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  1. I think this is Royal's first cruise out of Tampa, isn't it? I'd like to watch her leave if Tampa has a camera. Anyone know the time?
  2. How are the pools and hot tubs? Are people going in them? Do they have a number of persons allowed at one time and is this enforced?
  3. Some people enjoy gambling. And like, SRF, it's entertainment. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. WE've never gambled enough on a cruise to get a free one, but we've had fun and once in a while we've won. One time I was sulking because all I had done was lose and DH was winning. He said, why not try that machine, reluctantly I did, and the first spin I won $2500. !!!! 😀
  4. I remember my childhood phone number. It was KEarny 8-4343. Then it became WYman 8-4343. We had a party line, but our phone rang only for us. When we moved out of Bell range and went to United Telephone, we were asked if we wanted 2, 4, or 6 party. Fortunately, a mistake was made and we got a private line.😀 Our neighbors next door got a two party line and for United Telephone they had separate rings. They were on the same line as a "baby nurse" (whatever that is/was) and the phone rang constantly at all hours.
  5. Looking for Brilliance out of Tampa.
  6. When is the first cruise from Tampa? We have Brilliance booked for January and want to follow along. We're also curious if our itinerary will be changed from Coz and Costa Maya.
  7. I thought the suite lounge deducted from your Diamond coupons for any drink you ordered. Or is this only the Diamond lounge that does this?💎
  8. I didn't know any of the stars so I didn't watch. Maybe I'll do a quick watch next week to see who the judges are, etc. I watched the last season they were on for a few episodes, but I just couldn't warm up to Tyra.
  9. I don't have a map in front of me, but is Coco Cay and Nassau that much closer than Coz and Costa Maya to Tampa?
  10. One of our favorite cruises was on Reflection going to New Orleans for Mardi Gras and staying docked in NOLA for three nights. Been looking to replicate that itinerary and cannot find it. Does it exist in the near or not so near future?
  11. I've always wanted to try the Haven. However, I kept reading reviews where some cruiser's experience was ruined by large families letting their children run wild. Not on all ships /sailings obviously, but I was afraid to take the gamble. Celebrity doesn't cater to children and most of the suites on MSC's Yacht Club aren't that large.
  12. You're probably right. Although if a lot of people cancel because of this, and it's past final payment, won't they have to lower prices substantially? Anyway, we have Brilliance booked for January for the Coz/Costa Maya itinerary and wonder if they'll be some "itinerary planning changes" for us also.
  13. On Thursday the North Port police said they knew where the boyfriend was. Then yesterday they said he's been missing since Tuesday and "we didn't have a tail on him." Well, why not???? Supposedly the FBI is also involved. Why didn't someone post a lookout on the home?
  14. You missed Bali Hai A favorite of mine.😝
  15. Royal Caribbean Celebrity Carnival Princess Norwegian Costa MSC Holland America
  16. Any word on when cruises leaving from Tampa will start? We have a cruise on Brilliance for January. I know some Brilliance cruises have switched over to Serenade.
  17. We were home when the planes hit. We had a cruise booked on 9/22 (our second ever...on Explorer of the Seas). I remember saying to DH good thing it's 11 days from now, things should have quieted down by then. Boy, was I wrong! Our cruise was nearly empty. They were begging people to stay on an additional week, paying only a minimum amount (I believe port fees and taxes). It doesn't seem like 20 years ago. I still get chocked up thinking of all those lives lost. I'll never forget.
  18. How do they handle My Time Dining? I have Brilliance reserved for Jan. and was just making My Time Dining Room reservations and noticed that the earliest time was 6:30. I seem to recall something about the dining room early seating first and then the room switched over to My Time (or something like that). Can you fill in the details ?
  19. how was spacing in the restaurant. Did you have to make reservations for dinner? Did you get your requested time? What was it like around the pool"?
  20. I remember several years ago the most you could save in the Caribbean at a authorized Rolex dealer was 5%. Sometimes they would give you a "gift" that did not effect the price of the watch. For instance, if my dh was looking for a Rolex they would take the 5% off, and in addition offer me, his wife, a 14k gold pretty bracelet that they may have been selling for $500 or more. I guess those days are gone
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