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  1. What Lady Arwen said! And I'll add that all the sage advice and facts offered, based on your original post, seems to have been ignored.... so goodbye and good luck to you. Happy sailing!
  2. I wish you luck, Retired Rich, but you may want to double check your dates, especially before looking for transport or motels. Not trying to burst your bubble, but HAL isn't offering bookings on any 2021 Alaska cruises now, and all Alaska cruises DO have a stop in a foreign port (part of the PVSA ruling), otherwise they're breaking the law. Doesn't matter if you stay on the ship, they still have to stop and passengers have to be allowed to get off, which Canada isn't allowing right now. I'm expecting your cruise is a Seattle round/trip cruise (?), but they all stop in Victoria (BC, Canada) as
  3. Sorry if this is a duplicate, or if it's already been talked about, but I got an email from Celebrity CEO this morning. I'm wondering if anyone thinks HAL will follow suit by sailing from a Caribbean island? First 2 paragraphs of the email from Celebrity's CEO: For the last twelve months, I have been eagerly awaiting the day when I would be able to share the news of our return to service with you. And that day is finally here.I am beyond thrilled to announce our long-anticipated return to cruising! Starting June 5th, our newly revolutionized Celebrity Millennium will homeport in th
  4. Announcement on a FB post this morning that HAL's Seattle cruises to Alaska in June (2021) have now been canceled. For July and onward, there's apparently still discussions on-going. Can't seem to link to the FB announcement, probably available on the latest HAL blog post. Best wishes. Oh, YXU, you beat me to it, and with the screen shot, thank you!
  5. I don't know, Gail and Marty, I kinda figured it was an all or nothing thing. The fact that they're keeping the Seattle r/t's up in the air right now was news to us. {{waving 😀, hope you're both doing well!!}} Best wishes
  6. Hi, I just posted a new thread on this .....sorry if that was a mistake, but here's the link from HAL, it was also posted on Facebook: Cruise Pause Extended to Include All Departures Sailing to or From a Canadian Port in 2021 - Holland America Blog
  7. Latest news from the HAL blog, also posted on Facebook, here's the link: Cruise Pause Extended to Include All Departures Sailing to or From a Canadian Port in 2021 - Holland America Blog And the text: As Holland America Line continues to review and assess its plans around the Canadian Transport Ministry’s Interim Order that closed Canadian ports and waters to passenger vessels, the company is extending its pause of cruise operations to now include all sailings that depart from or conclude in a Canadian port in 2021. This will include several Alaska, three Canada/Ne
  8. Whups, should have put that here: Just wanted to mention that Danish Viking was heaven-sent for information and so patient with us on our first visit to Copenhagen. A serious wealth of great information!!
  9. Here's a second (or third or ?) vote for the Hotel Bethel! We've stayed there 3 times; twice pre-cruise and once for a land-based trip. Lovely, clean, friendly staff, a FANTASTIC continental breakfast buffet included in your price (I honestly have a picture of one breakfast-plate-full on my screen saver and it never fails to make me smile), and right in the middle of Nyhavn. No a/c, but I really don't think you'll need it in May. The corner rooms are nice in the summer, as you can open windows on both sides and get a nice cross breeze. We love the Bethel and really hope to return some day. Hav
  10. Hi, DaveOKC, I used to feel the same way about closed-loop trips. Then we were on a Caribbean cruise, sitting at the aft pool and talking to a very nice lady as we looked out at the lights of our port prior to an evening departure. She got up to get a drink, and not five feet away, slipped and fell HARD. Her knee swelled up unbelievably. The medical staff came out and whisked her away. Never saw her again on that trip, but we suspect (don't know for sure) she had to fly home to the US for medical treatment. It was eye-opening for us, as we'd just never thought about an accident on the ship tha
  11. We did a 10 or 11 day S Carrib with HAL (partial transit) and loved it. Went back and did a full transit on NCL with the mother in law 😵 but also enjoyed that. Definitely worth the trip, either one (partial or full). Have a fabulous time!
  12. DH got the snail-mail casino offer last week and it's only the 2nd one we've ever received (and he doesn't gamble, go figure). First time around was several years ago, and we jumped on the Highlands and Fjords out of Copenhagen. Not completely "free" with port taxes and fees .......and we upgraded to a veranda, too, but I am NOT complaining! Of course, we spent a fortune, LOL, with add on flights, pre-hotel, tours, etc., but OMG, we had a BLAST and I don't regret a single penny we spent. I've been hoping for another offer ever since then and kinda figured it had been a once-in-a-li
  13. I guess it could be 'demon' wife or husband. My brother is DB, and that's definitely demon brother! 🤡
  14. Hooray, we canceled our mid-August cruise in early April and the refund just posted to our credit card today. I'm just grateful to have the money back and will be stashing it away to use for a future cruise...….someday. Best wishes and good luck!
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