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  1. We are currently on the Emerald Princess cruise in a balcony room and our room is receiving twice daily housekeeping. However we know someone on board with an inside room and they only receive service once a day. We did not make a special request for evening turn down.
  2. Our room steward knocked on our stateroom door to remind us that it was a formal night. The service has been great.
  3. We purchased the single device package and the same thing happened to us on the Emerald as well. I went to the passenger services desk first and they didn’t seem to know about the discount of 50% either. It was eventually corrected but not given to me as refundable credit. It’s no problem for me though as we will be using all our credits for the gratuities.
  4. Just wanted to let you know that just now we were able to choose an arrival group for our Oct. 15 cruise. So exactly 2 weeks before.
  5. We are also two weeks out from our upcoming cruise and still cannot pick a boarding time. When we get there we hope that will be the boarding time. 🙂
  6. No we purchased the six pack directly from emed with the supervision. we have cruises in October and November of 2021 so needed at least four test kits and have the two extra in case of a problem.
  7. Thank you starboardcruiser appreciate the information I knew we had to make two separate accounts I just didn't know if we needed two separate mobile numbers. I had planned on printing results after tests were completed because of your same feelings that what if I can't get a proper signal.
  8. Can anyone tell me that has used the Abbott Binax now At home test with the AG card to get on the cruise ship, can we set up a separate account for both husband and wife on Navica with the same mobile phone number and using two different email addresses? Any information is appreciated. Thank you.
  9. Can anyone tell me how far in advance you can book a test at Walgreens? I know CVS is 2 weeks but couldn't find anything on our Walgreens site? Thank you.
  10. We have never seen a bag of laundry special offered by Princess.
  11. Can anyone tell me that has used Walgreens for there testing how many days in advance you can book an appointment. I know CVS is two weeks but didn’t see anything mentioned on Walgreens site. Thank you.
  12. Very exciting news we are booked on her in November. Port Everglades shows an arrival time of approximately 6:00AM tomorrow. Woohoo!!
  13. Yes happens all the time. My DH looked at a Carnival cruise on Saturday and on Sunday we received a call from someone letting us know they were our Carnival Cruise Planner and to give them a call if we saw anything. Guess right now everyone wants your business.
  14. Can anyone on board tell me what signing up for traveling with friends is for? Is this just for dining time meals or is this for any event you might want to do with another couple. Example play trivia together?
  15. Can anyone tell me how they are running the trivia on board. Mainly I would like to know if they are allowing six people on a team. Thank you.
  16. Your problem listed as number one is the same exact problem we are also having. At one time it showed both of us correctly and now it shows each of us independently. I am just waiting to see if in the future it fixes itself. I will say this app has been quite challenging for everyone it seems.
  17. Very nice. The strawberries look yummy. Enjoy the cruise and good luck in the casino 🎰 .
  18. We received our cancellation email and are choosing one of the alternative dates since it's price protected. The ship is going into drydock.
  19. I added a birthday on the app and yes surprisingly it was easy.
  20. Thought it was strange that today a cruise we had canceled several weeks ago and was previously removed from the app showed up again today. Has anyone had this happen to them? We are just going to ignore it.
  21. Thanks Tedferg I called and it’s now fixed.
  22. Can anyone tell me how to get the Emergency return Airport accepted. I keep entering Fort Lauderdale airport FLL and I keep getting an error that the airport selected it is not within the same region as your home address. I live in Florida so it is. Thank you for any help.
  23. I Canceled a cruise approximately 10 days ago and it took one week for credit to show on my credit card.
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