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  1. When our daughter was turning 18 I asked NCL this question and was told it was 21, when I checked her account after she turned 18 all her points and status were there, platinum plus right off the bat. They do not start at zero
  2. your only as old as you feel and look lol, maybe i will fish while having sex with my wife and she can be breaking a Pinyata while loud music is blaring in the background on our way to dinner in Le Bistro where we will be wearing short, t shirt and sandals.
  3. Fishing poles are allowed, I bring one every time I cruise since I book a fishing charter in at least one port - they are in a case and have never even been questioned
  4. Is my wife and I having sex on the balcony ok as long as we are quiet? If you were to look over you would be infringing on our personal space so i do not see any problem with it.
  5. Music is not ok as it bothers others, shorts and flip flops do not bother others in any way
  6. same as someone who may wear shorts or flip flops in one of the nicer restaurants, while it is not something i would do, I could care less what others do, does not bother me in the least or take away from my experience with my family
  7. so you are comparing someone who plays music that may bother or disturb someone else to someone who is "fishing" and not bothering anyone? and No i do not think that any noise that bothers anyone else on the balcony is ok, again with the assumptions
  8. very classy move to call someone trashy, do you know the context behind this picture, were you there? No you just made an assumption based on someone else picture and word. I guess if it said on the internet it is true . Maybe this was done for 15 seconds as a fun picture, maybe the fishing line was just below the edge of the picture, maybe there was not even a hook on the line. This is the problem with society today, everyone gets judged on one picture or action. Very sad state of affairs.
  9. I forgot it the first time incruised because I really did not think I needed it but every cruise after brought it as long as we had a balcony es especially a rear facing balcony and that is a fishing pole , nothing like waking up first thing in the morning with my cup of coffee and trolling for some big game fish, now it is easier in port but still fun
  10. we were booked on this exact cruise on the Jade a few years ago, my wife was adopted when she was 1 1/2 from Vietnam during the war and had never been back and we planned on going to see the orphanage she was from in DA NANG. A week before leaving the ship had propulsion issues and while sitting in the airport on the way to Hong Kong a week later we got an email that our 11 day cruise with 6 or 7 ports was changed to 2-3 ports and we were given the option to cancel which we did. Luckily I kind of had an idea this would happen so during the week I booked some hotels at all the same locations the cruise went on with the exception if Taiwan and added on Angkor Wat and Sapa. We had an awesome time and kept the same tour guides we had originally booked.we used smile tours in vietnam, they were outstanding. We had a much better tine doing the land vacation then the cruise, we got to see so much more.
  11. so I assume you don't cruise? Not sure why you are on these boards if you dont cruise
  12. so glad we flew over for the day when we were in Miami a few months ago, awesome experience
  13. the majority of the money that the people who run the car tours, diving trips, restaurants in their homes etc do get to keep a lot of the money, having lived with a cuban family for a month i know this first hand
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