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  1. AlibearNS

    Do you buy wine package on board?

    We always buy the Gold Wine Package on cruises 10 nights or more. We were on the Emerald Princess 10 night Vancouver Coastal on the 24th September this year and looked forward to the package again, especially with the demise of BOGO$! On the first night the waiters were confused by our request, knew nothing about it, so went to ask the head waiter. Came back and said it was not offered! I'd heard this can be the case if there aren't enough supplies, but we headed to LA so I hoped perhaps it might be available later into the cruise. We went to reception the next day who told us the wine package was "discontinued." I made sure to ask whether they meant "unavailable on this particular cruise" or discontinued on all the ships. He went into the back office, returned, and said it was being discontinued across the fleet. There were new wines coming, therefore the whole thing was being looked at, to create a new special deal and pricing not yet in place. I asked again if this was like the BOGO$ and he said yes, discontinued like the BOGO$ until something new is in place. Needless to say this was a HUGE disappointment to us! Later in the week, when we dined at the Crown Grill we had a very knowledgeable waiter who had been with Princess many years. I asked him about it, he confirmed the package had been discontinued because of the new wine list coming in! I meant to make a thread about it when I got back, but what with the changes on CC, I stopped logging in for a while then forgot. I'd like to know the current situation on other ships? Is it gone?
  2. AlibearNS

    # days to your next Princess cruise

    Just 4! I'm packing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. We did this itinerary over Christmas and really loved the Coral. I have to admit the internet was just terrible, worst ever, even when using it in the Internet cafe. I wouldn't let it put you off Princess though as other ships can be much better. I think it was either the Star or the Ruby, where the Internet was really fast for us and I was chatting to family almost every day. It definitely varies per ship.
  4. AlibearNS

    Missed the date to book Princess Transfers?

    We have family in Southampton so go there regularly from Heathrow, cruising or otherwise. We always use "English Rose" and have used them four times now. My daughter's company always used them and she recommended. Great price, easy to email, easy to book online. Never had a problem. They'll be there waiting for you. http://englishrosecollection.co.uk/
  5. AlibearNS

    Emerald Princess cabin question

    As others have said, no magnifying mirrors in Princess balcony cabins (wouldn't know about suites). I always have to take mine with me. In fact it's one of the first things I pack so I don't forget. They do have them on HAL and also Aqua class on Celebrity though.
  6. AlibearNS

    Happy hour on Princess ships

    It's been gone a while now and we're still looking forward to those new and exciting promotions. Why didn't they wait till they had something in place before cancelling it? Crazy.
  7. AlibearNS

    Happy hour is back

    Great news! I hope this is not ship specific. We're cruising September on the Emerald, and I'd stay up late for Happy Hour. We also have never seen drunken bad behaviour during BOGO$1. It did get crowded and a little noisy, but I never saw the rowdiness some write about on here.
  8. AlibearNS

    San Francisco Wine

    How odd that it's not offered on our cruise (in port Oct 1st)! Also to 11pm! I guess this must be the same situation. Maybe they think that with more time in port, people will arrange private wine tours, but that doesn't explain why it's offered on the above itinerary and not ours. As you say, there'll always be people who prefer to let Princess make their arrangements. We usually do a mix of both private and ship tours, depending on where we are, and how much OBC we have available. The excursions offered to us by Princess on both SF days are very poor. If we decide against the wine tour, we'll do the HOHO on the second day, and book online, but interesting to note Princess are only offering the HOHO on the arrival afternoon and not on the full day when many would more likely prefer it, giving more time to hop off. I'm quite surprised at the Princess selection. And many of the descriptions are missing when you click in. Perhaps more options and details will appear closer to sailing. Or maybe the website is faulty :confused:
  9. AlibearNS

    San Francisco Wine

    We are looking at private tours; as you say we are there till 11pm so no time/traffic constraints. I was just surprised by the lack of options by Princess to compare, and wondered why this was. I also hoped for suggestions, and thanks to those who gave these. We've now found an independent company and in contact with them so all is good but if you've done this several times, and can advise, please do :wine-glass:
  10. AlibearNS

    San Francisco Wine

    Thanks everyone for the comments and suggestions. Yes the wine tours are showing for Santa Barbara, but, as I'd like to visit Solvang, we thought we do the "Solvang on your Own" tour and wander around the tasting rooms there. That, or the Funk Zone, which we've done before. There's a complete lack of tours in San Francisco on my planner - I've checked my filters, refreshed, but apart from the "Leave Your Heart in San Francisco, Cable Cars, Cafe and Chardonay" at a whopping $169.95 each for 4 hours ($430 in Canadian), there's no other mention of wine. In fact, there's only 5 tours altogether showing for day 2. Maybe more will show up, maybe it is a website issue, but meanwhile I've gone into full planning mode so now looking at private options instead.
  11. AlibearNS

    San Francisco Wine

    I'm planning our Classic California Coast cruise this September on the Emerald. I did this itininary a few years ago and remember Princess offered a few (quite costly) wine tours out of San Francisco to Napa and Sonoma. We decided to book one this time, but, surprisingly, there's only 5 excursions on the planner for our full day (leave at 11pm), and only one with wine, and that doesn't leave the city at all, going to Bloxome Street Winery, about 3 miles from the pier. I'm wondering as we're 84 days out, is it usual for more excusions to appear later on the planner? Are there likely to be more options once onboard? It seems odd to have so few, and no Sonoma or Napa. I guess I need to be looking at private wine tours. Can anyone recommend?
  12. AlibearNS

    Surprise in crown b749

    I shall always check the binders and the bible from now on in case one of you lovely people has left me something nice :D And I shall do the same. Yes, nice to read something positive!
  13. AlibearNS

    Guarantee Cabin ?

    In January we booked a GTY on a September cruise. The room number turned up in our personalizer two weeks ago,138 days out! I hadn't really expected to see it until after final payment, although I checked daily. It's exactly what we booked, although it's possibly the smallest obstructed ocean view on the ship, right at the front of the Lido, L102! I read on an old thread that as it's been assigned so early, this could change. I'm still checking daily, hoping for that elusive upgrade. I'd love a great upsell, but we got what we paid for at a good price, so no complaints. Has anyone here ever had their GTY changed after early assignment?
  14. AlibearNS

    How "dark" are inside-cabins ?

    You will not see much of your friends if they have an inside. They'll be sleeping. We loved our inside cave (yes it was pitch black in there) but we lost half the cruise to sleep and we were in the SAME time zone! We've decided we can never get an inside again. We're too weak, and the dark is too relaxing. We ignored all our alarms and snoozed past breakfast, often past lunch, almost every day. On a good note, we certainly came back new.
  15. AlibearNS


    I've not heard of that on Princess but know Celebrity often do speciality dining deals on the first night.