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  1. We are considering booking a GTY balcony. We've been on some ships (not NCL) that had obstructed views, but they really weren't too bad. Does anyone know if the Joy has obstructed view balconies? Thank you!
  2. On our first trip to Europe several years ago, my bag was stolen while on the train from Rome to Civitavecchia. We immediately got off the train at the first available stop and found a police station and filed a report. The Italian police officer handed us some paperwork and stated it would act as our passport throughout the duration of our trip, including being able to board an airplane on our trip home. He was wrong. We got back on the train and continued on to the cruise port. When we got there and tried to board, we were denied. They absolutely would not let us board without our actual passports. They did state that an official fax from the American Embassy in Rome would have sufficed, but since it was a Sunday, the Embassy was closed. It was a pretty horrible experience. We had to go back to Rome and get a hotel and go to the Embassy first thing Monday morning. We were standing in line with many other travelers who had their passports stolen. Amazingly, they got us replacements quickly and we spent the entire day getting to Sicily to catch the cruise ship on its first stop. We made it by about 15 minutes. (By the way, as a side note, my wallet, credit cards and drivers license were not in the stolen bag. We dodged a bullet in that regard.)
  3. We usually book Insides but occasionally splurge on a balcony. For me, the balcony is not just about sitting on the balcony, but the view out the sliding doors and the visual space it provides. Balcony cabins are bigger. The natural light is delightful. Often times an Oceanview cabin is just a port hole. Even when it is a full window, the window is usually situated over the bed so its not something you can really sit and gaze out of. Also, on NCL the balcony cabins have a coffee maker in the room, which I so appreciate!
  4. Hi. Thanks! The site I used to look at the deck plans didn't have those little laundry icons. Thanks for the info!
  5. Hello. Fairly new to Carnival and will be going on a 16-day cruise in September. We are interested in using the self-service laundry. I've seen reported on these boards that it is $3 each for wash and dry. Is that correct? Do you just use your room key to pay, or is it coin-operated? I've looked at all the deck plans and I don't see where the laundry room(s) are located. I see a blank area behind the aft elevators on decks 6, 7, and 8. Could that be where it is? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks so much.
  6. Thanks! Looks like I'm booked on a Journeys cruise and didn't even know it! Vancouver-to-Hawaii-to-Los Angeles September 26. Yay!
  7. How do you tell if you are on a Journeys Cruise?
  8. Lately when i go to the website, it is in German. I navigate to the page with the flags on it and I click on the American flag. It switches to English, but then back to German on every page I go to. Have no idea why it suddenly appears in German.
  9. We were there a few days ago. The pier is complete. It is so nice to be able to just walk off the ship.
  10. We were just there last week. The dock is complete and you can just walk off the ship. The new pool is finished and it is really really nice ... and really really big! As far as excursions go, I think right now they only have the same ones they had in the past, like kayaks and snorkeling. The dining area is vastly improved. If you have been there before, you will be impressed with the update.
  11. I just got off Enchantment today. Our group of 4 did this tour. The tour of the galley was interesting, but the tour group was too large. It was difficult for everyone to hear the presenter. The brunch, sadly, turned out to be a major disappointment. The service was incredibly slow. It took a long time to even get our water, much less our food. There was a limited menu. Three of us chose the eggs benedict. The eggs were hard boiled, not poached and were cold and hard. The english muffin was so hard you couldn't even cut with a knife. Our 4th companion chose the french toast. It was also cold and hard. We didn't want to send it back because it took so long to get it. The mimosas were slow in coming. I was surprised to see this thread because it looks fairly old. Our group had thought that this tour might be something new they are trying out because it was handled so badly. But it looks like it has been around for awhile. For us, we would not recommend. I wish now we had asked for a refund. Live and learn.
  12. We almost always do our own thing in port, either booking a private tour or just winging it on our own. The exception being on our Baltics cruise. We booked through NCL and the tour bus almost left one of the passengers behind because she was 15 minutes late to the bus.
  13. I think the only reason they like 70s night is because the LOVE dressing up like the Village People
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