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  1. Due to a modification some years ago the Island has way more passengers than the Coral. We liked them both but now only the Coral.
  2. How are they saving money on chairs that they have already paid for? Only thought is the reduced weight overall but not if they are storing the chairs somewhere else on the ship. Just curious of how few people you think they will lose over this and other issues lately?
  3. Which means you would be paying extra for that category of cabin just to get a chair that was standard in a balcony cabin until recently. And you pay extra for those different balconies that you get the different furniture in right now.
  4. Great now someone wants passengers to pay extra for a chair in the room. What next pay for each towel and wash cloth. If you did not want the chair you could have just asked for it to be removed.
  5. Maybe there is a young child missing their duck toy and parents wondering where it was left?
  6. Also to consider is the bus to Capilono. You can get the tour bus right outside the PP. Cost is round trip on a bus that brings you back to PP. Get your luggage and then walk to the Sky Train to the airport. If you still have time then a walk thru Gastown is still available.
  7. But they can and will report things they see that might present a hazard to the ship as all ships personnel should do.
  8. I was thinking they would have to ask the family.
  9. Yes it does and we visit a lot of those each year.
  10. Yes we could. Do not like any of the ships put of Baltimore.
  11. Most likely as the Sky has not "officially" part of the Princess leet yet. Have the same situation with our Jan Sky cruise.
  12. If the price of flights continue to be almost if not more than cruises we will just stop cruising. There are plenty of places here on the Easy Coast we can go to.
  13. Bring your own mixers and order alcohol to your room. Way cheaper than the soda package.
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