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  1. We were on Mariner a few weeks ago and will be going again on the 22nd. Bars gave out bottled water. Sometimes it was free and sometimes they wanted to charge the card. I don't know why. The ship is great and we had a really really wonderful time. We really liked the band that played at Boleros. (By the way, didn't Boleros used to be a decent-sized night club? Now it is barely an alcove on deck 4). We also enjoyed the ice skating show and the FlowRider is a fun venue to just go and watch. Hope fun!
  2. The Free At Sea slogan doesn't bother me as much as the Hurry Hurry For A Limited Time 30% Off slogan. Although both are annoying.
  3. We haven't sailed on Royal in over 2 years. I seem to recall that back in the day, the Diamond Happy Hour was only available in the evening and was not open on embarkation day. Now that there are drink vouchers loaded on your key card, can they be used as soon as you board the ship?
  4. I thought that breakfast (continental only) was still free. Has that changed?
  5. We have saved in a promenade room several times and have really enjoyed it.
  6. Did not care for Epic. It wasn’t the weird bathroom layout that bothered me. It was the lack of outdoor space.
  7. Was on Horizon last week. The gel had a scent to it that I couldn't quite place at first. Then I got it. Its bubble gum! Both shampoo and shower gel were fine. They got the job done. But that scent was kinda weird!
  8. I guess I would expect that a cruise line would have a certain amount of planning and preparation in place when hundreds of people will be arriving to board a ship. Because, you know, the WORLD WIDE PANDEMIC has been going on for awhile now and is no surprise.
  9. Actually I think you may be referring to Marc Walker. He is with Royal Carribbean. We have had the pleasure of sailing with him several times.
  10. On Horizon right now. Enjoying the smaller crowds. The masking is really not a big deal. Having a really nice time.
  11. We were on the July 17 Iceland cruise. On all our bus tours, we sat in the very back because we liked being able to spread out. Every passenger on every bus we were on wore their masks. Even when we got off the bus and were outside walking around, everyone kept their mask on. The buses were not full. I would estimate they were at about 60%. The only time we were on a full bus was when on our last stop of the day, another Viking tour bus at our same stop had engine trouble. They had to scramble to get their passengers distributed to any remaining buses to get them back to the ship.
  12. The person could have picked up the virus from the airplane or airport and not showing up right away. We are getting ready to board our flight in Orlando and it is a packed flight.
  13. We are also on the July 17th sailing and will be heading to the Orlando airport in about an hour. From there we change planes in Boston and arrive in Reykjavik tomorrow morning on Delta. Probably around the same time as you. I guess we shall see what happens!
  14. Really? My cruise docs say it is a tender port. I hope you are right! Thanks!
  15. I have been trying to reach Arctic Shorex for 3 days with no response. I want to have them confirm that if we are a little late tendering ashore on our July 17 Sky cruise stop at Seydisfjordur on July 21, that they will wait for us. Since the excursion is non-refundable, I want to make sure we won’t be left behind.
  16. Thanks for the report, Clay. I looked at weather.com and they say it is 58 degrees right now and partly cloudy in Reykjavik, which sounds really nice ... although for this Florida girl that is pretty chilly for me. When I do the extended forecast for when we will be on our cruse starting July 17, they claim it won't get above 55 for the whole trip (except for Akureyri which always seems to be warmer) and rain, rain and rain. I know these extended forecasts should be taken with a grain of salt, of course, but the trend does seem to be some pretty wet weather. Rain suit is packed and ready when needed!
  17. Those of us on the earlier bookings did not get the drink package.
  18. Speaking of wine, what are the choices for the complimentary wine they offer with dinner? Asking for a friend. 😀
  19. Thanks you both! This Florida girl was wondering about having to dig out my coat out of my carry-on while I was on the plane. We are attempting to only use carry-ons for this trip and some of my stuff is in compression bags, including my coat!
  20. I am so appreciating all this wonderful information being reported! I have a question regarding arriving at Keflavik airport, specifically on Delta if possible. What is the approximate amount of time between being actually outside in the elements and entering the terminal building. I understand you don't actually get off on a jetway, but must actually be outside for a period of time.
  21. Thanks VI_Lounger! Wow. Glad you made it OK! Thank goodness you weren't on that delayed flight. I bet those folks have quite the story to tell!
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