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  1. I agree that sending a refund should be quicker but who knows the challenges they are facing in processing tens of thousands of refunds. I do have one observation though. You talk about how you and Norwegian's other customers need this money now for rent etc. How would you have gotten the money if the cruises had not been cancelled?
  2. Don't think Norwegian doesn't know people can do that. My bet is that they would just love everyone to take advantage of them by paying them money now. They have to need cash now so that's a good way for them to get people to buy cruises ahead of time even if they have to give the bonus 25%. Also, it looks like the prices are higher than they were so you may not get that much out of the 25% extra.
  3. I think that you can use the FCC for any cruise until December 31, 2022 but you have to book with it and apply to a booking within one year of the date the credit was issued.
  4. As someone pointed out, you can eat at the specialty dining and the kids can order off the kids menu for free.
  5. It is ok if it expires during the cruise. The online terms and conditions say that you must BOOK and SAIL within 4 years of purchase of certificate. Once the cruise begins then that ship has sailed!! so expiring during cruise would be ok.
  6. We have sailed many times on Princess, Celebrity and NCL. Our current favorite is NCL. We like the specialty dining venues which are very good and the various entertainment around the ship seems better than Princess. It is hard to know what someone else likes but we have really enjoyed NCL. It's only a 5 day cruise. Give it a shot. Not sure what your budget is but if you can swing it, the Haven experience is wonderful.
  7. Ask the cruise line. They have to approve early departure. They will approve if they can.
  8. All four of those are excellent. Why not just pay the cover charge on the cheapest one and try all four.
  9. I think when you use the air promo they automatically book NCL transfers so you have that to get to the ship.
  10. I am sure that you have done your research on Oceania but just in case would offer a tip. The older Oceania ships (all but the Marina and Riviera) have very small bathrooms unless you are in a Penthouse. The bathrooms in Marina and Riviera are just great. Although we have loved every cruise that we have been on, our current favorites sound similar to yours: NCL Haven, Celebrity Suites and Oceania. Think that you will really enjoy Oceania especially the food.
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