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  1. DH got the snail-mail casino offer last week and it's only the 2nd one we've ever received (and he doesn't gamble, go figure). First time around was several years ago, and we jumped on the Highlands and Fjords out of Copenhagen. Not completely "free" with port taxes and fees .......and we upgraded to a veranda, too, but I am NOT complaining! Of course, we spent a fortune, LOL, with add on flights, pre-hotel, tours, etc., but OMG, we had a BLAST and I don't regret a single penny we spent. I've been hoping for another offer ever since then and kinda figured it had been a once-in-a-lifetime thing. Fast forward to last week, and the cruises being offered for this special are for spring '21 only, Mexican Riviera or Caribbean.....and we wonder "will they sail?" Who knows. But we decided it was worth the gamble for us. We booked the furthest out that we could (March 22), didn't upgrade (got an OV mid-ship-ish), and we're not making any excursion plans at this point. Bought our flights to/from FLL on points, which would be redeposited in our flyer accounts if we had to cancel (or decide to drive there), and we'll look for a pre-cruise hotel that's refundable. We also bought their CPP insurance ($99 ea), so we hope to have a 90% refund if they or we cancel. I've got my fingers crossed but I'm really not holding my breath. Best wishes and good luck with your choice and opportunity!
  2. I guess it could be 'demon' wife or husband. My brother is DB, and that's definitely demon brother! 🤡
  3. Hooray, we canceled our mid-August cruise in early April and the refund just posted to our credit card today. I'm just grateful to have the money back and will be stashing it away to use for a future cruise...….someday. Best wishes and good luck!
  4. Hooray! We canceled our mid August cruise on April 7th (the cruise was later canceled by HAL due to Covid19). We had used 2 FCD's for the deposit, and THEN I'd put down an additional $2400, so we've been waiting since April 7th for the refund of those monies. Well, back to my hooray, the $2400 just posted as a refund to our credit card today! I'll be squirelling that money away for a future cruise. But I may be a little gun-shy in the future and probably won't pay more than the deposit until final payment date. And just for the record, we were able to use the FCD's as the deposit for a September 2021 cruise, just keeping our fingers crossed that it all works out. Best wishes to all, and good luck to those of you waiting for your refunded monies!
  5. Copper10-8, I really, really hope to meet you some day on a cruise! Drinks are on me. I've been following this saga and you're an absolute gem. Best wishes, Kindergirl, and give your folks a big hug from all of us on CC!
  6. Ugh. Thanks for posting. We're scheduled for the Veendam in August. Now, who knows?
  7. No, but I've never seen seasonal flu victims being transported in full isolation units by staff in full hazmat suits, either. It's all pretty alarming. Husband and I are right in the "danger, Will Robinson!" age group, and hubby has a medical condition. We have older family members, and family members with medical conditions and we're close to them all (eg: visit them often). Our Norway cruise is in August, which seems like it's a long ways away, but you can better believe we're watching all that's happening like a hawk. I think it was HappyInVan up the thread who said "too bad the States is so far behind" in testing. Brother, you are definitely preaching to the choir, we had 2 months (well, not really, but we THOUGHT so, until we learned of the Washington State issues) to get ready and what did we do? Nothing. Best wishes and good luck to all.
  8. I'm afraid we're "joining your boat" today, doone. Our land trip was to be to Milan in June, a DIY we set up because we had "free" tickets on an airline ("free" is a misnomer for this particular airline, they cost us a whole heckuva lot of money in taxes and fees!). I've been worried about the trip since the virus spread to Italy (we're mid-60's and hubby has some heart issues), and after reading today's numbers from Italy (see below), I logged into my airline account and found out I could cancel with minimal out of pocket. Discussed with my better half and pulled the plug. Wrote the owner of our VRBO to cancel, waiting for a response. Some non-refundable purchases, but ending up out of pocket only about $525...... we hope. We can live with that. Hoping our August Norway cruise on the Veendam isn't affected, but watching that too. Best wishes and good luck to all. From today's update at https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/ There were 769 new cases of Coronavirus in Italy today, and 41 new deaths. That totals out as follows: 3296 active cases .. 1790 of the active cases are currently hospitalized .. and 331 of the hospitalized cases are in ICU 562 resolved cases .. 414 have recovered .. and 148 (26%) have died
  9. Italy at level 3 per the State Department, but Lombardy and Veneto at level 4? A little bit confusing. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/traveladvisories/traveladvisories/italy-travel-advisory.html
  10. Loved reading your review, thank you for posting it. Best wishes!
  11. It might be difficult (impossible?) to fly into Italy or to transit through any Italian airport or city and be assured you hadn't come within six feet of another person who had traveled in Lombardy or Veneto the prior 15 days. Yes, exactly. And what about all the sailings that start in Venice (Veneto region)? How could you even get there without being in the Veneto region? I wish I had a crystal ball and could see a year in to the future to see how things are. Currently, our China (land tour) in October is pretty much off the books but we're hoping we can get something back from the flights we bought independently. And our Milan trip in June (also on land, DIY travel) looks like it might be off the books, too. Still hopeful we can do our Norway cruise in August (r/t Amsterdam, on the Veendam). Best wishes and smooth sailing to all.
  12. I think they already are. I read on another thread about RCCL restrictions, posted today. Here's the link, and in case you don't want to follow the link, I've cut and pasted what I considered the WOW part (my bolding and underlining). This just seems like HUGE news to me. Our travel year is looking mighty grim right now. We have a trip to Milan scheduled for early June (land based, DIY) and one for China in October/November (also land based, a tour). I don't think either are going to be happening for us. Best wishes and good luck to all! https://www.royalcaribbean.com/cruise-ships/itinerary-updates Until further notice, all ships in the Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. fleet will adopt the following health screening protocols: 1. Regardless of nationality, we will deny boarding to: a. Any guest who has travelled from, to or through mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Iran, South Korea, and the Italian regions of Lombardy and Veneto in the past 15 days. b. Any guest who has come in contact with anyone with 15-day prior travel to mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Iran, South Korea, and the Italian regions of Lombardy and Veneto. The CDC characterizes contact with an individual as coming within six feet (2M) of a person. c. Guests who report feeling unwell or demonstrate any flu-like symptoms. 2. There will be mandatory specialized health screenings performed on: a. Any guest who has travelled from, to or through Japan, Singapore, Thailand, and Italy (all regions other than Lombardy and Veneto) in the past 15 days. b. Guests who are uncertain about contact with individuals who have traveled from, to or through mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Iran, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, and Italy in the past 15 days.
  13. Wow. I think this is HUGE news. And mandatory screenings for anyone traveling in Italy (aside from Lombardy and Veneto regions) in the past 15 days. WOW.
  14. We were on the tour with SusieK (Hi, Susie!!) and had a fantastic day. That said, if we were to do it again, we'd opt for a longer visit. Our flight was a little delayed out of Buenos Aires and by the time we got to the Falls, it was already hot. I'd have LOVED to have been there for a day or two, with plans of going out to the Falls early morning each day. But if it's your only chance to see Iguazu Falls, then take it! Such an amazing place! Best wishes and good luck with your decision!
  15. I, too, advocate booking now to get the time and date you want. If you're a three star (or higher), the discount will be credited back to you as OBC. For example, we booked Canaletto and Pinnacle Grill pre-cruise, when we boarded (or after we ate, can't remember which), a credit appeared on our onboard statement. We're 3 star, so a 25% credit was nice! Food is so subjective. We LOVE the Canaletto, especially on Saturday, which has jumbo grilled shrimp as their special that night! Best wishes, have a fabulous cruise!
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