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  1. Yup... first on the list is letting "my bartender" know that I will be getting ALL of my DW's drinks for her. It has never been an issue.
  2. I pay EVERYTHING I can ahead of time... but that's just me. But I ALSO take a couple hundred in ones (2 fresh stacks from the bank) JUST for tipping (and some fives, tens, and twenties brand new too). I tip pretty much everyone as I go when their service warrants it.... and wouldn't you know it... I have remarkable luck in getting beyond excellent service almost everywhere we go. I generally pick out a primary bar tender, and the wait staff (clubs/bars) typically compete to take our orders. I have a conversation with the cabin steward (ess) and the supervisor (in private) on the first day. I tell them what I want and that I plan to tip them extra for receiving the extra attention. I give them approximately half the anticipated extra gratuity UP FRONT, and the rest as we leave for debarkation (or the night before). Same with the waitstaff in the dining room and steak house. It's not about looking like a big shot.... I do it to make sure my wife has the best time possible... top service, fast, and friendly. IF there is a problem with NON-bar service at any time during the cruise, I address it immediately at the desk. IF it is corrected, I leave my PRE-PAID gratuities un-adjusted. If the problems are not corrected, I adjust the pre-paids down at the end of the cruise with a detailed written critique (with suggested solutions) included. I have never had to adjust the gratuities. I ALWAYS provide a written review to the CD before I debark. NOTE: I do ALL of this in private and on my own. My DW never has to see or deal with "issues".
  3. We keep our S&S and Driver's Licenses (both punched) on a lanyard and keep that generally inside our shirts. The lanyard has a safety breakaway feature which prevents a strangling accident if caught on something while we do all the active stuff. For me... it is a peace of mine thing.... If I lose my wallet or get robbed, I have my ID and card to get back in port and on the ship. On board, I never have to worry about carrying anything else.
  4. ALWAYS leave the fridge cabinet open.... ALWAYS.
  5. IF it is their 1st cruise, they should stick to an interior room, amidships. Balconies are great, but once you go to a balcony, IMO and experience, it is almost impossible to go back again. We did interior on our honeymoon... we never noticed. We were otherwise occupied either in or out of the room. Second cruise, we jumped to a balcony on the SPA deck.... We will never go back! Put that $240 on their sail and sign account.... they will need it!! 🙂
  6. On cruise #1, (our honeymoon), my wife and I easily broke $1.5k bar tab... don't remember the exact number. Not counting bar tabs off-ship. On cruise #2, (3rd Anniversary), we were being less "party minded", but still easily exceeded the cheers cost by a comfortable margin... even though we had "supplemental supplies". Cruise #3 in 597 days, (10th Anniversary), and I can ASSURE you that even with the price increases and the 15 drink limit, we will still save a ton of money buying the Cheers sticker. We karaoke every night, piano bar, catch every show, hang out in the hot tub on the Lido... Easily 10-12 drinks a day (max on a couple of days) PLUS an equal amount of water.
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