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  1. Are there any shady areas around the pool? Looks pretty wide open. I love the sun but also like to escape from it. Cabana is not an option.
  2. Lol let’s not over react. It doesn’t mean someone hates kids (or is trying to limit where you can take yours) just because they don’t want to watch or listen to them play all day. You have the entire island at your disposal. Folks are just hoping RCI might carve out a fraction for those who’d rather not enjoy kids like you do.
  3. Yet again you missed the point entirely. Cruises booked in Australia have traditionally NOT added the gratuities after the total as is the custom in North America when booking. That’s why the OP was questioning why it was different this time. It has nothing to do with what you keep saying happens or is tradition in the US. And I said nothing about paying a living wage. I’ve cruised since the late 80’s, book in North America, think the model is just fine and pay my gratuities as stated every single time.
  4. Have you been to Australia? There is no voluntary tipping. It’s not customary so no need to make a dig about not ‘liking’ to tip. Their minimum wage is also almost $19/hr so there’s little need for tipping there. The price they ask is the price you pay for everything. It includes tax and whatever else. When you book a cruise through an Australian site or agency there are also no additional gratuities added usually. That’s why the OP asked the question. What happens in the US is irrelevant.
  5. Lesson learned. I had my new trusty C&A friend change the dining plan for me😂. This is a weird one for us. I normally book way in advance and we have to fly to the port but I’ve been intrigued by the changes on Navigator so we just actually booked this one on May 5th for the May 31st sailing. Unfortunately that means everything has been done in the last few weeks before sailing. I also got lucky and snagged an aft balcony that popped up (maybe someone got a Royal Up) so I really don’t want to lose it.
  6. I booked direct and I did the cancel and rebook of the refreshment package on the cruise planner. The C&A rep said that when the cruise planner system issued the refund somehow the cruise invoice system picked it up and showed it as a reduction in what we had paid for the actual cruise. She said the two systems don’t communicate properly. I’m sure for any of us who’ve sailed with them many times, this is not a big surprise😆. But honestly, it became really clear to me in that moment how some of these weird cancellations that people have reported in the past can happen. In this instance it
  7. Just wanted to give you a caution on this. Double check your reservation. I did the cancel and rebook on my refreshment package Weds night after seeing this thread. All went well. Got my 2 emails, one for cancellation and one for new purchase. Everything was perfect in the cruise planner. Thursday morning I logged in to look at something and noticed the ‘Make a payment’ link was now blue instead of greyed out. I discovered I now have a balance owing of $92.04 which was the amount of the cancelled drink plan. I sail in 3 weeks so I’m long past final payment. Alarm bells started ringing in my h
  8. Meant to come back and say thanks earlier in the week. We have a quick Navigator sailing coming up at the end of the month and both the UDP and refreshment package had gone down. Saved me just under 50 bucks on a 3 night. Greatly appreciate the heads up.
  9. Thank you. I’m sailing on Navigator at the end of the month and haven’t been able to find anything definitive on that and I can’t seem to make the search function work for me here anymore.
  10. Were you able to use the UDP for lunch on embarkation day?
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