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  1. I will add my 2 cents! I feel hospitals are very safe since Covid- had out-patient surgery for breast cancer in late June- after it was initially post-poned for 2 months because of Covid. I think it took a while to figure out how to proceed. Now I am going through a 4 week course of daily radiation therapy- many precautions taken. I had covid test pre-op. Screening with questions and temp before each visit- etc.
  2. We had a Mediterranean cruise scheduled for Nov 21; and payment due in 4 weeks. We have paid deposit- $500 and Insurance (1200) so far. Called travel agent- she consulted with Viking- they offered travel voucher (I guess this is- FCC-future cruise credit?) for 125% of what we have paid. I took it- I hope they remain solvent!
  3. We were there in Dec and Jan 2018-2019. It was in the mid 80's most days and dry. We did visit the equator outside of Quito Ecuador- we spent a few days there before we left for Galapagos. I think the sun is pretty much over the equator year round and it is just the tilt of the earth's axis that changes between summer and winter. The sun is always shining on one half of the equator. As the earth rotates, first one half of the wide circle and then the other faces directly towards the sun. Days and nights are equal throughout the year and the equator does not get a chance to c
  4. I am not a very chatty person, and was getting up my nerve to write about our experiences last year in the Galapagos and Machu Picchu and then I read johneb2's post- I agree with what he said. As far as plastics- they won't allow you to go on the islands with plastic bags, bottles, etc but you can have them in the ship. They will give you a water bottle to refill each day. Interesting tidbit- my bags were scanned at the airport in Galapagos on arrival- they wanted to inspect my hiking boots to see if there was dirt on them from elsewhere (they were new!) We were on a 15 passenger bo
  5. Last year, we stayed at Hotel Moments for 3 days before our river cruise. It was lovely- great location and the restaurant in the hotel was good, too. We were able to get everywhere with public transportation except we took a taxi to the ship.
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