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  1. Logic says - 'lose it' should be out of the question - 'get refunded' extremely doubtful, why would they do that when they need the money and you only had FCC in the first place - 'back in the account' most likely and possibly with an extended 'use by' date. But what has logic got to do with Seabourn in these days?
  2. The ugly part still to come is charting the ship to recovery. That is the really difficult task and takes a special kind of person.
  3. I very much doubt it is a cost saving exercise. They will have to replace him with someone who can see them through the current crisis and will probably want to be paid more and with massive bonuses when they come out the other side. Maybe Orlando Ashford saw this as an opportunity to move over. It may be worth someone checking the two companies salaries' figures to see which was the higher paid position.
  4. Aah! Bring back Pamela Conover - she's already the President of the World! 😉
  5. I wonder if he will have to wait 60 days for it! 🤣 He really ought to get nothing until all passenger refunds have been made.
  6. This seems to be a new, I hope temporary, policy. A few people have reported being given not very good assignments immediately after booking since the crisis started. I have an OB guarantee for our cruise in October, booked months ago, but no assignment yet.
  7. Here's the story. Not good timing for SB, I would have thought.
  8. I find this very hard to believe. I think/hope it is some misinformation or misunderstanding somewhere. But, if it's true, SB is going to lose a lot of loyal customers.
  9. I don't know if I was just lucky to get the email confirmation but the difference might be that I called the Seabourn Club number - not the general number. You're right about the Book with Confidence. I keep checking the page and it has now been broken ever since the hiatus extension. At least they could extend the two periods to the end of 2021 and 2022 respectively.
  10. All I can say is that the email I received on cancelling excursions says 'please allow for approximately 60 days for refunds to be processed'. I have no doubt that means calendar days.
  11. Unfortunately, it hasn't been cancelled yet. Only cancelled up to October 13 on the Sojourn. Though why they imagine that anyone will want to go on a cruise including Mexico at the moment, I cannot imagine.
  12. I don't know whether you want to add me to the list. I haven't cancelled the cruise yet but have cancelled the excursions. The cruise date is October 14. I cancelled the excursions by phone with the Seabourn Club on April 7 and was told 60 days for refund, which should expire on June 6. I did receive email confirmation immediately which also said 60 days.
  13. The page is now broken. Maybe they're in the process of updating it. Book with confidence
  14. Disappointing for us as we are due to be on Sojourn from October 14. We will not be going but were hoping for the refund of our deposit. We will have to wait and see what the next three months unfold. They still have to update the Book with Confidence page on the website.
  15. I know this is what social media has come to but it would be wrong to name him. There is a reason why he is not named in the lawsuit. There is presumably also the possibility of criminal proceedings. Just as the alleged victim is entitled to anonymity at this stage, so is the alleged assailant.
  16. My TA in the UK is not aware of this. They have asked Seabourn but not yet received a response. I remain in some considerable doubt but would love to be pleasantly surprised.
  17. It would - but it would also be being fair to their customers. I wouldn't feel safe cruising even in October and, if true, would mean that I wouldn't have cancel our cruise myself before final payment date and not be able to get a refund or 125% FCC. If it's true (and I still have considerable doubts) WELL DONE SEABOURN!
  18. Is this all Seabourn ships? No press release on their website yet.
  19. It doesn't sound to me that you have been well served by your TA. I don't know whether you booked in the US or UK but a specialised cruise agent, as you described them, should have known what Cunard are doing about cancelled cruises.
  20. You've hit the nail on the head. I can understand that there is a tremendous backlog of refund requests now but, if the contributors to this forum are anything to go by, they haven't even started to refund fares. Why haven't the people on the first cancelled cruises received refunds yet? At the beginning there were not so many refunds to be made so why should it take 60 days plus to refund those? I know it won't happen but, for me, the solution in future would be for cruise lines not to be allowed to use deposits and pre-paid fares for running their business. All payments should be put in a trust account and only taken when the service is actually being provided.
  21. I agree it is clear. The first paragraph refers to 'the voluntarily pause of global operations for its five cruise ships to voyages scheduled to depart through June 30, 2020' and the fourth paragraph to 'Seabourn guests on impacted voyages'. ie only those affected by the voluntary pause.
  22. And I think that, whatever news there may be about ports remaining closed and the spread of the virus, we can be confident that SB will not cancel any cruise until after the final payment date has passed.
  23. I agree entirely. If I cancel, forcing us to rebook - and give SB even more money by way of a new deposit - by this December pretty much means I will forfeit any FCC I get. I cannot see there being any certainty of the future of Covid-19 or cruising by then. I am not going to give them any more money until I see clearly.
  24. Are you sure their office is physically open or that they have made arrangements to redirect post? With so many people working from home, a letter could be sitting in a letterbox for some time.
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