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  1. I'm with GaryCarla, RichSea and the rest who think the bricking should cease and desist!


    We are new to Celebrity, usually sail HAL and decided to try the Reflection for our upcoming family cruise. Now I'm thinking I made a HUGE mistake! What I've seen by X sailers is truly an "Elite" mentality!!!


    "I'm Elite and I didn't get my free drink and the captain didn't invite me to his table" :eek:


    "They gave me a COUPON....*I* do not use coupons" :eek:


    "I booked Aqua and I had to wait 12 seconds to get a table in Blu" :eek::eek:


    Oh, the humanity of it all!!!




    You will not be alone. I have booked May 17, 2013 sailing on Reflection. Deck 6, MDR, and I cannot wait. No one will crush my vacation with their opinions.


    Spring 2012, I sailed on Celebrity Solistice, with my husband, who constantly complained about the food. I thought the food was fantastic, I am a seafood buff, ordered seafood just about every night, and could not be happier. So you know what, my Reflection cruise, I am leaving him home. I DID NOT HAVE TO COOK. I DID NOT HAVE TO CLEAN, I DID NOT HAVE TO LIFT A FINGER , What is better than that. People, just stop complaining and consider yourself how lucky and fortunate you are to even be able to afford a cruise. Think about the unfortunate. Think about the people that are still trying to pull their lives together after Hurricane Sandy. Just STOP, STOP, STOP.

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