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  1. Yea its the same as that. Guess its the reclassing cabins.
  2. Thats what I am guessing as the new plans show d1 on hump as 3 person whereas d2 is 2..
  3. I am seeing conflicting deck plans on OA....Some show 12192 and 12194 as a D1 but others show it as D2......Is this being changed during a refurb next year?? {confused}
  4. brmoqueen

    Crown & Anchor kids

    I get that part. But nothing??? The point is the website doesn't say 'commemorative gift IF we have something onboard to give'!!!
  5. Yes but not first off.... We were in the self assist and the tags were getting off before we were as the line for self assist was toooo long.. After talking to C&A today seems like the 'benefits' are not really benefits. If the benefits aren't going to be there then price, itinerary will take precedence over loyalty...still a fun time tho!!!
  6. brmoqueen

    Crown & Anchor kids

    I have asked the same question as to a 'kids commemorative gift" on Freedom....The Loyalty Ambass said there isn't any, as well as the Diamond Concierge. (I am dplus but the concierge said 'he only assists the Suite guests")...I am on phone now with RCL questioning it. At first she said the kids get a comm gift if there is something available on the ship. Each ship is different. I said then you need to say that on your website...the website says "Commemorative gift"...not commemorative gift if we have one...No wonder everything I read on CC and FB about kids and their gifts is negative!...Even RCL has no clue what they are doing....Kinda crazy if you ask me!!! LOL
  7. [quote name='truffles2']I agree. Have been on Allure twice and both times the concierges were about the worst we have ever had. (One is no longer there...gone to another ship) Should have gone to the Diamond Lounge I guess....haven't heard anything but good things about Dexter.[/QUOTE] Who is gone from Allure ????
  8. I saw the duvet in 11324 and OMG it was NASTY lumpy.. If urs looked like it, I would have asked for a new one or remove it totally!!
  9. We had the same steward and yes he was worst we ever had!! He spent a lot of time standing by your balcony window on his phone!!!! On turnaround day he threw out all my compasses and ppwk I was saving. I was LIVID!! One night he left towels on bathroom floor and no new ones-- hindsight I should have called and made him come correct it at 11pm but I didnt want to stay awake and wait!
  10. Had the same issue only rcl changed the names to two other people on the same cruise and dropped my visa reward coupon. I had to stay out of the res completely as anytime anyone went in ( including rcl) it reverted back wrong and took a minimum of 1.5 hrs on the phone go fix...
  11. brmoqueen

    Shiitake Menu in MDR

    Day 5 on allure I think
  12. brmoqueen

    Shiitake Menu in MDR

    I was just stating what I thought plus what the waiters, WJ waiters, Izumi staff, and other employees said too. It cracked me up how many people that worked on the ship thought the menu was bad. Course everyones tastes are different... To each his own!
  13. The new menus have little to be said but the Shiitake menu is just nasty! Even employees make comments how bad it is. We were on a b2b and ate it one week (ordered iff the everyday part) but second week did Izumi. Concierge said people book the specialty rest a lot on shiitake night...
  14. brmoqueen

    Hold time

    Have never done that... May do this time!
  15. brmoqueen

    Hold time

    Thats who I was on hold with! She couldnt do it cuz everytime she tried it removed my visa rewards coupon thereby showing a bal due of $2500.... I have the reservation from HELL... I need to take time to write to the higher ups and not complain but nicely let them know that this is very aggravating and my time IS worth money... I still have no idea if its linked or not and no time to spend hours on the phone AGAIN!! I have specifically told them that ghey would be wise to speak to the upgrade fairy and wave the wand!! Mind you this ALL started when the res chgd our names to the coiple we are linked with for dinner... Have no clue HOW they did that and they have no clue how it happened but this is starting to be an absolute joke! I am soooo thankful tho its my own res and not a customers! I wouldnot know how to explain all these problems! Lol