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  1. We have had at least 9 canceled to date and have 8 more booked. We are being optimistic that at least some of the upcoming cruises will go.
  2. We are Elite. Our price for the above cruise category MB shows $3299.00 without perks and $3899. with perks.
  3. Thank you for the comments. We did book E436 as we thought the obstruction was below which is fine. I just like to see straight out to that beautiful ocean. Your information was very helpful.
  4. Has anyone stayed in obstructed balcony E436 or E437 on the Regal Princess? If so, how much of an obstructed view was there? We tried looking for the photo however room #436 wasn’t available. Any information is appreciated. Thank you
  5. We also have her booked for November 2021. Can't wait to be enjoy this new ship.
  6. We also have been signed up for many years and have never received an offer. We are about 4 hours from Fort Lauderdale by car.
  7. T Thanks my DH will be happy to hear that. Have a wonderful holiday everyone.
  8. Hi Thrak I just wanted to ask on ships that do have milkshakes at the ice cream bar are those milk shakes included in the beverage package? I have read all the drinks included on the Princess web site but I don't remember seeing anything about milk shakes. Thanks
  9. Thanks for the reply fluffybunny22 we appreciate knowing.
  10. Can anyone tell me does the Premier beverage package include fountain soda? My husband doesn’t drink alcohol but enjoys soda.
  11. Same here we are elite and we do not receive any advertising emails from Princess. So we never know in advance of sales etc. Have spoken to my PVP many times about the problem. She has checked with the IT department and we even changed our email address three times and nothing worked. Yes, Princess is in my address book so no need to respond that they are probably going to my spam folder as this is not the case. My husband and I each have our own email addresses and no advertising is received at either one. This has been like this for years so we just check the website on a regular basis.
  12. Thank you to both Atlanta cruiser 72 and dog. I tried again last night and the pricing did show up.
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