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  1. Now that the 'Free Balcony Upgrade" offer is over, I see the Oceanview category has gone back down to its original price.
  2. Glad to hear that it isn't across the board. The cruise I was interested in literally kept the balcony at the same rate, but raised the Oceanview to match it. It is for the Star on August 8, 2021. (I mistakenly stated Sept. in my original post). When you go to that listing, it states "FREE upgrade to balcony. ... only 3 days left" Three weeks ago the Oceanview was more than $1,000 less. It will be interesting to see if the Oceanview rate goes back down in 3 days.
  3. So ... maybe they have been doing this for a long time and I just never noticed. We recently got an email for this promotion. I decided to go look at a cruise we've been keeping an eye on for September of 2021. I had actually printed out the prices for that cruise about 3 or 4 weeks ago, so I could keep it as a reference. When I went to look at it yesterday, it showed that the Balcony rate was, in fact, the same as the Oceanview rate. BUT, they had a RAISED the rate of the Oceanview to match the Balcony, not the other way around. So, I guess technically, the title of the promotion is accurate. Although perhaps slightly misleading. Just like the FREE FREE FREE promos. Sigh!
  4. Hi Plato, We received the same email for our August 28 cruise in Norway on the Monarch. We are only in for our deposit, thankfully, but getting a FCC isn't really helpful to us because we booked this cruise specifically for this Norway itinerary, and they will no longer offer that. But if Pullmantur is really going under and the FCC might be available on either RCCI or Celebrity, that would be a great plus.
  5. I wonder how this would affect future cruise vouchers issued by Pullmantur due to cruises being cancelled because of COVID
  6. I save the plastic boxes that my salad mix comes in. They are about the size of a shoe box. When packing, I gently fold shirts and blouses and place in the box to prevent them from getting crushed or wrinkled. Once on board, the box is handy to store misc items by my bedside so they don't rattle round (cell phone, tea light, glasses, book, etc.). When its time to pack to go home, I usually just throw the plastic box away because I don't care if my worn clothes get wrinkled. I bring one set of work-out clothes and wash them in the sink and hang up to dry after a morning at the gym. I do like packing cubes to keep things organized. They are especially nice if you are spending any time pre- or post- cruise vacationing. Many times we have spent a week or so traveling and the types of clothing you need is vastly different that the types you need on the ship. After over 50 cruises, I've limited my cruise wardrobe to mostly black and white clothes that are easily mixed and matched. I bring several scarfs to dress up a simple long sleeve top that can be worn multiple times. They can also add a pop of color. Many of the other things that have already been mentioned are typically brought. Especially the magnets. I don't know if it has been mentioned, but we do carry an extra battery charger for our phones if we are out all day on an excursion. Finally, I have a 'travel' tank top that I can wear under my blouse when we are off the ship. I got it on Amazon. It has two zippered pockets, one on each side, that are big enough to hold passports, credit cards, and some cash. After getting our passports stolen in Italy many years ago, i like to keep these items close! Cheers!
  7. We were on the Joy for the January 17 Panama Canal cruise. I agree with most everything you reported, especially the absolutely wonderful Observation Lounge. However, I have to say we LOVED the production of Footloose. We actually went twice. Different strokes for different folks, but just my two cents.
  8. Disembarking Joy today. Procedures have been in place for 3 days. DH and I wash our hands religiously. Don’t touch hand rails going up and down stairs. Use knuckle to push elevator buttons. Both still got sick. Do what you can, but there is no guarantee. We still had a great cruise. Joy is beautiful! 😀
  9. I suppose so. But I was talking about actual free.
  10. The Sun doesn't have the free alcohol anymore.
  11. My bad. I thought adding the credit card online was just a given and something you always do during online check-in. The OP was talking about gift cards.
  12. Tried to add our gift card to our account online before the cruise. We wanted to pay our gratuities with it. They said it had to go through the travel agent. We ended up waiting and doing it at Guest Services.
  13. Just an FYI ... we tried to do this prior to our last cruise and were informed that since we booked through a travel agent, we had to do it through them.
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