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  1. not sure why you would want to. i understand you can get ay dish from the main dining room menu at BLU. You will find service more attentive in Blu, with a better menu
  2. Curious as to how crowded the Bliss was for the cruise that ended March 15. did it seem less crowded at buffet or at pool area?
  3. How will the cruise line handle the crew during this down time? i hope they are taken care of. will they get paid and given a home etc. ?
  4. Just heard that NY city will require each passenger to have their temperature taken prior to leaving on Sunday 3/15. Anyone with fever over 100.4 will be asked to stay home ..once leaving the ship assuming they live local. If not they will be quarantined
  5. Just curious if current cruises appear to have less passengers than usual? suppose one can tell by audiences at shows or difficulties in getting pool chairs or getting seats at buffet.
  6. I had to cancel today due to illness for a cruise 48 hours away. I did not receive any option.
  7. How would you feel if a passenger on your ship was constantly coughing? the person could have asthma, or could be recovering from a cold/cough, or could in fact be sick?
  8. How much is the pass for the week? wondering if it is worth it for a March cruise from NY reality is first full day may not be warm enough for being outside , like mid 50 ‘s.
  9. Not to be a downer, but on an early February cruise the computer system was not working on debarkation. We had an early number and we weren’t off until 830 but it wasn’t as bad as I expected, if the systems works as it did on embarkation then it should be quick and easy
  10. What venues are open on embarkation , besides the buffet? what time do they start allowing you on .the ship?
  11. Thanks for explanations. just wanted to. Point out to mention to the staff that you have it and can advantage of the ybenefi
  12. Just returned from a cruise on Edge and had Expedited on my boarding pass. i am not sure how you get that, and I point out they didn’t announce Expedited category to board. however when we asked someone they personally escorted us to an used door and on we went. we were in aqua and had 6 plus X cruises and 6 Rccl in the past. any thoughts
  13. On the Edge last week, when they had the opening at Bulgari as well . evidently the Captain takes an active role in selling product, which I find to be unusual. not limited to that store.
  14. After 30 plus cruises, this one was a top 3 cruise. Ship is beautiful but I can understand why one would not like the new balconies. food was excellent in Blu and the buffet. I did no eat at specialty restaurants as we were happy at Blu, and paying 50 dollars more per person was not going to meet my expectations. If you like bread, cake, they were standouts at buffet , for breakfast and lunch. CD Simon was high energy and visible, but had little talent himself the Captain, Kate, was excellent, visible and a great sense of humor, with great stories. She was on the ramp to th
  15. Casino on the edge are tight, currently on the ship. also it is missing the usual casino buzz we r used to..
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