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  1. Not always. We did tours right off the ship in Seyisfadur/ and took the 10 min tender ride to shore in Heimaey and walked to ATV tour and also RIB boat tour.
  2. Although we arrive on the 24th in Iceland, we decided to do a Covid test today. Went to Walgreens drive-up at 4:30 pm- and did the self administered nasal swab for the antigen test while sitting in the car. The results came in an e-mail at 6:46 pm. It was free. Good!!
  3. We are arriving on the 24th but will get antigen test before we go- Thanks. All vaccinated individuals, as well as those confirmed to have contracted and recovered from COVID-19, will have to present a negative COVID test (PCR or Antigen), no older than 72 hours when boarding a plane to Iceland, the Minister of Health has announced, based on the Chief Epidemiologist’s recommendations.
  4. I bought LettLopi yarn at airport a few years ago- the price seems to be the same wherever you buy it- not expensive in my view.
  5. So, at the airport, on the exit testing- 29 tested positive and over half had been vaccinated...... How about Viking passengers- any word on that? Do they tell you?
  6. The Blue Lagoon is back near the airport- you will be doing alot of back tracking, I think. You'll have plenty of time to meet your driver!
  7. Yes. The app Verifly is used- at least for Iceland cruises.
  8. Recommended reading!!! Thanks for the link.
  9. imessage works with wifi, right? I get messages on my ipad that doesn't have cellular service, when I am at home (where we have wifi)
  10. How did you get notified of your test results? I don't think I will have cell service there..... An app with a text message?
  11. Good idea to wait... We also have various connections to NH- and my sister, a Dartmouth grad- now lives near you- in Macomb, Ill.!
  12. Cate- the same happened to us. We are interested to go with you. I couldn't contact you through "message"- you can e-mail me at EJLobster@aol.com Thanks.
  13. Rules have changed again- you are free to go off the ship on your own.
  14. Not to stir the pot, (hah!) but.....Steve on that other board says he was in a 4 passenger minivan with a woman who tested positive- so all 4 have to leave the ship, go to a hotel, and enter a 14 day quarantine. He's hoping to be all done with this 6 days before his Iceland trip. Although we tested negative, we were in a 4 person minivan for 4 hours today and one tested positive. She is feeling fine — she is asymptomatic. Our contact tracing devices showed that she was not in close contact with anyone else today. Only we 4 had to leave. Viking treated us very graciously, but the Bermuda government (not Viking) requires us to stay in a hotel in total isolation for a minimum of 14 days. On day 15 if the test is negative, we can fly home the next day making it 16 days really. It was one of our best cruises ever until this happened. I am a very very active person. I am honestly quite worried that I may go seriously stir crazy. This means we will probably leave for our Iceland cruise 6 days after we get home. As we knew in advance, we are required to pay for the hotel, tip and tax and for more PCR tests. Costs don’t worry us. Isolation does. Again Viking did exactly what the Bermuda government regulation required them to. We love Viking now just much as we always have. P.S. We followed all mask protocols. P.P.S. We 4 were all vaccinated with Pfizer months ago. Hmmm.......
  15. Someone , pages ago, recommended this book- and I just finished the audio book- I highly recommend it- informative and entertaining! https://m.media-amazon.com/images/I/81wrRWXGVgL._AC_UY218_.jpg How Iceland changed the World- A Big history of a Small Island
  16. Only because i can say "been there, done that" may I ask - have you lined up someone to help if your daughter has a problem at camp? Otherwise, I wouldn't be so nosy, hah!
  17. I also could not book the black beach walk- i am hoping more spaces open up!
  18. Maybe more than you ever want to know about puffins: https://independenttravelcats.com/where-to-see-puffins-in-iceland/
  19. I think the best chances of seeing puffins are on the islands- Vigur or Heimaey. My brother did an EarthWatch trip to Heimaey in the early 80's, and he saw lots of puffins just walking around in town. I think there are lots of puffins in Iceland; they are food (or were). From- the culture trip.com Puffin | © (rinse) / Flickr While other native Icelandic wildlife is part of a long-standing tradition, such as minke whale, shark, and horse, smoked puffin is perhaps the most palatable. Some say it tastes like beef jerky. There are many ways to eat it, most involving a variety of sauces and gravies. The act of eating raw puffin heart is considered a delicacy and is supposedly the best part. However, it is no longer as common as it used to be and you will only find the older generation of Icelanders eating raw puffin heart nowadays. Iceland’s puffin colonies are the most numerous in the whole world with estimates of 10 to 15 million. While puffin-hunting is illegal in Norway, Iceland and the Faroe Islands are the only places where it is still permitted.
  20. Yesterday, I watched the viking TV broadcast- and this week it was about Iceland- given by a Viking official- sorry, can't remember his name. He talked about all the logistics, and new problems that had to be solved- including this. He speculated about a place nearby the ship where people can space out (I am thinking- socially distance), sit, drink, eat something and be comfortable. Sounds like they are working out these details. You can watch the broadcast, too! These comments were at the end - in the Q and A section.
  21. See comment #733 on page 30- all the excursions are listed.
  22. Yesterday, Viking TV 's broadcast was about Iceland. You can watch here: https://viking.tv/tv/this-week-on-viking-tv/wednesdays/discover-our-iceland-s-natural-beauty-itinerary-with-joost-ouendag
  23. So many numbers- when I looked up the positivity rate in US- I saw that it is now 3%. https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/testing/individual-states But it is a moving target- can change considerably before you embark.
  24. Iceland has tried to clarify it's Covid rules: https://icelandmonitor.mbl.is/news/news/2021/05/17/a_simplified_guide_to_iceland_s_covid_19_travel_rul/?fbclid=IwAR176zend1kD4Z9_jkW6gzLjbCQsDzkbyw1JglzsYvM0-15wea1kQUwJPT0
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