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  1. I think this whole conversation should be on hold until we see how Brexit shakes out. There's no way of telling what kind of agreements the United Kingdom and European Union will (or will not) come to in the next few weeks and months.
  2. You have some great options listed here. We're going a couple months later, and I am researching your suggestions. Thanks so much for the post. - Maddle
  3. Thank you Ine, the Palace is a wonderful idea, and should be close by. According to the website, the Palace is open on our arrival day, and tickets are available to purchase. Do you recommend advance purchase, or can we wait until that day? We will be there on the second weekend in August.
  4. I have booked a first class ticket for two adults from the Deutsche Bahn site for sometime in August, but did not reserve seats. I pulled up my reservation and navigated to "reserve seats," chose two seats (no charge because it is first class) and then the confirmation button was "cancel and rebook." I was hesitant to push this button even though it said "no charge." I am thinking it meant that it was canceling/changing my seat reservation, which is from "null" to the seats I want.... but I want to be sure I am not messing up my ticket. Has someone else done this change, adding seat reservation to the ticket? or actually changed their seats? Thanks for any re-assurance you can offer me.
  5. Thanks. I think we'll be okay with the 11:15 reservation at the AF House. I am thinking we will walk - to help us stay awake. (My travel partner wanted an even earlier time, but that seemed to stressful for me.) Could we do Zaanse Schans that same afternoon? or would that be too tight? Would that be better the next morning before we board the river cruise ship? Is there one museum you would recommend right after the AF House for a logical itinerary? The ship itinerary has the first day of our cruise as the arrival day, so we can just putter around that day too. They will probably serve a light lunch in the lounge and Dinner that evening. There might be a gathering with the cruise director to welcome us and give any last minute information. We're arriving a day early because of air fare, and I would like to make the most of our extra time (especially since I convinced my travel partner it was a good idea to go early.)
  6. Thanks for the responses. We're starting at Kimpton de Witt Amsterdam, not too far from the center station. I agree, I think we're packing in a lot for the first day, but we can not technically check in to hotel until mid-afternoon. I really want to see the Anne Frank House. I figured do that first, then figure out the others. In the course of the two days, I would like to see some of the art museums and perhaps a ride out to Zaanse Schans. The question is how to organize the visits.
  7. We will be arriving by air into Schiphol on a Saturday morning at 7:30 AM. Our tickets for the Anne Frank House are at 11:15 to 11:30 AM arrival. Currently our plan is to clear immigration, pick up the luggage and then transfer to our hotel. After checking in and dropping off luggage we will make our way to the House. Have we given ourselves enough time to make our appointment? Could we take a bus or train to the hotel and have enough time? or should we just plan on a taxi for efficiency? How long should we expect to spend at the House? - We were unable to secure tickets for the introductory talk, so we'll just tour the House. Afterwards we will have the rest of the afternoon to spend. The next day we check in to our river cruise, but no tours are planned - it is just the official travel day. The third day is the planned canal cruise offered by the cruise ship and then we depart Amsterdam. Should we purchase a museum card, (any suggestion?) or just purchase a la carte? Any thoughts you have to make the most of our time in Amsterdam will be appreciated.
  8. We purchased our tickets about eight weeks ahead - there was still some availability. I wanted to go on the day of our arrival and see the Introduction but that was not available (for two persons) until 5 pm - that was too late for my travel buddy, so we opted for House Only in mid-morning. Thank you to the OP for bringing the early sell out to my attention! I would have been sad to miss this.
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