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  1. There is no way to gaurantee that any of the embarking passengers are COVID free and are not carriers. What happens if an someone does come down with the disease or any other? Having been restricted to a Navy ship for much longer than this I can tell you that things happen and they are not always as planned.
  2. Put the menus on the Ocean Medallion app and use paper for those who do not want to use a device.
  3. Only in some peoples minds. Not really.
  4. Non of that questions my credibility. It does question your need to always be right Now go to the Moose Down Under and enjoy your needs.
  5. Wrong again. ABC News identified him as a "military valet that only saw the President on occasions" . No misidentification. Can anything yo say be considered anything but an insult when someone dares to disagree with you. My facts stand whether you like or agree with them or not.
  6. CNN has no idea what facts are unless they are provided by China ad they are truly stories, fiction to be exact. That is why they are known as the Chinese News Network around here. Wikipedia can be edited by anyone who has a computer. And Fox News is wrong ad often as China is.
  7. And you know the duties of the infected person how? Getting information from Erin Burnett as well as CNN could be your problem.
  8. No one ever said that the White House was safe. That is why they are tested way more than any other group in the country. Instead of just saying a White House employee tested positive for the virus you have to bring Trump into it. Yes he was a military aid for the President but so what. Never say you post about Boris Johnson getting the virus.
  9. So what does the "Trump" article have to do with port cities?
  10. Would stay with using the "Delete" button. How can you be sure the link is legitimate? There is no contact information or identification of that link. Something seems very shakey about this whole thing.
  11. I would take the practical way out - Press the "Delete" button and go about my business. If they want this information that bad they can come get it in person. That is my non lawyer advice for others.
  12. Maybe moot point for you but not for many others. After all it is not just about one person and their lives.
  13. And my point is that if you wait an hour or two the information being put out by the news media will change or will disagree totally with what they reported earlier. So what actual facts are there to make decisions on things like testing?
  14. Saw something similar on the news that on the news (several reputable sources) that said the virus is mutating and getting weaker. Which sources and studies are right?
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