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  1. I am sorry I didn't get back to reply to this, Once we got onboard I didn't go back online. So our experience. We received the letter not to show up but we had already made arrangements to be picked up from the hotel at 10. So we changed our pick up time to 11:00 and hoped for the best. We checked out of the hotel around 10:45 and our taxi was already there so we loaded up and headed to the Port. We were expecting the terminal to be closed and people lining up outside but that wasn't the case. We were able to leave our luggage with a porter and head in. We probably arrived at the port around 11:05. We headed inside and filled in our medical forms and there were literally no line ups. We went right up to a port person and completed our check in process and proceeded to grab a seat to wait. My husband sat and I went to get a glass of water and all of the sudden the loud speaker came on and they announced boarding for Platinum plus etc. I hadn't even sat down yet LOL! I went to get my carry on and away we went. Our first stop is always the pool deck bar where we order a Ceasar and find a place in the sun. I always take a pic of my husbands watch when we get settled and it was exactly 11:30 that day! We asked the Port people why NCL had us come so early and they said that they really didn't know why. They had no issues when disembarkation and it would only serve to create long line ups later on, which apparently it did. Disembarkation: we had Yellow luggage tags and had arranged for transportation from the ship at 10:00 because we had heard it could take hours to get off. We ended up changing that time to 9:00 on disembarkation morning because things were going so fast. We met our driver around 9:15 and were at the hotel on the Gulf side by 10:00 that morning. It was so fast getting off and getting our luggage. The one weird thing was after getting our luggage we expected to go through US Immigration but that didn't happen. We literally walked out of the port after picking up our luggage. This was the first time we haven't had to go through US immigration after leaving a cruise. That was weird!
  2. Hey, We are sailing on the Sky in a few weeks time with my brother and his wife (who are not cruisers and vowed never to set foot on a ship LOL!) and my 87 year old mom who tells us every 2 years she feels like she has one more cruise left in her! We wanted to book a cabana on GSC but apparently they are still under construction in that area so we booked one of the Lagoon Villas. We have since learned that the Breakaway will be there on the same day so I can't even imagine how busy GSC will be that day. I understand that there is transportation from the docks to the Lagoon area and back again. Can someone verify that it is pretty easy to get to, Mom's mobility isn't great. Also, the write up on line says we have access to an upgraded buffet. Is it very far to walk to get there? And bar service? Do they have bar servers for the villas or is there a bar, and again, how far is the walk? My brother and his wife are beach people so hopefully they will like it there. I see in the pictures, there are only 2 loungers out front of the villa, does anyone know if there are additional chairs or loungers that we would be able to use? I appreciate any information you can provide, our aim it so make it nice for Mom and make her feel special, and hopefully a nice beach day that isn't too crowded for our family. The pictures that have been posted here look really nice. Thanks Jai
  3. Thanks for your response! Did you have a long wait getting on? I am imagining getting to the port and there being a huge line up outside of the terminal.
  4. Can anyone shed any light on why there's so much trouble getting on and off the dawn? Seems like every week there is mention of NCL sending emails to passengers telling them not to come to the port before noon and if they come early they will be turned away. What the heck! Thanks for any input.
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