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  1. Send them a 7 day notice before action detailing the whole series of events including your communications. It worked for me. Got a refund 6 days later.
  2. You need to send them a Notice before Action and a filled out County Court claim advising them that you will take action within 7 days if they do not pay up. Worked for me. You must be prepared to follow up the threat, it’s a simple no cost process
  3. No. I have a holiday home in St Aygulf on the French Riviera. 😊
  4. I take it from your question to Selbourne that you are a doctor and your name is Selwyn? 😂
  5. And that makes a difference? I don’t think so. The regulations cover non UK organisers also
  6. I think if the TA is bonded under the Package Travel Regs the money can be held in trust and not paid over to P and O
  7. Because they wouldn’t then be able to use the “cheque’s lost in the post” excuse
  8. Agreed, it probably has, but then you shouldn’t have to request a refund. It’s an automatic obligation for the cruise company to issue a refund and within 14 days. All this nonsense about requests for refunds and FCC is completely made up by them and ABTA so that they had a reason (illegally) to hold on to customer monies.
  9. That’s too bad. I can only speak from my experience and Princess were much quicker at refunding me although I did have to threaten the TA with a winding up order. P and O were threatened with legal proceedings and then refunded. But it’s Princess that gets my business next year. P and O can P O as far as I’m concerned.
  10. I don’t see Princess getting the same bad press. They seem to be handling the matter differently even from underneath the same umbrella.
  11. You’ve got a fertile imagination if you know what I think. I’m certainly not a legal adviser, but do offer advice from my own experience.
  12. It is unacceptable. So why are you being polite? Why don’t you do something about it? It looks like those who have pursued legal action have been paid pretty quickly. I know I was when I threatened to sue.
  13. No one reading this thread should be waiting in vain. They should all be giving 7 day notices before action and then filing a money claim on line. It costs net nothing, what have they got to lose?
  14. In the general scheme of things, I agree. But in explaining how his business has handled the refund fiasco in the light of the legislation there is no one better.
  15. It shows how they now expect you to go the extra mile. When I sent my notice before action with a note saying I was calling PL as an expert witness to explain the fiasco they paid up in a few days without me having to file the claim.
  16. I think for business debts you can claim from the time the debt is due but for non commercial debts it is from the claim form
  17. I looked into that when I sent my notice before action and drafted my claim and concluded that you can only include an interest charge going forward from the claim, not historical. I stand to be corrected.
  18. Not wasted as there can’t be any defence and it’s added on to the claim.
  19. None of these errors was a breach of contract, but all breached usually steadfast goodwill. The whole sorry sham is a breach of contract. The Package Travel regulations clearly state that a cancellation by them requires a refund to customer within 14 days. No offers of FCC snd no having to request the refund. It is automatic. The regulations clearly state that the conditions form part of the contract terms. So I’m afraid there has been a clear breach of contract in every cancellation.
  20. I can understand the need for flights, maybe a pre or post cruise stay, excursions and even a drink or two. But why is there a need to factor casino costs into a cruise? That seems reckless to me.
  21. Agreed. I made my claim out against Carnival UK.
  22. I hope your claim was made out against Carnival and not P and O otherwise it will most likely be thrown out for uncertainty. You will also need to escalate the judgment to the High Court if you want to drive around in PL’s car.
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