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  1. Did someone tell you that a card for y our hip replacement was needed? I had one nine years ago and, at first, I took it out to show, no one ever looked at it. Even when I requested it from my doctor he said no one will ever ask you for it.
  2. Not a problem for me. I used the same travel agent I used many times in the past. She said MSC had a special line set up for travel agents. If she had any problems with them, she didn't tell me. I was probably more of a problem for her since I can be "needy" at times.😁 You know, when I first started cruising my local travel agent wouldn't book Norwegian because she said she had too many complaints against them. This went on for years. I finally found one who would, she toured their brand new ship (at the time....I think it was Jewel) described it as "surprisingly love
  3. Things will be a lot easier and go a lot more smoothly if you go through a travel agent who has experience dealing with MSC.
  4. Tampa cruise port often has fog problems.
  5. Yeah, they do. I felt the same as you and put off booking with MSC. I had heard that travel agents hated dealing with them. THEN I talked with the ta I use most of the time. She said they weren't "that bad" and that they had a special line for them to call. So I booked. My two reservations went as smooth as silk.
  6. Do you have a preferred Junior Suite on Mariner? Location? Deck? Larger balcony? What's the difference between J3 and J4? Just location?
  7. I've used them several times, never had a problem. I always state beforehand that I don't want any agency that charges any fees.
  8. Good question. What's going to happen when they go to full passenger loads?
  9. Why not? What has changed? Maybe Celebrity needs more personnel for checking in.
  10. Thank you for posting. I'm so glad you are enjoying your first (of many) Celebrity cruises.
  11. I'm not being snarky,,,,I'm trying to understand this. Why are people being given specific boarding times? Is it so that they do not congregate closely together? OK. Now if they all come early anyway, aren't they still congregating closely together? Was this a big problem before when they were sailing with a full ship?
  12. Our across-the-street neighbors are going to St. Maarten for a land vacation soon. I wonder if I should warn them.
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