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  1. That is entirely a different situation. Without a vaccine there is nothing to vaccinate them with.
  2. How do you have vaccinations without a vaccine?
  3. Anyone who has spent anytime at sea as a crew member can tell you these recommendations are impossible to adhere too
  4. Then you need to look at other places. Try google for starters "lockdowns don't work"
  5. Fauci and Redfield are both all over the place every week. Obviously they do understand the purpose of a lockdown and have seen how ineffective they have been in Europe. There have been academic and technical studies to support both sides from reputable institutions. Again who is right and truthfully?
  6. So you don't think they can train in Europe for the US rules? They will have to clear multiple different rules depending on the country they are going to be going to. I guess you are not familiar with corporate training in one place to cover rules, regulations and procedures for many other. By your own statement the EU rules are more stringent so if they train for them then they most likely will be trained for other less stringent areas. Many companies and entities only train in one area. Saves massive amounts of money.
  7. This was what was required on our Jan 2020 cruise before all the shutdown happened.
  8. As you say they are for Europe. What is required in the US could be different. We will have to wait and see on those. Anything elseis pure speculation.
  9. As do many yet they keep pushing the CCP agenda when they call anyone who uses the term "Wuhan virus" or "Chinese virus". Whether the give a flying "F"or not.
  10. They gotta start somewhere. Seeing that many of the crew on the ships are European it would make sense to start virus training there.
  11. The Chinese Communist Party finds it offensive so their agenda is to declare anyone calling it "Wuhan" or Chinese" as racist. That is the main reason.
  12. "Experts"who have recent training AND experience in the field.
  13. As you say, It is just your belief with nothing to show why. As we all KNOW the CDC will do what they want despite many peoples beliefs and declarations. After all they are the "experts".
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