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  1. I would think you would need to renew. And as of your time limit, might check into expediting then. Just my opinion. You will need new photos also. Check online or ask others how long the wait has been. But get started now!
  2. Look up yellowfish and Pescado Amarillo’s blog. She posts daily while cruising. She and her husband cruise away the winters. (Wouldn’t that be the life?) She has been posting daily lunch and dinner menus for the three days they have been on the Ruby. I’m sure, as they are heading towards Hawaii, menus will be just a bit different depending on where you’re sailing.
  3. Thanks for letting me know. I still couldn't get into the website this morning, so called the travel agent. I'm glad I did as she could and found an excursion that had shown up in a blip and then disappeared. We thought it would be something we wanted to do (it was) and so got us signed up for that as well! All excursions are booked. Princess has about 50 days to fix the website so we can print our boarding passes!
  4. We just picked up a drop and go cruise on Friday for November. Since they had the website down, my iPad will no longer let me enter the Princess pages. Says an error occurred. So, we went to the local travel agent and she helped us book. Then at home, I dusted off the laptop to see if I could get excursions figured out. Ive now spent two days trying on the laptop, iPad, and phone! I tried to pay but it just hit me that because my agent handles things, I need to go through her to pay. So, another call to her in the morning to get them paid. Plus, I noticed tonight that the whole excursion page has a new look. I just don't know if I like it or not. Jurry is still out. . . Best of luck to the rest of you!
  5. I’ve been trying for two plus days now to log on. We received an email about a drop and go that we decided to book. Had to go to our travel agent to get it done. But I’d like to finish the parts at our end and see what excursions are left to pick but can’t get past the home page. Very upsetting. How long does it stay down when I does go down? I see threads about this all the time here. It’s very frustrating!
  6. We also like to play the trivia games. We met two sisters a few years ago on a cruise playing trivia. We have become friends and now cruise together annually. Our educational backgrounds are in different fields and make for a well rounded foursome. We pick up two more on each cruise and just have fun. We felt once we were hogging answers so, let the other two tell us answers. The wife would give us the answer she wanted us to write and then hit her husband when the answer was wrong, saying that she told him she thought it was the other answer! We usually do average to above average and on occasion have won the trinkets given as prizes. As we all don’t need whatever it is, we usually give them away before we even leave the room! Life is just too too short to get worried about winning at trivia!
  7. We've usually had balcony rooms. The noise from those rooms seems to come from folks talking out on their balcony or their doors slamming shut to the balcony. We tried an inside once, just to see if we could exist living in one for a week. (Very doable in our book) I have great radar hearing, so picked one that would be surrounded by other rooms all around us. The only noise I heard was the very loud snorer in a room somewhere next to us. Wow! Could this person saw wood! Other than that, it was great! Go enjoy your cruise!
  8. Eye mask? I’ve been lucky to get the 4 q-tips, hair conditioner, three cotton balls, and the luffa thing. Think I’ll try asking at the desk too on my next trip. It’s always been iffy even getting one. But I don’t let it mess with me being in my happy place!
  9. Thank you all. Glad to have this information for the upcoming trip!
  10. I own the 100 shares of Carnival stock. I’ve always sailed with Princess. Can I use it on my Carnival sailing too? Is it the same as with Princess? Where can I find the form, if different, to fill out? Thank you for your help!
  11. Was there a cost for the palpates and chairs?
  12. Are you flying from Raleigh? I would think that getting a room so you can rest up and possibly clean up and have breakfast would be the thing to do. We flew into Anchorage from Ohio and spent two nights there. We were so tired upon arrival, we all didn't think to get cameras out when on the way to the hotel we stopped and saw a moose. The airport wasn't much to look at. WE had to stand for over an hour, for lack of seating to get our luggage as the delivery belt had broke before we arrived. It was quite a mess. Spend the extra and get a room. Try the moose sausage and pancakes!
  13. He goes by 'Captain By-by.' And he will be moving to the Sky when it sets sail.
  14. Yes. Also on our cruise, not many were in the casino for gambling. Some were there to smoke but there was never a problem finding a machine (usually the one I liked) ready to takecmy money! I wonder if the longer cruises are all like this?
  15. We too get a dinner from our TA. This last time, I tried to reserve April 1st, thinking it was a casual day in the dining room. Turns out, they booked us for Sabatinis instead of the the Steak house. I called the dining line and had it changed. Then we found out that it was a formal night, so we called again and changed the date. They are very flexible when it comes to things like that. Both restaurants were not used very much throughout our cruise. Sad. . .
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