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  1. I am a big fan of Celebrity and Royal Caribbean BUT I agree with cangelmd. I have been on cruises to Alaska on Celebrity and Princess. Princess cruises go to Glacier Bay and that is spectacular. Also rather than spending money on a suite I would take a land tour to Denali (with the cruiseline or on your own). I am not an animal scenery person but Denali is an absolute must see if you can possibly swing the time and money. We did the Tundra Wilderness tour in Denali getting to the bus at 4:30 in the morning - and it was worth the early early morning.
  2. For those of you considering the low cost shoe covers to keep your shoes dry, they do keep them dry but I did not find them easy to walk in. Make sure you order early and check the sizing with the shoes that will be covered. Walk around and make sure the covers are comfortable enough for your trip. I found the 'ankle' area to be irritating when walking around with the covers.
  3. The IC is a good location. And I really like Trulucks which is walking distance. Went there for stone crabs when we wanted to avoid the cost of transportation to Joes stone crab.
  4. You are on vacation. Deal with the differences.
  5. Has anyone taken the bus transfer from Fort Lauderdale to Miami Airport recently? The last time I took their shuttle I sat on the bus for almost 2 hours before we left. Boarded the bus at 8:30 while we waited for the last seats to get filled. The only way we made our 12:30 flight was we had Priority Check In. The lines at MIA are always awful on the weekends.
  6. Last night was Costco chicken with a caprese salad (also from Costco). Tonight we went out and had happy hour kung pao chicken tacos. The plan for tomorrow (who knows for sure) is BBQ burgers at home.
  7. Infinity 7195 CC Strange noise off and on that sounded like a large clothes dryer. Motor noise plus thunk thunk.
  8. The class system I wrote about has to do with the move to private lounges and restaurants for suite guests. When the cruise lines broke from the old class system that included the private areas they attempted to provide a really great cruising experience to everyone on the ship. Now the main dining has devolved to so so food. I do realized the value for the dollar I get on a cruise as opposed to what the costs were in the 80's is much better. I am not happy to have been booted from the concierge (suite) lounge twice. On the Oasis class D+ are back to a revised version of the D lounge since the suites are in the new Suite lounge. When it was the concierge lounge the appies and services were better (IMHO).
  9. Just some thoughts on cruising. The mass market cruise lines are going to a class system. Thank you NCL. Suites will pay bigger bucks and get better food, drinks and amenities. have to accept that when I started cruising the experience was expensive and very service oriented. I am one of you who is not happy with the growing movement to devalue membership perks and expand suite guests perks. I do understand why the cruise lines are going in this direction. I do think as the C&A memberships gets devalued RCI need to find ways to reward the majority of cruisers who do quantity but still want quality.
  10. We often book flights into MIA even if the cruise leaves from Fort Lauderdale. We get in the day before and take a car service to our hotel in FLL. If you stay precruise in Miami you can get a shared shuttle to the port in the morning for about $25pp. Do plan on a car service if you are arriving MIA and staying on a Friday night. Traffic can be difficult and taxi fees can add up due to traffic. Leaving from the port is not a big deal - we get off the ship early (around 8am) and walk to the many busses lined up to go to the airports. We have a before 1pm flight and have not had problems. Our luggage goes with us on the bus - we fly American (the cruiseline is Royal Caribbean). The bus drops us off at a special counter where we can check luggage and check in for our flight. We get our boarding passes the day before on the ship.
  11. Check out the Departure Boards West Coast departures. There is a lot of info about precruise hotels.
  12. I like Oceania a lot but we use them for port intensive cruises. The open seating and refined atmosphere is a nice break when we have been out all day touring. We have been to the Caribbean more than a few times and for us we like a lot of ship board entertainment. Most of the time for the Caribbean we choose one of the large Royal Caribbean ships. We have done Celebrity - the atmosphere is more adult and the food is better. Look at the ships, itineraries, cabins and reviews. There are a lot of choices.
  13. I also use small plastic zips. I don't pack anything of value in checked luggage. I do want to know if someone has been through my 'stuff'. My black generic cases are custom marked by large dots. I think this may stop some people because of security cameras being able to identify my luggage. And as someone else said a large nail clipper (without the small nail file) works great to remove the zips.
  14. There seem to be a lot of NCL fans. If your kids are going with you - What about a few days at Disney World and then a 7 night cruise. I am a fan of Royal Caribbean - with the rock walls and ice rink. The entertainment is good - and there is a lot to do on these ships. There is a separate adult area and there is age appropriate activities for the kids. If your children are staying at home while you vacation there are a lot more choices. If money is not an issue a cruise in the Med would keep you busy and not on the Beach (I am not a fan). You will have a lot of choices - number of days (I would take longer because of the airfare).
  15. If you can drive rent a car. Pickup at LAX and drop off at Long Beach. Shuttles will take longer due to multiple pickups and drop offs.
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