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  1. Does anyone have info whether the bed looks out to the balcony on SS 10267? We have it reserved in Dec.
  2. Which is exactly why we ordered a sky suite. Still confused on the odor issue. Hopefully that will be solved before we board ship in Dec.
  3. OMG lol...I should have looked closer...I thought it was Viking not Virgin we were discussing. Eyes are being checked tomorrow.
  4. I would like to make a few comments: 1) We are elite on Celebrity usually in aqua class and the last few cruises took advantage of the perks in Sky Suites, 2) Last Jan. did a Viking Cuba cruise in a Penthouse Veranda. It was a terrific experience...free WiFi, all restaurants/no upcharge, free excursion in the ports (fine for us), bought a $20/day drink package in addition to the free beer and wine at lunch and dinner (we enjoy our cocktails before and after dinner), 3) We have reserved a sky suite with perks (drink package, free WiFi, etc.) on the Edge next December, 4) We are looking forward to the Edge experience but will be seriously comparing the Edge experience with our previous Viking experience. Hopefully will enjoy the Edge experience as we did the Viking experience.
  5. Even though we continually read harsh comments on the Edge we still reserved a sky suite in Dec. We plan on forming our own opinion after our Edge experience.
  6. Brenda...all I can say is “great schtick”. Are you sure your husband isn’t Martin Short? We are on a SS aft in Dec. with big balcony. Hoping to have lounge chairs by then and a table to eat breakfast. You and VT are tied for the best Eden reviewers. Great job to both.
  7. Thank you for all you do regarding the Edge. Looking forward to a lounger on our deck plus a larger table for breakfast in our upcoming SS.
  8. VT...you are beyond amazing!I! Thank you for all your informative missives and pictures. We are scheduled in a SS aft balcony (oversized) in Dec. on the Edge. We too are concerned about loungers on the balcony and lack of a large coffee table enough so that I have called Captains Club twice but not satisfied with their vague response. Hopefully in six months all will be resolved.
  9. We are sailing in a sky suite 10267 which has the oversized balcony. The negative I’ve read is that there are no lounge chairs on the balcony. Can you request loungers on the oversized balconies? great review
  10. We are booked on the Edge in Dec. 15 in SS1 in an oversized balcony. Have read complaints on no lounge chairs on the balcony nor a table in the cabin for room service. Has anyone requested lounge chairs and an inside table? If so, are the easily accessible?
  11. Just curious...has anyone requested a lounger for the balcony. We are in an aft sky suite with an oversized balcony
  12. VT: You are the best. Thank you so very much for all of your valuable information. Have a safe trip home.
  13. VT: Unless I missed the post I haven’t heard nor seen any mention on the Retreat Lounge experience. We plan on spending some quiet time there during our cruise. Does anyone who has had a suite on Edge can share their experience. Loved Michaels Club and anxious to compare with Retreat. Thank you.
  14. VT: Somewhere I read a post showing a menu in Lumina. And it looked very limited. Knowing that you ate there on this cruise is that the case? We had planned on eating there most of the nights but might not if the menu is limited. We were in a S1 last year on the Eclipse and enjoyed Lumina immensely.
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