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  1. If people would bother to truly educate themselves about foie, but noooo. Ah well, more for us. And IIRC it was @Paulchiliwho suggested that if the particular prep wasn't just seared I might be successful by oh so politely asking for it just seared.
  2. Trying to remember. I know that once we added roasted Champagne grapes and perhaps some sliced avocado. Oh, and some capers. Don't use the egg. A drop of lemon juice. And honestly occasionally just a tiny spoonful of the caviar STRAIGHT 🙂
  3. I swear you'll love them. I had them twice <)
  4. Those were actually Oceania's. But I make them with canned and they're great.
  5. Unopened it's good 4 to 6 weeks. Opened Bob and I can easily eat two ounces 🙂
  6. "Black" isn't necessary the best but glad you enjoyed it.
  7. Have you cruised with them to Galapagos? I understand that the local government requires a lot of local staffing.
  8. Here's Oceania's escargots that are the best I've ever had or made.
  9. Oceania's Jacques restaurant's escargots. The best I've ever had or made.
  10. Do you remember the particular caviar? For a couple of years now we've been getting Idaho white sturgeon from Seattle Caviar.
  11. I don't know if I've posted this here but we'd have a final lunch on shore. Some regional food. The ship's food will be pretty much the same every day, won't it?
  12. Oh, I thought you could book for yourselves for that 8th one but not others.
  13. Well, it wouldn't be the end of the world if you had a dinner on your own.
  14. With a new variant in about 50 countries and about that many US states, I'm thinking I'm going to buy some new masks.
  15. I still have the goal to be Czarina of the Universe and for years and years I've said that my first edict will be to do away with overhead bins. It either goes under your seat or you check it. This is caused by all the people who abuse the privilege. My carryon is now a bag that is guaranteed to fit under a typical seat if necessary.
  16. I probably learned here about packing cubes, tried them and love them. All of our underwear and tee shirts. Just unzip them and put them away.
  17. I assume that's a drying line? And is it in your bathroom? They're not allowed on balconies, are they?
  18. I iron better than the professionals do! Honestly. My mother started me out with Daddy's hankerchiefs and boxer shorts! and pillow cases. I do such a great job that I then hate to wear the clothes 🙂
  19. Oh, that reminds me. When we did a S. America/Antarctica trip, we used a compression bag for my down coat and then on the return we used it for dirty clothes.
  20. Here's the link I was thinking about: https://mymodernmet.com/the-paper-bottle-project/?fbclid=IwAR3Z7QkvxrmRSXrlwUmLVxivTODx2x70noLLLcb8Ba7jss9TWLSZozxfj9I
  21. BTW, if you simply google, you'll find plenty of women's clothing stores.
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