking for over a year but I had my first Celebrity cruise coming up and I needed to know if it was customary to tip the escort.
  8. I remember seeing the list here on Cruise Critic. This was a couple of years ago and someone saw it on a Behind the Scenes tour and posted it. It was quickly removed. Don't recall if the cruise line was Celebrity or not.
  9. We were on Reflection a few weeks ago and they had smoked salmon in the buffet. Don't know if it was there the last day or not, but it was available the other days.
  10. Isn't that why they ask you for your stateroom number before you are seated in MTD.??? We have always been asked every single time even when we are seated at the same table with the same wait staff.
  11. I wouldn't give anything extra to the butler or the waiters. It sounds like your experience was not what you should expect from the YC.
  12. If you like casinos, Atlantis has a nice one. There's also a newer, larger one in the new and very beautiful Baha Mar resort on Cable Beach. Last I checked they did not sell day passes there, however.
  13. Yes. On our recent 10 day cruise they were on the "always available" portion of the menu.👍
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