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  1. We had ours come in every morning and run a bath for us and bring a rubber ducky and scrub our backs
  2. Do not book diving with the ship. There are always a ton of dive shops that for less money will take you on a boat that is not packed with 100 other divers packed in like cattle. Google local dive shops, read the reviews. We usually book a private boat for the 4 of us and then put something on the roll call of our cruise for anyone who wants to share. Never been on a boat with more then 10 people and have never come close to paying what the ship charges. And have had a much much better experience
  3. ‘Disaster”. Sorry this is not a disaster as much as it sucks for the OP, what happened in the Bahamas a few weeks ago is a disaster, a plane crashing is a disaster, 911 was a disaster. Losing (as much as it sucks )! Cloths and electronics is not a disaster.
  4. you are very lucky you purchased travel insurance to cover these damaged and missing items
  5. There are taxes on free items, if you are on a game show and win a 100,000 dollar boat, you need to pay taxes on that boat or you dont get the boat
  6. just like when you go out to dinner for a free meal you are expected to tip on the actual amount of the bill, same as a 2 for one. Would you not tip in those situations?
  7. When our daughter was turning 18 I asked NCL this question and was told it was 21, when I checked her account after she turned 18 all her points and status were there, platinum plus right off the bat. They do not start at zero
  8. your only as old as you feel and look lol, maybe i will fish while having sex with my wife and she can be breaking a Pinyata while loud music is blaring in the background on our way to dinner in Le Bistro where we will be wearing short, t shirt and sandals.
  9. Fishing poles are allowed, I bring one every time I cruise since I book a fishing charter in at least one port - they are in a case and have never even been questioned
  10. Is my wife and I having sex on the balcony ok as long as we are quiet? If you were to look over you would be infringing on our personal space so i do not see any problem with it.
  11. Music is not ok as it bothers others, shorts and flip flops do not bother others in any way
  12. same as someone who may wear shorts or flip flops in one of the nicer restaurants, while it is not something i would do, I could care less what others do, does not bother me in the least or take away from my experience with my family
  13. so you are comparing someone who plays music that may bother or disturb someone else to someone who is "fishing" and not bothering anyone? and No i do not think that any noise that bothers anyone else on the balcony is ok, again with the assumptions
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