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  1. We dined mostly outside on the table on the balcony which was quite lovely. We never had dinner for room service, but when we had breakfast and weren't ready to eat outside, our butler put our breakfast on the coffee table in front of the sofa. My husband sat and ate there, I took my food and sat at the desk and put my food there in front of the mirror. Still a cozy breakfast, just inside. Also, all beverages in our fridge was included when we were in the Sky Suite on both the Reflection and Solstice. We never paid extra. Great suite, just look out for the pole by the bed if y
  2. I'm a Moderna girl and DH was Pfizer. Got a bunch of friends that were J&J as well. DH and I compare notes on how different each trial is being handled. We're not sure it's the site itself or the manufacturers, cause he got a CDC card for Pfizer and I did not. At least no more panic attacks every time I have to go because everyone's vaccinated at this point. 🙂 Thank you for participating and believing in the science!
  3. And then there are those of us who participated in the Clinical Trials. I didn't even get a CDC card. Once we were unblinded and found out what we got, then we got cards that we associated to the Trial and Drug Manufacturer. No lot numbers because that was all blinded, and just the dates we got it, and the site name that administered it. I go back for another blood test next week, and am going to ask them to give me a CDC card (hopefully they have them). And for those concerned with the long term effects...that's what we're around for. Just because the vaccines got approved f
  4. Same protocol as when Norovirus is on board. No self-serve anywhere. By doing this across all lines, Noro most likely will be eliminated. Another plus IMHO. 🙂
  5. The only reason it's going to go up is because people refuse to get vaccinated, continue to participate in super spreader events, stop wearing masks, etc. (I am not talking about the ones that cannot because of medical or religious reasons). As a participant in one of the first Clinical Trials, and was willing to risk my life (not only because I also felt it was my patriotic duty to the US) to ensure that the world will have a safe and effective vaccine, I take it as a personal insult from those that either refuse vaccination or deny that this virus even exists. Stop placating wh
  6. Everyone's got their opinions, every politician is on one side of the other, the CLIA has to look out for everything in their charter, my cruise line friends have been out of work and money for over a year, and we sit here hoping our next cruise doesn't get cancelled, yadda yadda. The most political part of this entire situation now, involves the segment of people that refuse to get vaccinated. Get the message to and talk to those people. They're the ones keeping us from sailing. Let the June cruises sail and hope that the infection rates in each state drop.
  7. We played cabin roulette as well this morning. Prices just too steep, especially when you have to add Business Class air. Also, the sailings didn't push all the way out to Labor day, so the earlier sailings didn't work for us. Hard for us to have to pay air for a 7 dayer when we're used to just stepping on the ship at Fort Lauderdale or Miami. We'll just wait for our April 2022 Apex 14 dayer which is essentially paid for from our 3 previous cancelled sailings and save our money for a 2023 blow-out cruise! Happy sailing for everyone that is going to go in June/July!
  8. Can you please provide the direct link to that? I still cannot pull it up.
  9. I was wondering about masks as well. Only required indoors? Are they required outside on open decks as long as social distancing is maintained? Did they spread out the deck chairs by the pool? Are the chairs at the bars spaced out? Oh, so many questions. No matter what, have a blast!!!
  10. Sold out or capacity controlled? That is the new question.
  11. Just wanted to let everyone know that there is hope. Sailing was cancelled in March, American Airlines refunded back to Celebrity on April 18th, and after numerous calls and emails to Flights by Celebrity, funds refunded back last night. Got the 1 to 2 billing cycles and "in progress" responses many times, but I just guess they're getting to each refund one by one. So be patient....you will get it back. 🙂
  12. The noise isn't too bad. Just in the morning and then in the early evening and in short intervals. For Alaska, you're getting up early every day anyway...either to whale or glacier watch or to get off the ship and explore. The pole next to the bed bothered me more than the noise. LOL...In the middle of the night I walked right into it (after an evening of way too many martini's). For Alaska...it's the best view in the house. You get to see whales from every perspective. It's just amazing!! Grab it and enjoy!
  13. We are booked on the 4/20 - 13 Night Eclipse cruise beginning in Hawaii. We already cancelled everything else except for the cruise and air. Just waiting for Celebrity to finally cancel. Can't start in Hawaii, can't end in Vancouver. Don't think anyone wants to do the middle part which is 5 days at sea. My TA spoke to Celebrity today...was told to sit tight, and that's it. Guess they'll get to us when they get to us. Just got this email from the Hawaiian Tourist Authority: Aloha from our home to yours. Hawaii has a long tradition of welcoming visito
  14. Sorry...but I'm in IT, and in the customer service business and being in Miami, I also know how big their IT and marketing departments are. I know what it takes to query databases by sailing dates, and formulate email blasts, especially with the marketing tools RCL/Celebrity has. There's no excuses, just a "we're working on it" email would've been nice with a projected date of when they'd have more info. That's all it would've taken.
  15. Just feel like we're being strung along. We're on the 4/20 sailing on the Eclipse from Honolulu to what was Vancouver. Also was supposed to call at Victoria. Our cruise never made the list because we're 38 days out, but now that we can't disembark in Canada, unless they wave Jones act, are they going to try to end in Ensenada or do a 30 minute stop to fulfill the international call and potentially still end in Seattle, where none of really want to go now, or leave through Sea-Tac. No offense to Seattle, but until they get their act together, we'll pass. We haven't cancelled ye
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