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  1. Agreeing that the AM pastries are nothing special and not worth the calories, well unless you order room service and get croissants and marmalade. I had a wonderful dessert at one of the specialty restaurants (Sterlings I think) that was a sample of 4 tiny little items. Now that was worth splurging. The scones and cream at afternoon tea are quite good.
  2. I am convinced that the MDR desserts are far superior to the buffet desserts. The buffet desserts look much better than they taste IMHO. Go to the MDR and order two ..... you can, you know. And the souffles in the MDR are NOT to be missed.
  3. I really don't think that 200% is reasonable. There is only one person eating and being cleaned up after and using the ship's resources. There is no way to measure how much any one person will spend on the cruise. A solo traveler might well have more resources to buy art, jewelry, expensive drinks, gamble, buy excursions and expensive spa treatments than a couple with two small children on a tight budget. I understand there being a solo supplement, but I don't agree that 200% is reasonable.
  4. Well, that makes my decision easier. Thanks for the update.
  5. I've been on the Crown a few times but can't remember: which dining rooms are currently traditional and which are anytime? I am afraid of requesting traditional if it means I might be assigned to the Botticelli which is rather hard to get to when using a mobility scooter (the elevators are jam packed and it's not like you can go early and wait in the atrium areas like you can for the two other dining rooms). I remember having that problem on the Crown before. And to make matters worse, that cruise was soon after the 'listing' issue and the elevators near the Botticelli were often out of service (we were told, as a result of damage during the listing). So if the Botticelli is one of the traditional, I'm going to switch my reservation to anytime so I can eat at the Davinci or Michaelangelo.
  6. I hate to admit this, but the last time I sailed Princess over New Years Eve, I went to bed before they dropped the balloons in the atrium at midnight. I felt bad that I missed it, but I was just too tired to stay up for it.
  7. Agreed, nobody has ever asked to see my husband's portable concentrator, can't imagine they would know the difference or care.
  8. HILARIOUS!!!! Really, my worst experience has been the spa. I went for a pedicure and the entire time, the young woman doing it was grilling me about my facial skin and beauty routine, sort of acting like she was making small talk with me. By the end of the pedicure, she was pushing me to decide which of her skincare regimes would be the best for me. Seriously, I just paid $65+ to have my toenails painted for formal night, I really don't want to spend another $200+ for skincare products I will probably not use or not like. I have no problem saying "no thanks" to anyone, but those women in the spa have a snooty way of acting like you don't care about your appearance if you don't want to drop a big chunk of change on products. That was my experience, anyway.
  9. That's very interesting, notentirelynormal. When I look at the number of elderly and folks who don't appear to be in the best of health, I wouldn't have considered pregnancy complications to be the likeliest emergency. It's been a long time since I birthed any babies, so cruising while pregnant isn't anything I've given a lot of thought to. Thanks for the info.
  10. I think it's a safe bet that if you aren't wearing a tee shirt that says "Mother To Be", nobody at check in would dare to suggest you were pregnant. Lately, I've seen an awful lot of young women with big tummies who aren't. The above is all tongue-in-cheek, but as others have said, I'm quite sure that you will have no troubles whatsoever in getting on the ship. I would never even have considered needing to provide Princess with paperwork documenting that I was 22 weeks. Of course, I would have gotten an okay from my doctor, but I wouldn't think Princess would need to know. Have a wonderful cruise.
  11. Well, in any case, the machines are plenty tight.
  12. Hampton Inn Airport North. But, many hotels have shuttles and they seem disorganized and you often end up waiting in line in the lobby for your shuttle to be dispatched. Not the way I like to start my vacation. I agree --- call a taxi, they are cheap if you are staying near the cruiseport and much more convenient. My best advice is book a hotel well in advance, especially if you are sailing over a busy time period in Florida. Like the winter :-)
  13. Is renting a collapsible wheel chair (at home) that you could carry to the port in your car an option? That's not ideal, I'm assuming your dad has a motorized wheelchair if it needs a lift. But it might be a last resort. If you need a lift for the chair he has, I wouldn't think that renting a truck would help, I don't think rental trucks have lifts. Hope the rest of the cruise goes more smoothly.
  14. Does the Princess website still sell bon voyage gifts? I got a pair of flutes with gold trim a few years ago along with my champagne and other gifts that were ordered by my kids as a bon voyage gift for us. They were in the cabin when we arrived.
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