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  1. I wouldn't if the one cabin is a family room I would just book everyone in there, or all of you sleep in the one and use the other cabin for showers and storage. We usually have been across the hall from our kids. And it's not just your kids you have to think about but also the other kids on the ship that you don't know anything about.
  2. Derckert82

    Can I block by kids from Spending?

    Just wanted to add that one time my husband did place so much cash on each kids card, but most of it was still there at the end so we stopped and just block the cards totally. We also prepay all our DSC not sure if that makes a difference.
  3. Since the last thread on this topic got a bit off topic and was locked I just wanted to take a moment to answer the question of : Can I block my kids cards for spending ? Yes you can, it's very easy when you sign in and they take your credit card just tell them you need to block spending for some of the people in your room. They will go and grab another form and you just list who needs to be blocked and they take care of it. We block everyone except for my husband and my self, this includes our teens. If for any reason they want to buy something they can come find us plus we get the latitudes percentage off at the gift shop and they don't. There is no age limit for blocking, we have also blocked a adult family member that has traveled with us but due to a disability can't manage funds, we make sure that he had a soda card and there was nothing else he really needed to buy. And on our last cruise one college son had his card on the room and blocked all the other cards for that room from spending. Plus side there really is nothing that a kid needs money for on ship, if they bug about playing video games both the teen program and the youth program have gaming systems in their respective areas. With the teens having more open time to play while the youth have set times. Enjoy your vacation :)
  4. The ship doesn't provide life-jackets or water wings for pool use, you can bring your own. You do need to supervise from the pool edge it only takes a second. We also brought our own life jackets for the younger kids as we were going to be doing some beach days and our home rule was near the water life jacket on, so the same for being on vacation. We watched the kids closely at the beach but I figure if a wave came and knocked them off their feet, or washed over them while playing in the sand it would give me a few extra seconds to get them.
  5. Derckert82

    Formal Night

    NCL does dress up or not night. We enjoy it, my young men wear suits and ties a nice change to see them in something other then shorts and jeans, my husband pulls out his tux. But it is a total optional night, but if you go to the more formal main dining room that night you will find a lot of people dressed up. Hope this helps.
  6. Derckert82

    What ships have the best thermal spas?

    Loved them on every ship but the Dawn.
  7. Derckert82

    Adopted child - papers needed for cruise

    Congrats, I would wait till I had a passport for him, since being so young if something did happen and you ended up not being able to stay on ship, you could at least fly home.
  8. Derckert82

    Epic transatlantic thermal spa

    Having kids is the best reason for the spa pass, check the younger ones into the kids program, tell the teens were you are going to be ( if needed they can leave a message at the spa desk if they need you) and enjoy some peace and quite. I am not one for the hot tubs on deck to loud, to sunny I love the ones in the spa and usually they are a bit hotter.
  9. I would we did a transatlantic on the Breakaway it was in the month of April and the weather did not allow for outdoor pool use at all, we had a inside room and spent a lot of time at the spa. I would spend my money there, we don't gamble, we don't play bingo, but the spa we love.
  10. Derckert82

    Cruising with baby

    The youngest we ever took was a 3 year old, and I would say bring Grandma or college aged nanny. My mom would stay with our son and we would enjoy a night out. Or nap time she would sit with him and we could run out and then switch, came in handy when he ended up a bit exhausted after a beach day and he slept almost a whole day. For us we cruise to enjoy the ship, the spa, and family fun together spending all the time in the room is not something we want to do and with young children that happens sometimes so we bring Grandma and Grandpa.
  11. Derckert82

    Epic, adults-only areas?

    I found the spa on the Breakaway was really nice. One of the additional perks on the ship was the salt room! I thought that was pretty cool. each ship seems to have something just a little different. Best to get some ideas on what each ship has for its spa area and then add that into your decision making when selecting a ship.
  12. Derckert82

    Epic cirque show - is it worth the price?

    The food was average when I took my family to see it. Since it was our first experience seeing the show, it was really awesome! We paid the extra for the floor seats (DEFINITELY get the floor seats). The viewing is far better as you can see everything taking place. The characters are right there and some are even within arms reach. I basically viewed it as a half-priced version of the nice restaurants (so about $10 worth for the food quality and service) and the rest is for the show quality. Doing the math, and being a first time experience, it was well worth it. The question I am harboring now is whether or not I want to see it again with the family (we have a half dozen newbies travelling with us). Decisions..decisions...:confused:
  13. Derckert82

    The shower/toilet "situation" on Epic

    I'm looking forward to hearing and seeing how it all works out with the curtains. We have a half dozen rooms booked for our family and one of the main problems we are all seeing with it is both the shower and toilet areas being barely private (at least from what we have seen online). Any helpful hints are appreciated. We'll be checking back on this for sure. Enjoy your trip.
  14. Derckert82

    NCL laundry prices & turn around time

    This is great information for me. I've been on half a dozen cruises, all but one on NCL (the other was Carnival). I've been hesitant about bringing exercise clothes and working out because I was always under the impression that laundry services were expensive and I've noticed that the bag is very small. After reading these posts, I think that I should feel more comfortable now bringing my stuff and exercising (I have to pay for all of the indulgences ;) ). If I am reading all of this information correctly, does that mean the $20 bag of laundry will only cost me $10 as a gold member who gets 50% off laundry service? Also, it has been about two years since my last cruise. Does anyone recall the size of the bag and/or have a picture they can share of it? I appreciate the other pics that have been shared thus far. Don