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  1. pieshops

    Small Party in a suite

    depends on what you order - we had a party when we sailed though the panama canal in our forward facing suite for like 10 people - we ordered all kinds of food off the room service menu and were not charged anything - I think if you get things like shrimp, canapés etc on a platter you will get charged - but off the menu no
  2. pieshops

    Crew having sex on NCL Jewel

    no, stop it, it is right there in print so it must be true, seriously does the media ever lie?
  3. pieshops

    Current concierge on Jade

    Effran was our Conciege a few weeks ago
  4. they will extend the promotion for another 5 years lol
  5. pieshops

    Haven guests & Harvest Caye

    Not sure about perks but we just returned and rented a villa and it was absolutely amazing can’t say enough. Worth every penny
  6. An objective review. As soon as I hear the whole cruise sucked I stop reading. Impossible to have an entire bad cruise. Even the titanic was good at one point
  7. pieshops

    Combating the Chair Hogs

    Never a problem, I give it a half hour for them to come back , then pick the chairs I want up and move them to a different area lose the towels that were on it and I have my chairs Fun to watch and see how long before someone co,was looking. Last cruise it was 5 hours
  8. pieshops

    Cost of a cruise

    when did you book the original cruise? the cruise we just took doubled in price a few months after we booked it
  9. pieshops

    Norwegian Worst Customer Service /Corporate

    I am so so confused, if you are willing to move the cruise one day earlier why not just take the original cruise?
  10. pieshops

    Drones permitted??

    Lots of local laws in different countries so please check before also have heard NCL will take drones on embarkation and release them when you get to port and then take them again when boarding
  11. pieshops

    TV on NCL

    as a chef I do not get the fascination with the lobster , this is a crappy freshwater lobster that has zero flavor and tastes horrible , now if this was a Maine real Lobster then I could see an issue
  12. yes you are correct, sorry, with the 20 dollar limit sorry but on the amount of apps, we were told no more then one this past week on the Jade when we used our meal plan not the coupon
  13. one app one entree one dessert, some restaurants there is also a dollar limit on the entree of 20 dollars
  14. paid the 2 dollars last week on the Jade, well worth it