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  1. Buckle up. The cheerleaders will be here in droves shortly to sing the praises. I get what you’re saying though. It’s soured my group of 12 as well. A company that’s operating this thinly doesn’t inspire much confidence that we’ll see any money back period. I’m still waiting for amenities refunds from over 5 weeks ago. I call once a week and they tell me they can see they've been cancelled properly and they’re not sure why they haven’t been processed but call again next week if it hasn’t come. Then there’s the refunds for the actual voyage that we entered today. Good luck to all of us on that
  2. You opinion sounds wholly uneducated and arrogant. Clearly you’re fine with that. I love how the least enlightened people always think they’re so smart. Also, you may want to work on your reading comprehension. I didn’t say anything about needing my money RIGHT NOW!! (How many ! keys have you worn out on that keyboard btw?) The reason I HAVE money (besides the fact that I’m a professional and work hard for it) is because I don’t willingly let heavily leveraged companies, or people for that matter, keep what’s mine without giving me a timeline for when I’m going to get it back. I’m s
  3. It is my place because I can see exactly her ridiculously judgmental statement. Not rocket science. You (and she) know nothing of anyone’s personal situation that causes them to be concerned about the funds tied up with any company and it’s not your place to tell them what should concern them. Such astounding arrogance. Oh, and try apples to apples next time. 🙄
  4. This is ridiculously judgmental. Many of us have had or have family members who have had serious health issues long before Covid and are well aware of what is happening in the world right now. I 100% of the time can afford every vacation I’ve ever booked. That doesn’t mean I’m willing to toss the cash away. I have been unwinding a vacation for 12 of us that has been in the works since Aug 2018. There is a great deal of cash on the table. It is not your place to minimize or to lecture people on what they should or shouldn’t be concerned about right now. You know nothing about anyone else’s si
  5. Some of you need to give your heads a shake. That you actually criticize people who are wondering about their own finances during this extraordinary time while defending this company that runs its day to day operations on massive amounts of leverage is ridiculous. I’m dead certain there’s no one on here who thinks they’re going to be sailing any time soon but maybe we’d like to at least get the process started since the first round has to wait 90 days for a refund. And maybe we’re not even certain a refund is going to be an option. Guess what? It’s time we found out. I and my 11 family members
  6. elwood thanks for being on the front line. As the mom of a young physician I understand fully what is going on and I am afraid for my son and all of you. It is incredible to see what social media has done to humans over the last decade. That someone would, from the armchair they’ve sat in nonstop for years shoving pompous opinions down the throats of everyone who has the misfortune to read here, ridicule someone who is in harms way on the front lines with first hand knowledge is simply astounding. He will be humbled some day. It happens to everyone eventually; even the most arrogan
  7. I look at it differently. With the 10 day sailing cancelled, like other lines in the area, the ship is likely to undergo deep cleaning and sanitization during that period. If the 27th voyage does sail I would imagine there will be significantly enhanced screening prior to boarding as well.
  8. Have to agree. Always surprised to see how many people like it. We got free tickets at the casino in our city. There were six in our group and we left about 20 mins in and we had really looked forward to the music. Thought the story was really goofy. Definitely won’t make me sad if it changes before our Getaway voyage in May.
  9. I have 6 cabins booked on Getaway in May of this year in the Med. I have called in (booked directly withNCL) to have the cabins repriced 4 times since we originally booked. Total drops over $1400 per cabin. They made the changes quickly with no issue and no cabin changes or rebooking required. Final payment was due earlier this month and the last price drop was about a month before that.
  10. Robert Balla who I believe is the current Seaside YC director just posted on the Facebook group that this info was incorrect and anytime dining is still allowed going forward.
  11. It makes no sense but the person reporting it boarded today and they told her they were implementing it starting with this voyage.
  12. I was reading that post too. I’m not pleased.
  13. Really? Is that necessary? It’s a very big deal for people who are flying or have already flown a very long way to sail. They have many things to sort out now. What is wrong with people that they feel the need to make snotty remarks like this?
  14. Pretty wide brush you’re painting with there.
  15. Funny how different an experience can be. I spent the day at Chill Island Beach yesterday and barely saw any kids. It never got crowded at all the whole day.
  16. Ship -Navigator of the Seas Deck - 8 Stateroom # - 8392 Stateroom Category – 5A Aft Ocean View with Balcony Starboard or Port Side - Neither -> Aft Quiet Stateroom? (With comments on problems) – The room was very quiet. Was stateroom a connecting stateroom? -no Balcony View - See pics below. There is ship superstructure behind but I don’t find it a problem. Balcony Size? Normal or oversized for class? - Oversized balcony. Fits 2 loungers, 2 chairs and table. Was wind a problem? -no If an aft cabin, was soot a
  17. On Coco Cay today on Navigator. It’s been a gorgeous day. We went over to Chill Island Beach early and are back at the ship now for a bit. We sail at 7:00 tonight. Here are a couple of pics from my aft balcony (8392) right now and from my lounger a little while ago (if they post.)
  18. As expected, at 7:04 pm today we got the emails that all of our bids were unsuccessful for tomorrow’s Navigator sailing. We’re in a deck 8 aft balcony and I bid $55 over minimum for a grand suite and same amount over minimum for 2 bedroom grand. I actually didn’t think I had bid on the Jr Suite but I bid minimum on that one. Anyway no luck this time. Saving my $$ 🙂
  19. We sail Friday on Navigator. We just booked on May 5th and got the Royal UP email about 5 days later. We currently have a deck 8 aft balcony. I had been looking at cabin availability for a couple of days and that one suddenly showed up in inventory (maybe someone else got a Royal Up accepted 🙂 ) so I grabbed it. The offer was for Jr Suite, Grand Suite, and 2 br suite. At the time there were a bunch of Jrs and an owner’s suite showing in inventory. I bid on the grand and the 2 br and I expect to get my decline notice on Thursday. Within a couple days of the email the ship has steadily been show
  20. We’re there June 1st. As far as I know we’re still one ship.
  21. Thank you. I did see that but it wasn’t updated to reflect that they just changed Mariner’s itinerary this week to accommodate Symphony going there tomorrow. I’m just wondering about the immediate upcoming itineraries and whether I missed an announcement.
  22. So far, is today the only close-in itinerary that’s been changed to have both Mariner and Navigator at Coco Cay on the same day? Sailing next Friday and I’m wondering if this will be an ongoing change or if it’s a pilot to see how the island handles it. Just checking to see if I missed an announcement.
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