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  1. Literally just talked to a Princess Customer Service Rep who said Arrival groups are 20-30 days before departure. This was after I sent them a link to this thread.
  2. Can they be done for more than one cabin in a group. We are a group of 5 in 3 cabins. Or does each cabin have to do the groups?
  3. No one currently. The press secretary was correct but she did not mention that the Department of Health anf Human Services and the CDC were looking into it.
  4. So it is not all encompassing as you inferred prior. Also why did you not also show Section 5 of his executive order? And this was instigated because of the current effort to establish a Federal COVID Passport not just in some states. Agree it does not make sense in its all encompassing nature at the same time Florida is pushing to reopen cruise ports.
  5. So even medical facilities and health care workers can not ask about vaccination status in Florida? How about airlines, trains and buses originating in Florida? How about businesses not in Florida who will be having travelers go to Florida? Basically he is saying no business, including the federal government and the military can do business in Florida. Not likely.
  6. Why should Princess provide it as it has nothing to do with the actual cruise? Also how much extra should they charge for this test if they did provide it?
  7. Canada at 1.9% with all shots and 16% with only one shot with up to 4 months to get the second. Notice you never seem to mention the problems Canada is having even just obtaining vaccines. Always about the US for some reason. I guess you are trying to hide your own country's failings. The governor has not said anything of the sort. All he has said is that the state will not recognize any PASSPORT or other government required vaccine identification. Please show where he said no business can check vaccine status. If so then all a businesses will have to shut down. Not going to happen. Why is eligibility open to 16+ a bad sign?
  8. Would rather go on a just released cruise and experience it first hand than read about all the false hoods that will be written about by those who have not went. Could there be a hazard? Of course. But no worse than any other event in life.
  9. Your proof of that from the CDC.
  10. And they do not have a supply of vaccine enough even to give all people one shot let alone two. They have failed miserably on getting the vaccine for their citizens.
  11. Current CDC demands make no sense to most who are familiar with cruising. As usual.
  12. Love Boat Dream in MDR and Double chocolate chip cookies in the buffet.
  13. Decks 10 or 11 as long as they have another deck between your cabin and the Lido Deck. We always try for these.
  14. And some people post making accusations they know nothing about as they call others liars.
  15. Only to some people. Others have open crossing anywhere.
  16. And if you do find them they may be nowhere near what they are when cruising returns. Just out of curiosity why do you "need" the menus?
  17. And how do you know that. Calling me a liar with no proof at all only shows one thing. And it is not about me. My posting is fact, yours is pure idiocy.
  18. Glad you will not always get your way.
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